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--Thomas Paine, "The Age of Reason" (1794)


Pinkamena: The Game, Chapter Seven Released! · 8:41pm May 26th

Hello Everypony,

For those who are wondering what withers-tingling turn our tale will take next, chapter seven of Pinkamena: The Game, entitled "Termination" is now available. All I'll say is that this title lives up to its name, and it may even contain a shocker or two. It's not easy keeping your cool under the kind of impossible pressure that's afoot in Little Hoofington - not even for a guard.

Enjoy :pinkiecrazy:

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In all honesty I'm not really that into total noncon, at least insofar as composition of stories for this site. Deferential Peace was an exception, because I thought the challenge of making a plot like that work was intriguing at the time. I do actually have a zebra story in my idea book right now, but it's not quite so forced :twilightsheepish:

Well at least can you please try to make one with twilight kidnap by a zebra so he can make her a broodmare.

I'm...not sure how to clarify that. The short answer is no.

I have no particular plans to at this time. That one's a commission also, so it would require input from the patron

Are you going to make a part 2 of Deferential peace.

  • Viewing 98 - 107 of 107
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