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This group is made for people who just want feedback on their work. And not just those silly likes or dislikes. I'm talking about solid comments with words in them that tell the author excactly how you felt about their story. Come on, now...

First stop for you should be INTRO THREAD so you can introduce yourselves.

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What's the Intro Thread???

Hello everypony, I just added 10518 stories to my read it later list... :pinkiecrazy:

Hey everybody, I'm fairly new here
I want to take story requests since I specialize in pony stories and characterizations
Only comments on my current story 'Tangled Hooves' would be very much appreciated. I will try my hardest to repay helpful comments with a very short story of the commenter's choice

Any comments on any stories are welcome!

I try to listen to those who criticize, and those who praise. One of my stories had an major plot point removed because one pointed out how contrived it felt.

While i have been a member of the site fro a while, i just published my first fanfic and i'd like some feedback, i like feedback since that way i can learn how to improve, what i did wrong, what i did right, that way i can learn and do better if i do more stories with our favorite ponies over here.

Been such a long time since I looked at this group I'd almost forgotten I was even here. My :derpytongue2:.

Hello, I just published a new short story (so a quick, easy read on your part) and would like some constructive criticism, praise, or anything along those lines. If anyone is interested just leave a comment on this story:

Alright, not gonna mince words. I am joining this group, not because I want to hear how great I am, but instead because I wish to hear how much I suck and why I suck. If you can tell me those two things then I will consider it constructive criticism. Frankly I work as both a janitor and in retail as a merchandising vendor. There's literally nothing anyone can say to me that I will take too much offense too. Seriously, after hearing from a stranger that your parents must have been first cousins or closer because of how stupid you are, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY, you tend to get thick skinned pretty quick. I have no wish to look for an editor because I am trying to teach myself to better look at my own things critically. Nor am I looking to be an editor to anyone else because between to jobs and my girlfriend I have no time. So in short when reading anything I post here be critical, be harsh, and don't bother being nice. Just tell me what I did wrong or what you dislike and why so I can improve. I will not be insulted and will thank you for doing so.

I've been here for a while, I guess, but comments make me feel special. That being said, I'm posting three of my stories here so that I can learn where/what to improve. If you're just gonna say weird things in the comments, I'm not opposed to those either.

Howdy everyone! I'm The Wasteland Brony! I constantly have ideas running around in my head for my stories, either ones I have published or ones I want to write. I really appreciate any kind of feedback I get, either it be good or bad.

Hi, I'm mlpficsforever. Whenever I write a story, I appreciate the likes that come in, and the dislikes. But I saw this group, and I want people to comment why they like or not like my stories. Be sure to check them out, and again, please comment!

Hello im Mini luna, Im new to fim fiction I just want someone to comment on my BLOGS AND GIVE ME IDEAS:applecry::raritycry:
Please if you may call me "Mini" or "lulu"....or what ever you want

Hello. I decided to write some fanfics here after I watched MLP Movie. So I took a pen name "EnergeticRider" and started to write. But what bothers me is that my second story is far less successful than the first one. Can anyone tell what I did wrong?

I'm Queen Lapis, but feel free to call me either "Lapis" or "Your Majesty" :pinkiesmile:
I've been a member of Fimfic for a few days now, though I've watched most of the MLP episodes. (I'm new to the Fandom as well).

Anyways, I'd appreciate receiving as much feedback as possible, and will give feedback when I can.

Hello there, my name is spiritwolfofice or you can just call me spirit :), there's not much about me other then i am a simple story writer and artist

Sup. SuperSaiyanD here. You can call me SSD or D for short. I'm a lover of good MLP crossovers, and have had one in the works for years now that I've finally published. I hope to please with my work, and am open to feedback and suggestions. Thanks and have a nice day. 👍

Hey guys, name is Captain Morgan and I've been writing since October on my first story, (WWC) World War Changeling which is about a group of human survivors, living in a world where Chrysalis and a few Changelings who didn't betray her who take over America. The survivors run into Twilight, Celestia, Luna and company and join together to overthrow Chrysalis, once and for all. Right now my story has more dislikes than likes, but all I wish is for people to actually give it a chance! I'm still new to the whole writing fanfiction stuff, and would love if you told me what you thought of it in the comments, instead of disliking it. Thank you for your time.

Hi everypony.
I'm Scarlet Thorn. I'm a Pegasus from Ponyville, who is trying to warn you all of a terrifying threat!
I can't tell you about it directly, but thanks to some help from Discord I can share my story with beings from another universe.
Please! Equestria needs your help!
Read about my friends and I's lives.
I have to go, the portal is closing!

i need comments and feedback so i can improve my story

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