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Dear Ponies, Allow Me to Play You Out · 8:24pm Oct 13th, 2019

Here in Canada, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. And so for myself and other Canadian bronies, the timing of Pony's finale, almost to the day, is quite fitting.

But really, who needs a red-letter day for thankfulness? This event may be bittersweet, but we can all be thankful for the good times, for the lessons that help us, for our creations, and for each other.

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You seem to have a unique approach to interviewing people, which piques my interest. I'm curious to see who you might interview next.

Thanks for the watch, Might I ask how I earned it?

Thanks for your following! (I've followed back.):twilightsmile:
Few days ago I read your story Biblical Monsters and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the brilliant work!


Aw dang. I really do hate letting my public down. :ajsleepy:

Mind, I must mention that back when I started writing fan fiction, I knew this day would come, and thus made it policy to never publish the first word of a story until the last word was written and proofread. When the inevitable happened, I at least wouldn't leave readers hanging.

But you're probably wondering whether I'm planning a comeback. The short answer is yes, seeing as this fandom appears to have become self-sustaining, and I would still have a readership. But when? Well, as you guessed, I've been making some big changes in my personal life--things I'll regret if I don't do them. The day is coming, but sadly I can't say when.

After all, when one has such dedicated and patient readers as yourself, can one in good conscience let them down? I think not. (And really, you humble me with such compliments. I must be careful, or such things may go to my head. :raritywink:)

>checks out HV to see if he made anything recently because HV is literally my fav author on Fimfiction

>the last fic was nearly 2 years ago


But I do understand that real life is a thing, and that not everyone procrastinates out of laziness (cough cough definitely not me or anything) but genuinely have issues that keep them busy.

I really do hope to see more from you; you're by far the best Horror/Dark writer I've seen in the fandom, by a mile. Could compete with some pro horror writers too. :moustache:

  • Viewing 298 - 302 of 302
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