Just beyond Ponyville Cemetery, Blues Noteworthy and Tritone Interval conspire for a sinister purpose: To write a musical that will raise the dead.

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Thanks to Horizon, for the Versebreaker 'Verse. Though Celestia Hates Us All is a stand-alone, I highly recommend the other Versebreaker stories.
Thanks also to two very different geniuses: Mary Shelley and Tony Iommi.
Edited by GaryOak.
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No thanks to Tom Aria or Jeff Hanneman?



Played Slayer while reading this. Turned out perfect.

Ooooh, this looks exciting. Too bad I'm currently busy running Pacific PonyCon. :P

That was nice. A bit of 'Herbert West - Reanimator' style without Lovecraft's love of bombastic phrasing and vocabulary. The choice of a Slayer song album for the number was very nice and much appreciated - a bit better to choose a more known group in my opinion than, say, something like Anaal Nathrakh or some of the more niche metal groups. And while the twist was a bit predictable, I liked it a lot - and of course, the twist was very similar and yet dissimilar to Herbert West's finale as well. Just enough that it wasn't too obvious.

EDIT: Durrr, I know metal I guess.

That was very silly. Good on you

SLAYER!!! \m/

This is an amazing concept and I kind of want to see someone do a Crypt of the Necrodancer crossover now. Musical necromancy. Now there's a completely new idea. I would love a longer story built around this.

Heavy Metal saves the day. Awesome.

Wow, and people claimed metal was evil before...

Exquisitely creepy. I loved it from start to finish. Thank you for it.

I said it in my signal boost, but it bears repeating: I love just how smoothly everything in this fits together.

It's great to see the Versebreaker concept reinterpreted like this, and it's great to see you writing again. Just excellent all around. :twilightsmile:


Well, I've always been more of a power metal fan, and, um...

... I'll just show myself out. :ajsleepy:


Would you believe that's one I have yet to read? Yes, for serious. But early Lovecraft stories' structure and subject matter were often inspired by E.A. Poe, as was this. (Also METAAAAAL.)




Never played it, I'm afraid. But I just may have similar ideas up my sleeve...


Couldn't have done it without your permission. (I mean, I could, but that would be bad manners. :raritywink:)

Cool story, and I'm always interested in seeing more versebreakers stuff.


Well, I've always been more of a power metal fan, and, um...

... I'll just show myself out. :ajsleepy:

Blind Guardian is awesome, stand tall and proud.

Never played it, I'm afraid. But I just may have similar ideas up my sleeve...

Doesn't surprise me, it's one of those indie things. It's an RPG/rhythm game hybrid thingie that this story just made me think of based on the theme of it. The idea is just kind of funny to me. It's all very Thriller.

6813773 Power Metal forever.
6813786 Once again, we agree on the damnedest of things.

Well, you know how it is. Politics don't tell you all that much about a person, right? I certainly can't fault your taste in music. The band's home town is actually just a few hops away from here.

Personally, one of my favourite songs is The Whistler.


Say six Hail Lemmy's and listen to Painkiller, and all shall be forgiven. Go forth in metal, brother.


Hail Lemmy's

:rainbowlaugh: Normally this is where people say "too soon." But I think Lemmy would have found that funny.

The twists in your stories...


You can thank me later.

"So...we just play the song and go home?"

It's interesting that you haven't read Re-Animator because that was the really strong vibe I got off reading this. Was even kind of picturing the narrator as a little pony version of Jeffrey Combs with the glasses and everything ...

Anyway this was really good. It was creepy and filled with a palpable sense of dread. Like all your stories, it was really unique and creative. I like that it felt like it fit in with the world - that whole musical numbers thing - and yet went to a very dark place.


Well, now I've got to read it, don't I. :eeyup:

Thx for reading.

6837013 In fact some madman wrote a novel that connected music and re-animation but they did it with hip-hop and I don't think it was the music itself that does the re-animation. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/10/29/kanye-west-reanimator-hip-hop-s-mad-scientist-revives-dead-jay-z-in-h-p-lovecraft-mashup.html

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

Celestia might hate us all, but I love this story. Another one for the favorites pile!

This was such a nifty concept, I loved it! Great work with the musical descriptions, they worked very well, and, really, I can't help loving something this Metal.

My maim complaint I that it felt a bit too expository at times. It also feels weird that there is no reaction or interaction with any of the versebreakers. That works structurally, but looking back, it is hard to think of a situation in which Tritone would be allowed to monologue like this.


