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Child of Stars

I like to write, I like to read, and I've got a lot of story ideas floating around in my head. What more can I say?

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  • 14 weeks
    One Little Story

    The short story I've been working on finally released a little bit ago! Go check it out!

    TOne Little Mistake
    Celestia didn't want this to happen, any of it. Yet Luna is determined to bring the solar alicorn's rule to a swift end. And no matter how desperately she begs and pleas, Celestia can never take back the mistakes she's made.
    Child of Stars · 8.8k words  ·  16  1 · 493 views
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  • 15 weeks
    Updated Release Schedule

    In case any of you didn't know, or haven't checked my main page, I'm back from my hiatus. I came back in October and have been hard at work getting things in order again. Anyway, onto what you care about.

    New One-Shot story - *Edit: It's been released*

    Puss in Boots: The Philosopher's Stone - New chapters will release later this month

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  • 40 weeks
    Puss in Boots is back in Action!

    Yeah, I'm back and the story lives! Sorry for the massive delay, life wasn't treating me so well. I won't bog you down with details as you probably don't care all too much. Instead, I'll get right to the point and give you what you want - Puss in Boots: The Philosopher's Stone chapter 2 is here, and the story is back. Yay. Enjoy.

    Also, yay we hit 1.5k views! Woohoo yay, thank you all!

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26 MLP Related Things About Me

1. I became a fan of MLP in 2012
2. My favorite season is season 2 (I also really like season 1 and 3)
3. My favorite pony is King Sombra
4. My favorite character of the G4 Mane 6 is Rarity (Rainbow Dash is number two)
5. My favorite MLP comic is Fiendship is Magic #1 Sombra
6. My favorite MLP comic character is Radiant Hope
7. My favorite MLP comic villain is Nightmare Rarity
8. My second favorite MLP villain is Queen Chrysalis
9. My favorite background pony is Derpy Hooves
10. My favorite season premiere is: The Crystal Empire (I also really like The Return of Harmony)
11. My favorite season finale is: The Cutie Re-Mark (I love the alternate universe stuff! The Starlight stuff is not as good, but I still love Starlight's character!)
12. My favorite story on FimFiction is currently To Be a Changeling by Plague Rat
13. My favorite MLP song artist is General Mumble
14. My favorite MLP song is currently Rainbow Factory - Impulse Remix by SamaelArtel & Impulse
15. I like a lot of things from seasons 1 - 5 (There are parts of seasons 6 - 9 I love, but I just prefer the first 5 seasons more. So, expect most of my stories to take place during pre season 1 to the season 5 finale.)
16. My favorite member of the CMC is Sweetie Belle
17. My favorite princess is Luna
18. My favorite of the G5 Mane 5 cast is Pipp Petals
19. The best ship is friendship! ...and King Sombra X Radiant Hope and Derpy Hooves X Doctor Whooves and Hitch Trailblazer X Zipp Storm, plus a few others I suppose...
20. My favorite MLP "Creepypasta" story is Cupcakes (because of its influence and everything it spawned, not the story itself which isn't anything more than a glorified shock fic really. Anyway so yeah, I like the story!)
21. My favorite post season 5 character is Starlight Glimmer (I know she's in season 5 but she's more of a character post that)
22. Two of my favorite pony animations are the My Little Dashie - The Mini Movie and the My Little Portal animated series
23. My favorite MLP "Grimdark" story is First Week of Winter by Relaxing Dragon
24. My favorite post season 5 villain is Cozy Glow
25. My favorite pony holiday is Nightmare Night
26. My favorite G5 character is Misty

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Now seems like a good time. Yes, I think now will do.

When will you continue your latest story??:raritydespair:

No problem. If you want to follow me, that's nice. I'm just happy to make a new friend.

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