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Convention Vignettes #2 · 6:37pm Tuesday

Day one. I make it to the "Them's Writin' Words" panel five minutes late. From my spot at the back, I can't tell if any of the panelists recognize my battle-jacket. The panel is good, but I'm nervous about what happens after, because it includes two people I've never met in person. One is an Ewan McGregor-looking dude called AShadowOfCygnus, who is arguably my biggest fan. The other is Scribbler, who... is Scribbler.

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Best Lancer 2018, no question.


Funny you should bring up Kansas; Bad Horse told me their sound was apparently a big influence on Dethklok, when he noticed their patch on my jacket.

And thank goodness for music. A lot of us would hardly get any ideas without it! But seriously, I'm surprised more authors on here don't make soundtracks like mine.

Just took a listen of your soundtrack. Good stuff.

I'd offer Pinnacle and Icarus as well, because they fit two characters in my story to a T.


да! Was pleasure to make your acquaintance, товарищ! :raritywink:

Met you at the con, and now we meet on fimfic.

  • Viewing 284 - 288 of 288
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