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This group is for fanfics involving any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders as a main character.

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Fan groups for all four crusaders:
Sweetie Belle
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Cheerilee Is Best Pony - Because she's the best teacher ever.
The CMC Clubhouse - Where we hang out when planning our crusades.
Cuteness Overload - A group for all your adorable filly needs.
House of D'Aww - A group for all other things adorable.
Heartwarming - A group for stories that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, much like Scootaloo. Hey!


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Hi guys! I'm new, :twilightsmile:
Just saying this, who is ur favourite crusader? My favourite is hard to pick, I love how scoot is so daring and wants to imagine rainbow as her sister. Sweetie belle is plain adorable, and apple bloom is trying to prove she's like everyone else.(plus the accent rules!) :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, me and my friend SweetieBelleluvsu, are writing a crusader story, but we really need some cover art! I was wondering if there Is any artists in this group that can draw this : all four crusaders (including Babs ) but grown up, with their cutie marks. They have to be full grown mares, and it have to say "CMC All Grown Up" on the picture. We would like it if it wasn't on paper, but anything will be accepted. Anypony up for the challenge?

I am looking a editor for a fic of the CMC in a Hearth’s warming eve dinner. interested PM me.

Made a decent parody of S. E. Hinton's "The Outsiders" that features all 3 of the CMC. I feel it needs a bit more popularity.

I'm almost done Writing the first part of One Way Ticket to a Dead End. It's about the CMC crashing the friendship express. Anyone want to preread it? Scootaloo goes crazed with the need for speed. :scootangel:

I'm writing a story that focuses on Applejack, her past, and her relationship with her sister. Also, Apple Bloom fights with her two friends. It's a great read, check it out here!

Just a question: are the 4 official members the only CMC? What about other blank flanks, like Rumble or Pip?

Hiya, new to da group but I have a good story for ya! I will let u know when it's out :scootangel:

Hi everybody. Thought I join this group since I'm writing a CMC focus story as well. Feed back would be nice. Armor fillies.

Do stories here have to be about all three kids, or can it be just one?

A new chapter is posted for my CMC Manehattan story!

The Crusaders - A Shadow Over Manehattan

Please leave a comment if you like it!

Hi I'm a new filly on here :ajsmug: :derpytongue2: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: :raritystarry: :twilightsheepish: :twistnerd:

I added my story Ponyville Paintball to your group because the CMC are the main characters in the newest chapter and will be for a few more chapters to come :scootangel:

Updated my Another Brick in the Wall fanfic. Would suggest reading if you hated school, fear mediocrity and like the CMC! :unsuresweetie: :applecry: :scootangel:

I just wrote a story that features the Cutie-Mark Crusaders Manehattan Chapter!

Capes and Crusaders

Constructive feedback welcome!

CMC do not give up got cutie mark okay:twilightsheepish:

Just added my story, Like Shattered Glass, to the group. The Cutie Mark Crusaders definitely take the most prominent role in the story, so I thought this group would be fitting for it.

The CMC's got major roles in the opera (Bizet's Carmen with ponies), so I am joining to promote it!

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