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The Visual Companion Lives Again · 8:08pm May 16th

After many delays and two rejections by image hosting sites, I've finally found time to remake the visual companion to Biblical Monsters, using If you discovered my story after the old version was wrecked by the imgur blacklisting, or if you're a long-time fan looking for a walk down memory lane, you can check it out here!

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2443891 Er... yes! Definitely. Of course. >.> Some... day. :P

I actually do have one mostly edited up, but I haven't posted it, because I have an unfinished serial story that I feel like I should focus on first. That, however, is going to need a fair bit of energy to get back into, and I'm just... blergh. Caught in vicious circles, I guess.


The way I figure it, some of your edited writeoff stories have to end up here eventually... I assume? :trixieshiftright:

Thanks for the follow! I'm honestly curious, though; what have I done to catch your attention? I don't think I've done anything noteworthy on FimFic in... going on months. Which is kinda a problem, actually. :P

Oh man. Pressure's on :trollestia:


It's always nice to see someone from the good old days come back, even if just for a visit. :pinkiesmile: Besides, I'm curious whether that teaser was an April Fool's joke or not.

  • Viewing 268 - 272 of 272
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