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Convention Vignettes #3 · 12:49am September 10th

NOTE: In the course of meeting so many people over a weekend, some names inevitably slip one's mind, no matter how hard one tries to remember. In such cases, names are replaced by question marks. If any owners of those names are reading this, by all means send me a reminder.

For a similar reason, these are presented out of chronological order.

* * *

Day one. Pascoite is giving out free samples.

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Gotta keep your base happy :D


Thank you! Shucks, now I have to think of some more ideas...

You write some pretty decent horror man! Definitely following for more :twilightsmile:

Best Lancer 2018, no question.


Funny you should bring up Kansas; Bad Horse told me their sound was apparently a big influence on Dethklok, when he noticed their patch on my jacket.

And thank goodness for music. A lot of us would hardly get any ideas without it! But seriously, I'm surprised more authors on here don't make soundtracks like mine.

  • Viewing 287 - 291 of 291
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