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  • 47 weeks
    Rework Chaotic Equestria Girls: A Winx Adventure

    I having trouble with this story, well, it has more to do with the main villains. The Trix had been overused too much in regular Winx and like most Winx fans I'm annoyed with them. I originally wanted to use the Wizard of the Black Circle and only choice the Trix to make a Trix compare to Dazzlings joke. Do you think I sure charge it and do you have other ideas to help my story.

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  • 79 weeks
    Ideas, Quotes, and Chapter Plots for One Piece: Nakama is Magic

    Here is what I have for the next few chapters. Granny Smith will tell how Applejack's father join Gol Roger's crew and how he leaves them before their final year. Next will be how Gally and his crew return with Spiel, Spiel's magic prove to be a challege for Luffy and his magic end up make Luffy almost hurting the townfolk but was save by the mayor who took the hit. And I was think of Spiel kidnap Twilight or one of the main 6 to get the elements of harmony. Then it was up to Main 6 and Luffy

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Go to the PM please, don't want people being spoiled.

Sorry I'm been busy, I want to hear it

Well, I had a great idea for your story, but you didn't responded. If I'm being annoying, I'm sorry.

Robo, you okay?

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