Tales of the strange and uncanny, too short to stand alone.

Welcome to my nightmare. I hope I didn't scare you.

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Thanks to GaryOak and Reia Hope for proofreading.

The Controller — [Dark] Seeking revenge, Adagio enters a partnership with a force she doesn't understand.
The Cutie Mark Crusaders Meet H.P. Fearcraft — [Comedy] The CMC ask an eccentric writer how he found his special talent. (Edited for publication.)
It Ain't Gonna Rain — [Tragedy] The world is ending, and Applejack has something important to tell Rainbow.
The Complete Microfictions of Horse Voice — [Various] Stories short enough to read between breaths.
Molly — [Grimdark/Meta] Molly does not have much to say these days. But someone has a lot to say to Molly.

Titanium Dragon

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Always a good day when a new Horse Voice story comes out.

(sees feed)

Maaaaan Voice whaddaya doing

You can do whatever you want to Sonata but leave my Adagio alone

Didn't see that comin'. *mouth twitches into slight grin* When you said Controller, I thought you meant... well, nevermind.

(Say... if you look closely enough at the Apple Bloom pic, you can see its eye "twitching". Slightly less freaky than if it was simply staring, if you ask me.)

There was no wind, and so the foetor was stronger than on any of my previous visits, and twice I nearly gagged. At length I reached the top, and stood at the centre, facing south.

Err, don't you mean "odor"?

"Say, do you want to know how I got these skulls?"

*mutters* Must not laugh, must not--*can't stop chuckling*


Oh, it's a real word. I always wanted to write a character who talked like H.P. Lovecraft, and used all sorts of obscure words.


Aww, I thought as a gamer, you would appreciate this story.

Well, don't worry: I'm not singling Adagio out.

Aria's next. :pinkiecrazy:

*whistles* Now that's pretty interesting.:raritystarry: It's a pretty cool word.


Actually, now that I've read it, I did indeed enjoy it for the reasons you state! Gave me a nice... laugh. :trollestia:

But you and I both have a rep for certain kinds of fics, is all. So when I see "Horse Voice + Adagio Dazzle" in my feed, my mind's instantly gonna go certain places. :pinkiecrazy:

"Say, do you want to know how I got these skulls?"

Oh come on, why so serious?

Why would Button Mash request to keep them together? Group bonuses for having multiple heroine units in a single holding?

I'm glad I wasn't the only one to instantly assume that thee was a Joker reference in there too.

I guess Button doesn't complain about the level of realism...


Perhaps, but I assumed he plays like I often do: Leaving allies behind and just doing everything himself whenever possible. Saves the trouble of micromanaging them.


:rainbowlaugh: Right. Y'know, I kinda want to play this game.

Well, who wouldn't... After all, she keeps a gun in her bra... :rainbowlaugh:

With the previous story, for some reason, my first thought was of the narrator of The Stanley Parable. I wasn't completely off-track

With this one? Quite entertaining. I wonder if Fearcraft was disturbed by monkeys at a young age...

Definitely looking forward to whatever other snippets find their way here.


Though I've played it, I swear it wasn't on my mind while writing this. Not consciously, anyway.


Haha, perhaps. :twilightsmile:

Yay, short story collections!

I can't shake the feeling I saw the Fearcraft one before - did you have it up on Google Docs at some point, maybe?


I put it in a blog post a long while ago, to gauge people's reactions to him. The plan to write a story about him never panned out, but I thought the original piece might be good for here.

Speaking of, I never noticed that Tracked Compilations shelf before. I'm glad you made it, 'cause it has some I didn't know about, and I'd better read more of them if I'm going to maintain one myself.

I ended up reading Lovecraft because of you.

It was an interesting short story...

Well-written prose... Great use of suspense and "Nothing is Scarier"...

But I think I've developed a fear of cold drafts. *shudder shudder*


Then I'm doing better than I thought! :pinkiehappy:

Which stories of his in particular?

So far, I've read this short story called "Cool Air," and I'm debating whether or not to read a few others... though it's close to bedtime, so I'll have to read them tomorrow if I want to sleep easy. I'm finding these stories by way of the TV Tropes HP Lovecraft Nightmare Fuel page, which doesn't really help me...

I guess I'll read "The Festival" next... though my curiosity might not really help matters...


Before bed? Be warned: there is as much terror in 30 pages of HPL as in 30 chapters of Stephen King.

Eenope. Tomorrow morning, maybe. There was enough scare in that one story to keep me jittering for at least an hour.

Or maybe afternoon would be better...

How the hell did I miss this?

...Oh, right, probably because the first chapter is Rainbow Rocks related and I still haven't seen that. For shame, Pterrorgrine. I liked the CMC chapter though.

5431649 I was gonna mention "pedlar", but now I'm guessing it's an antiquated form used for the same reason.


"Traveling salesman" just doesn't have the same ring to it, you know?

5491203 I meant as opposed to the more contemporary form "peddler" but maybe you're making a computer science joke or you're just a Brit I don't know


Oh, my mistake. I think I must have subconsciously chosen that spelling because I was reading Robert Louis Stevenson at the time.

"I am Princess Molestia, and I come all over the place."

I absolutely lost it right there. :rainbowlaugh:

"For sale, Lyra plushie, never used."
...is this referencing what I think is referencing?


Well, how else would one use a Lyra plushie?

I think your avatar's expression is appropriate here.

I actually did read them between breaths, although I had to pause after the lap dance one to laugh.

Comment posted by Horse Voice deleted Mar 8th, 2015


Still, perhaps it's for the best that I have at least one bad story to my name, to adjust people's expectations

I do have to admit that I was so harsh partly because way too much people gets hugboxy with authors they like, and then we get writers who can easily spend a decade writing without any significant improvement because of that -Stephen King, whatever shall I do with you?-, and because it must be annoying to read praise and have that question bitting at the back of your head, "Did he frankly think this, or did he write it just because he liked that one story?". And there is also this ranting thing that I fall on too often.
Anyway best of lucks with your next work, and I must cut my verborrea while I can.

I have written reviews for the first four stories in this collection; they can be found here.

So, Button's playing Sirens Row?


I thought of calling it Grand Theft Adagio, but your idea is starting to grow on me. :twilightsmile:

This was a fun one, no question. I did quite enjoy the story, and that was a fantastic ending. It could have used more of Lovecraft's signature purple-prose during the narration segment, but that would have only served to elevate it further. Great little read!

I don't quite buy it. The real H.P. Fearcraft would've spent more time complaining about zebras and mud-ponies.

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