Such is sadly the nature of the beast with monologue stories--they often bend or break suspension of disbelief near the end for that very reason. Even E.A. Poe spoofed this with MS. Found in a Bottle, which has the narrator continuing to write even as the ship he is aboard sinks into a whirlpool.

It's been done well, but not often. Someday I'll get it right.

Thx for reading. :twilightsmile:

For the record, I guessed he was dead from the moment the lightning struck. Awesome sleight of hoof with the tape recorder, though.



It's not one of my more surprising twists, I admit. That's why I made sure to include a couple twists in this one. Thx for reading. :twilightsmile:

A song to raise the dead, huh? looks interesting, now a peek at the tags. Gore, makes sense. They aren't going to be pretty ponies. Dark, of course. Dead things. Thriller? Thriller. Right. A song to raise the dead.

Yup, everything seems to be in order.

Oh man, that was great. What a weird, idiosyncratic, yet surprisingly natural-seeming confluence of ideas and influences. Is there a pre-existing definitive story (metafictionally) about the intersection of bronies and metalheads (besides "Button Thrash", I suppose)? Because this certainly seems like the ultimate combination of the show with both metal itself and its attendant necromantic territory.

Vox, do you know of any metal songs using a slide on the guitar neck? I figure it must have been tried at some point, since slides are such a big blues thing. The description of Noteworthy using his horseshoes on the guitar had me wondering what it would sound like, and I don't think my imagination could get farther than "dunno, probably fucking awesome".


That bit was inspired by Tony Iommi, who accidentally invented heavy metal while playing guitar with homemade prosthetic metal fingertips. Sadly, I probably wouldn't know the sound of a slide if I heard it. But a place to start looking might be the deep-south supergroup Down, and perhaps its members' other bands.

What happens when rotting sets in?


The power of Rock can raise the dead; I'm sure it can take care of little things like that. :derpytongue2:

If you can get past Lovecraft's willfully archaic (even for his time) usage of vocabulary and his sometimes contorted sentence structure, I think you'd really like it. I am completely amazed that you haven't read that yet because it is so close to this piece in theme. Well, aside from the narrator's POV, I suppose. But still, it's frighteningly close.

Lovecraft was one of my favorite authors - and still is, I suppose, as I've come to accept his faults as well as his genius. Very rarely am I reminded of his work when I read things. Still very happy I read this.



I wanted nothing more than to emulate his strengths and avoid his weaknesses. Comments like these suggest I've pulled it off. I appreciate it. :twilightsmile:


Well now. Isn't this a interesting little thing.


Why had I not read this yet.

Why is it so beautiful.

God damn it Horse Voice I would've featured this on my blog already if I'd known about it oh my god there are so many beautiful things here. I can't - it's heavy metal meets Herbert West, Reanimator. I can't. I can't.

I'm crying with laughter.


That's because, though I am quite proud of it, this story was a numeric flop on its initial release; a matter of poor timing and a lack of popular characters. But the fact it can still amuse makes the effort worthwhile. :pinkiehappy:

I confess I'm not the first to mash up Lovecraft and metal. But if you're ever inspired to take a crack at writing stories yourself, I encourage you to use the technique of adding together things you already like and are familiar with. Makes the writing more passionate. :twilightsmile:

7478006 Coming soon: Scarlet writes about giant robots that protect Equestria from the ancient magical threats of fantasy economics. Also, Twilight Sparkle falls in love with several people at once.


:rainbowlaugh: If you mash up that many things, be warned: I tried going that crazy once, and ended up with One of the Living, for better or worse.

Then again, I'm sure PresentPerfect will love it. :coolphoto:

With a little simple sleight of hoof, I switched the blank tape in your recorder with my own.
Since you started recording, that tape has been playing "Celestia Hates Us All" again and again,

But the interviewer would've pressed "record", not play. Wouldn't they have recorded over the tape?


Possibly. It's been a long time since I've used tapes for anything, and I was never really that conversant with how they worked. I imagine that since one track is recorded in a much higher tone, both tracks end up present on the tape without intruding on each other much. Sort of like the old "double exposure" technique used in the days before Photoshop.

Of course, I could be wrong.


Tapes don't really work based on tracks, it's more like completely new coats of paint. If you imagine for example putting a VHS tape in a VCR and hitting record, it's simply gonna record over however many minutes you record over. Also, tapes definitely do not play any of the tape while recording.

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