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Eyes -- a guest contribution to the serial anthology Table For Two.

Steven Universe Meets Sun Tzu -- A rare foray into another franchise.


Biblical Monsters: a Visual Companion -- Autobiographical photography. Contains ending spoilers for the titular story.

Top 10 Best (Worst) Comments on "Queen Chrysalis Compilation" -- The YouTube peanut gallery weighs in on my first-ever contribution to the fandom.

666-Follower AMA -- Well, of course I would do one of those with that many followers.

The Making of "The Savage Way" -- The rather unusual background to the Little Story That Could.

The Horse Voice Stories That Never Were -- Confession time: I get a lot of ideas, but most of them are bad.

Horse Voice: The Soundtrack -- Turn up your speakers.

Horse Voice: Everfree Road -- First attempt at a con report.

Horse Voice vs. the Parking Company -- Horse Voice - 1, Parking Company - 0.

How to Spot Horse Voice at Cons -- Can you find Waldo?

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How to Spot Horse Voice at BronyCon · 1:13am July 14th

(Uh, the sweat stains are part of the "look." Yeah, that's right... :twilightblush:)

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2443891 Er... yes! Definitely. Of course. >.> Some... day. :P

I actually do have one mostly edited up, but I haven't posted it, because I have an unfinished serial story that I feel like I should focus on first. That, however, is going to need a fair bit of energy to get back into, and I'm just... blergh. Caught in vicious circles, I guess.


The way I figure it, some of your edited writeoff stories have to end up here eventually... I assume? :trixieshiftright:

Thanks for the follow! I'm honestly curious, though; what have I done to catch your attention? I don't think I've done anything noteworthy on FimFic in... going on months. Which is kinda a problem, actually. :P

Oh man. Pressure's on :trollestia:


It's always nice to see someone from the good old days come back, even if just for a visit. :pinkiesmile: Besides, I'm curious whether that teaser was an April Fool's joke or not.

  • Viewing 268 - 272 of 272
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