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This group is made for people who just want feedback on their work.  And not just those silly likes or dislikes.  I'm talking about solid comments with words in them that tell the author excactly how you felt about their story.  Come on, now...

First stop for you should be INTRO THREAD so you can introduce yourselves.  

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Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Konnichiwa, Hey.

I've been on this site for around half a year now, and I'm doing decent, but I do have one story (my only complete one, too) that I would like some feedback on.

Simply A Figment

It's slightly sad (in my opinion, anyways.), so if that's not your cup of tea, then you might not want to read it... :I

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I am a new writer who feels new to the FiMFanfiction community despite having been in and out of the Brony Fandom as a whole for four years or so. I'm writing this Greeting Comment without assurance anyone will see it, as sadly, I know there are so many people wanting to be noticed for their writing and their efforts to this community as a whole.

In case anyone should see this, I would like to foremost declare that I have a very BIG idea that I've worked on for the four years I've been in the Brony Fandom. I often brag about it, but because I have not done the best job of networking with people efficiently to build a group of friends who are interested in helping me make my idea a reality, I'm having to start from square one again and to re-prepose the idea to more people, as well as promote the writing I've already made for it, which stands at three chapters.

The idea is thusly:

Imagine there is a place, where every piece of fiction (fan-fiction), relating to "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", goes to, after they end.

A place where every story, no matter how the story is told, exists beyond the ending of that story, and then co-exists with every other story within the Brony Fandom.

It would then be the job of the characters within those stories, primarily the differing versions of the Mane Six, to interact with the characters of every other fan-fiction, to form a livable, working society, that is primarily composed of ponies with the same names, identities, and near-memories as one another. Namely, these ponies would be living together with other "copies" of themselves.

This place, for it's grand magnitude, would be called, "The After" because it is the Afterlife of Fiction, and cannot be summed up in any other universal term.

So When new "Arrivals", (ponies who've just had their story end) show up into The After, it would be the duty of ponies already within The After to take care of these ponies/creatures the same way "Doctors" do, in order to explain to them what is going on, which must result in them basically telling those new Arrivals that their whole life was fictional, created by people like us who love the show, "My Little Pony" so much. Then, to add a twist, not only are these ponies meeting counter-versions of themselves, but also, we also exist within The After. This creates a literary element of what it means for creations to meet their own creators, and what tension this causes between them.

Now this hasn't been the first time I've talked about this idea. As of now, I am contacting eight other FiMFiction groups to shoot the same idea by them. Also, as this is the "I Just Want A Comment" group, I would very much appreciate if anyone would be willing to read the Fan-Fic I have already posted, entitled, as you might guess, "The After" by Pvt_Muffins (I intend to change my name soon though).

General comments to the idea would also be very much appreciated, thank you, and I wish the best and am incredibly happy to be here.

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hello everypony,

I would love to have some feedback on my story Chapter 6 is a WIP and just a little preview of whats going to happen

well hope you enjoy reading it, and oh yeah don't mind grammar and spelling errors. English is not my main speaking so it's hard to do for me to type stuff

#267 · 46w, 5d ago · · · Tell me what you think maybe subscribe I need all the help I can, don't worry we have ponys and cookies, and ponies holding cookies

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Now that my story has gotten approved, here it is:

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>>407321 Sorry, for the late reply...

I'll take a look at it.

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Well then...

I'm a bit nervous. I mean, sure my story has two dislikes and no likes but...


A man can try, can't he?

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>>407966 Oh, yes please! Feedback is always appreciated!

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>>407965 I think i'll take a look at them if you'd still like some feedback.  

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>>407964 I uploaded both of my stories, one of which received a little feedback and some dislikes when it first was released and the other getting infrequent positive feedback.

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>>407913 what was the story?

Comment posted by Lunasservant1985 deleted at 1:23pm on the 9th of March, 2016
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> uploaded story to this group

> not a single comment since then

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Dear page,

I was amazed to come across this and think it is truly wonderful that people come together here to support one another, I have been refereed by an author whom iv'e had some contact with recently and kindly pointed me over to here.

As it happens I am working on a new story of which the first three chapters have just been released, with the next three scheduled to come out on 1st March . I would like to invite you guys to read it, it is a romantic novel spectacular following Hearts and Hoovs day,

I have included the link below for you guys (if you click on more there is the entore cast listing together with the YouTube trailer). thankyou very much for taking the time to read this post, Best wishes - BBD

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Shame on me for doing this.


Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly request any of you who find themselves interested to read and leave a feedback on the story linked.

After all, this group itself is for those who want a feedback?.. (little self-consolation ho).

The story in question.

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>>407100 Oh okay thanks

#254 · 68w, 4d ago · · ·

:facehoof:>>403531 so far to my knowledge no

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My first story was posted on the site, but waiting for approval. I'll tell you when.

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How do I submit my story? I just started writing my first story- Behind the Scenes and I would love some feedback and ideas in continuation with the starter idea I put out in the first 2 chapters. My story is about Twilight Sparkle. But not actually Twilight, it's about the actor who plays Twilight- a pony names Selena who has risen to fame due to MLP's popularity in their pony world called Khateril. In Khateril MLP is a live action show made for children but became popular among the entire world. In Khateril magic doesn't do much more than levitating, pushing doors open, or making light with a horn and ponies live with electricity, computers, phones, and act pretty much as we do.

Selena Jewell had everything she wanted. She was famous and rich. She was an actor for the most popular children's show in the entire world-My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic. She also played the mane character- Twilight Sparkle. But while Twilight was a book smart pony who had friendship, a mentor, and two pets-Selena wasn't. Selena had it all, but wasn't happy and she wasn't sure quite why. Selena didn't have many friends, nor anyone to guide her and her lines weren't written in advance like Twilight's.

Selena was on her own.

And this is her story.

Thank you all so much!!!

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