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Accidental Double Publish · 3:42pm Last Friday

You might have just seen me Publish chapter 3 of The Moon Has Two Faces this morning. This was an accident - my finger slipped by the Unpublish button. I have discovered that there is no confirmation for this, it just *zwoop* removes it on the spot.

Chapter 4 will be up in a couple hours, have no fear!

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also. The world where magic returns in such way, where anyone can become aspect of reality itself by earning their spark, where divinity, magic, and life itself works like that you have NO IDEA how well it fits into my "grand story" the one ai talked about. It collects and absorbs any story, world, and even ideas I evcounter. but this is one of the few stories that actually merged with its very core, ones that reshaped it whole becouse it was just fitting to the existing ones that it had to be implemented at deepest level.

this world, even if not the characters themselves, will live in my dreams, daydreams, fantasies and deliriums.

damn I found like stupid fanboy. :D

I checked it. but I didnt feel like downloading separate parts, and I generally prefer TTS as it lets me clearly switch between reading and listening.

If you'd like, I also have a full audiobook of the first book of Pirene!

damn. didn't expect such quick reply. :D

and I do still love the stories, yours are among the best stuff I have found on this website. I especially love your world-building and characters. I also love the... "impressionistic" way you write. You do not give all the details, just enough for us to form an image, and trough this you can also develop characters more, as the amount of details and what they pay attention to is great way to show their way of thinking.

with good Wavenet TTS I am using, It feels like the story is feeding straight to my mind, I become the characters, see what they see, think what they think. it is trully a GREAT JOB! This is why I want to see more from you. you have talent, and as I am... "fabulavore"(?) it is important to me. I THRIVE on stories, on wolds and realities, I read dosens of stories, books etc per month. And the better the world and characters, the more hope and Happines it gives me. every story, every world and character as well as every concept I read lives in me. in my persistent imaginary universe. something like "ultimate crossover".
From what I saw of your writing here so far, it only made me hungry for more. So the moment you have anything published... PLEASE share it here as soon as possible.

  • Viewing 189 - 193 of 193
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