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The Solution To My Blue Periods · 9:39pm June 20th

I'm prone to so-called "Blue Periods", times in which I'm just positively miserable for no particular reason. Nothing feels like fun, everything sucks, and all I wanna do is curl up in a hole and die. I've been in one of those Blue Periods as of late and, thanks to years of research and careful study, I've concluded that there is one no-fail solution to getting my spirits raised.

A good, large, greasy cheeseburger. And I'm not talking about that pussy shit you get from McDonald's. I mean a real burger, as big as your head, so large that you have to unhinge your jaw to take a bite of the damned thing.

I like mine with mozzarella and thousand island dressing. Yum.

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It's most assuredly morning where I am, but greetings nevertheless.

Afternoon, my friend.

2447603 Huh.

I found my first bit of long-term success writing an Arinata fic that eventually became an obsession of mine, yet I never thought to join any groups for it.

This changes now.

Hey, chillbook, since you seem to be a Aria/Sonata shipper:

Here you go.

2426359 Don't worry about it. Just keep writing good stuff.

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