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A star drifting through the cosmos.


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For all that is great and good in her young life in Fillydelphia, Light Breeze is discontent. With loving parents, a bratty but funny older brother, and wonderful friends, she should have been having a wonderful time, but all her life she has been haunted. She dreads sleep, and does everything she can to stay awake, for when her dreams come they are terrible nightmares, as though she's been sucked into some other, horrible world, where she's someone she desperately doesn't want to be. She has never had a truly normal dream or nightmare—what she has is real enough.

Princess Luna, famed guardian of sleep for troubled dreamers the world over, hears of her plight and sets out to help, but what she faces will be more than she bargained for. Will she be able to help the filly overcome her curse, or shall she be drawn into it as well?

Cowritten with Solana.

Content Warnings: Mild transphobia, some depictions of parental abuse.

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This story is a sequel to Through the Well of Pirene

Pirene stretched and emerged from her cave, shaking off the heaviness of her long slumber like a raiment. The fields of her home were saturated in sunlight, and her children played and laughed and sang in the light, their green eyes bright. Of them, one trotted forward to nuzzle at her, her mane thickly curled and black. "Hello, Mother."
"Good morning, Aurora. How are things going with Daphne and her friends?"
"I haven't checked the Well in a bit," she admitted, twitching her tail. "Our umpteenth-great granddaughter is probably in trouble, though."
"Let's have a look, then, shall we? It's been far too long."
With that, the two of them settled near the Well, and watched what visions poured from it, the stories, struggles, sorrows, and triumphs of nine and a half worlds that flowed like water, like imagination.

These are those tales.

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This story is a sequel to Through the Well of Pirene

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NOTE: I wrote this before the 2020 BLM protests and my learning more about policing. I would have written it differently after, but I won't be changing it. Just keep in mind that the depiction here is of another world and another species from a different perspective.

In the City of Dreams, the City That Never Sleeps, a wistful heart walks the lonely streets, searching for answers to questions no one else is willing to ask. A reluctant pilgrim arrives from a long journey, weary but determined to make his mark. An old warhorse, his soul cracked and bleeding, saddles up for his last battle.

A noir tale set in Manehattan, fifteen years after the events of Through the Well of Pirene. Three people over the course of three nights weave and unravel a tale of anxiety, pain, and hope under the lights of the greatest city in Equestria, and the watchful gaze of a green star.

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"They" are the shadowy figures lurking just beyond the corners of your eyes, pulling the strings of reality and shaping it to better suit their intentions. They are the celestial bureaucracy, ensuring that everything works together orderly, smoothly, and harmoniously. And, in order to do that, They sometimes have to change a few things.

Rainbow Dash is one of Their victims, but she's learned how to fight back. Now she must trace Them down to Their own world before she forgets who she truly is, or is cast into a bleak oblivion from which there is no return.

An authorized continuation of Them by Chaotic Dreams. A special thanks to him for continuing to consult and advise as well.

Warning! Contains heavy doses of Gnosticism, Buddhism, and Hindu mysticism! Consult your doctor before use. :pinkiehappy:

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We all dream of beautiful lives.

Shady Blossom need no longer dream; she has everything she ever wanted. Stepmother to Babs Seed and her sister, mother of two foals of her own, aunt to Applejack and Apple Bloom. Her life in Manehattan is all she could have wished for.

When Applejack and the Cutie Mark Crusaders come visit to open up the Manehattan Branch of their club, however, it turns out that the past is not so easily forgotten.

Sometimes, the things that haunt us just won't stay buried.

Fourth place winner of the Time and Time Again /fic/ mini-fic competition. Originally, I wrote this over a period of 48 hours. After the end of the contest, I expanded it to better fit my original vision, and to fix its broken ending. Now, it's something I feel I can be amazingly proud of.

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Three Nights in Manehattan, a sequel
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As a child, Daphne knew of a world where magic lived, where an immortal princess reigned over a beautiful kingdom, and longed to journey there beside Leit Motif, the filly she'd grown to love in the woods behind her home. But one day, when she needed her most, Leit Motif was gone, and she never came back to show her the way. As she grew, she put aside her childish dreams, and taught herself to believe the lie.
When forces beyond her knowing take her sister Amelia, though, she discovers that her childhood fancies were entirely too real, and is thrust into a journey that will take her back to that land she longed for, back to the childhood friend she'd abandoned, and to worlds she'd only dreamed of.

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