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Dear Ponies, Allow Me to Play You Out · 8:24pm October 13th

Here in Canada, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. And so for myself and other Canadian bronies, the timing of Pony's finale, almost to the day, is quite fitting.

But really, who needs a red-letter day for thankfulness? This event may be bittersweet, but we can all be thankful for the good times, for the lessons that help us, for our creations, and for each other.

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We shall see, we shall see. My attendance depends on work, life and all the rest of it. But if I make it, try to tell me as little as possible, since if you tell too much, you won't feel like writing it anymore. That's pretty much always how it goes.

Hope to see you at VPE! I've actually got a couple of horror ponyfic ideas I'd like to run by you, too, if I can even remember what they are by then (not to worry I've got them written down). Horse Voice-senpai! :trollestia:

Got back into it recently and it seems like your kind of game.


Sadly, console gaming has never been an option for me. :ajsleepy: Why do you ask?

Ever play Silent Hill 2?

  • Viewing 292 - 296 of 296
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