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And then the thing did the stuff.

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Currently updating:
-A Mare and Her Dog ([Adv])
Terribad daily update fic I have for the sole purpose of having a minimal ammount of words writen per day. Warning: Don't read.

Currently working on:
(Do note that titles in this section are liable to be holdouts)
-Super ponka ([Alt Uni], [Mys])
Pinkie decides to be a superhero. Drama and shananananananenenenanananeneneinininininigans[1] ensure.
Status: Mostly planned. Writing still at first chapter.
-Space Horse Thing ([Alt Uni])
The crew of the SS Laminar receives a mysterious job offer.
Status: Planning at about 30~%. Characters mostly done. I have yet to start writing it.
-Starlike (Romance, Slice of Life)
Spike has a crush.
Status: Planning still in very early stages.

In hold:
(Generaly it means that I've lost all interest in the story for some reason or another)
- Horse Balloon Thing/ A.S. Vera ([Adv])
Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and a zebra travel the world. Discover why.
Status: Completely planned. Writing at chapter five of twenty five-ish. Lost interest despite caring for the characters. A.M.a.H.D. does share some elements with it, but I wouldn't call it a spiritual predecesor by any means.
-Aria ([Dra])
It sung a bad song from the sun and stars, in a place of birth and growth.
Status: Despite having some love for it, it has far too many of those things that sound cool when you write them but not after, and honestly when I started it I had planed it to be completely diferent. Writing at chapter nine of ten, just before the actual ending. If you are masochistic enough for it, you can read it here.

In projects:
(AKA "I actually interact with people from time to time, for real)
-Shared Retardation (Will link when project is completed)

[1]:That word is what bananananananas are for Nanny Ogg.


Daily wordcount script · 3:57am Apr 4th, 2016

Disclaimer: This is mainly for me to keep this at hand and not lose it.
This is a small, simple script that registers the total wordcount in a determinate folder per day. The output format is a space-delimited CVS file:

64487 04/04/2016

The full script, which for now is a .bat file, is:

find [FOLDER] -name "*.txt" -print0 | wc -w --files0-from=- | gawk '{print $1}' | tail -n 1 >>data.txt
date /T | gawk '{print $2}'>>data.txt

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