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This group is made for people who just want feedback on their work. And not just those silly likes or dislikes. I'm talking about solid comments with words in them that tell the author excactly how you felt about their story. Come on, now...

First stop for you should be INTRO THREAD so you can introduce yourselves.

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Uhm.. did I introduce myself before? I forgot if I did make a thread

I'm CoreyJack1123 and a writer who is looking to is striving to become better. I'm not getting many comments, so I don't know what I should d to get better. So that why I'm here.

I suppose I will continue trend of introducing ourselves here. My friends call me Boss, I write pony stories in the hope of improving my writing and vocabulary as a whole. It's not easy, considering I don't get as many comments as I used to. I had one story do really well, the rest not so much, so I'm hoping to improve there.

I'm Keystone. I've spent half a year on my most recent fic, developing a constructed language and some rich lore for the deer who live in the Everfree (as noted in the IDW comics), and I'd love some constructive criticism on it. Thanks!

Hi! I'm Glitz Sparklehoof. I'm a young writer and would love any tips and advice on my stories anyone an give. Thanks!!

Name's Wicked88, nice to fuckin' metcha

Hey. I’m Princess Luna Lovegood. Anything u wanna know about me? Read my bio. Some pics I like are there on my profile. I’ve done 4 stories so far, and I’ve got ideas for more. Here are my stories:
Luna's Birthday Surprise
Melody Breeze's Lamia Encounter
Flamelight's Drider Encounter
Jade's Adventure

Jade’s Adventure has been my most popular story so far, filled with comedy and friendship. I recommend it.

Bye! Gotta sleep!

EDIT: Luna's Birthday Surprise is my second most popular story. Then...I dunno.

Hi! Lenny here, and been a veteran for fanfiction writing for quite a while now! Actually, MLP was supposed to be one of my genres, but I just didn't do it back then, and only started this year. :) Hopefully we get along, yo! Thanks for having me.

Hi guys! I've spent months working on an Osmosis-Jones-style series which is now complete with the third part published today. I'd be delighted for any feedback you folks would be kind enough to give me, on any of them! :rainbowwild:

I'm just an average Arthur who seeks advice on how to improve my writing styles and want to try to help other people with the best that I can do

Hello, everyone. My name is Kahnac, and i'm glad to be here. I really hope that I can contribute to this group as best as possible. And I hope that everyone likes what I can do, too.:)

I think I'll like this group I really like to hear what people/ponies think of my stories and are always in for some advice.

Pb1861. Just writing stories and hoping to learn a lot:twilightsmile:

Hallo, Brothas. My names Confusion and I write a story that's an emotional rollercoaster. It's based around my some earth pony that just won't die, and has a pretty in-depth past with a bit of character development. It's not doing too bad, but i'm not really getting feedback.

At all, really.

I'd like for at least a couple people to tell me the parts that I did well in as the chapters go up and the story gets revealed, so help me out if you feel like it HOMESLICE.

Eh... fair warning, it's not exactly family friendly. Pretty gory, so viewers beware, you're in for a scare!

If youre into adventure, HIE, crazy scientists, cute ponies and plutonium-238, then check out my silly story.


Gimme your honest opinion. I have a few dislikes, but no constructive criticism so far...
But do at least read the first 2 chapters ^.^

*sigh* Okay, why not?

Intro threads or any threads for that matter are in forums but I'd like to keep this interesting tradition new people of this group (including me) are keeping up so I'd like to play along too. My name is Crimson Blade79, Void God, part time fanfic writer, gamer, movie watcher, man of many faces, man of many names, contribute to just about every fandom or at least the major ones, and a pretty nice and intelligent guy

Hey My name is Badwolf231 and I am a wolf of many tricks. but one of them is sadly not getting noticed so I would like just one comment on my story.

Hi all, just joined.

I try to be critical without being offensive, but I have a zero-tolerance policy for hurtful or hateful trolling. I write about some topics that many aren't really interested in, so I'm hoping said topics can gain interest from the fandom through my stories.

Thanks and I'll try to look through the stories submitted to this group and give occasional feedback.

  • Viewing 345 - 364 of 364
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