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Made It Home Okay · 1:35am Last Thursday

For the few of you who only follow me on this account, and the even fewer who care, I managed to not die a horrible death while running from a hurricane. I'm back home, back to writing, and hopefully will have something to justify my existence here in the coming weeks.


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Many thanks for the follow!:pinkiesmile:

You should go see mt comlaints on your post. I have so many problems and things i would of done diffrently.

That's a very old post connected a project no longer in production, but I like bitching about Naruto often, so that's cool.

Yo. I saw your fourum on Naruto Fans thing group, whatever, so considering you and me both have problems with that series i thought id sta... i mean follow you.

  • Viewing 74 - 78 of 78
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