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This group is made for people who just want feedback on their work.

And not those silly likes or dislikes. I'm talking about solid comments with words in them that tell the author exactly how you felt about their story. Come on, now...

First, though, why don't you introduce yourself?

And as always, don't forget about the rules!

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We have a Discord server! Click the image below for the link. All fandoms and genres are allowed! :twilightsmile:

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i am here to once again remind you that nobody ever looks in the group comments so go start a thread instead.

Hello everyone! I've been in this fandom since the good ol' days of 2010 on YouTube. I didn't find out about this website until much later, but I wish I found it earlier from all the wonderful stories I've come across! But, to get to the point, I'd really love it if someone would comment, more on this story. Someone tell me details, someone tell me my faults and such. Also, tell me your opinion. Thanks you!


Idk how to link my story with like the image in stuff kinda like a writer before me has already >~< so I put the link. Another reason I'm saying this is because of the recent thing of "is this another similar website that asks for my personal information?"

But if you don't trust it you can look on my account for my most recent one. The others are, beginner material...

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the group, less new to the site. I've posted stories since November 2021 with some minor success. I would really love more constructive comments, though, to help me polish my writing. I'm looking forward to any service I can provide in return.

*dies and drops an obscure crossover*

come check it out, chrysalis best bug-pon

TWho Knows Where
(Bastion x MLP) The Bastion sends the remaining four survivors of the Calamity to an unlikely place, with an even more unlikely ally.
WindigogoGadget · 15k words · 162 views

Hello I'm new to the group and joined Fimfiction since 11/19/2020. I'm an otaku, MLP FIM and mostly an Equestria Girls Fan. I want to create stories that both me and my readers will enjoy so feel free to leave your comments or opinions :raritywink:

Hello there! I’m new here and want some feedback and love on my story, Sunny Plays Old Equestrian Games. Would you check it out?

TSunny Plays Old Equestrian Games
Sunny finds some interesting games on the internet and decides to play them.
Rainbowshine295 · 3.8k words · 241 views

Hello all, its very nice to meet you. I'm new to the group. Just a sane voice actor who gets on by this insane world while making a story series about ponies and what not. Hope you are all doing well this weekend. :ajsmug:

*reads group thread for the first time in over 3 months* oh hey new peeps.

Hi, I just wanna hear what people have to say about my work. My work isn't anything serious to me, just something I do for fun, but I just need to hear people's thoughts on the stories.


Hi, I'm Lighting Ace, an old fim fic fan and new in this forum, so sorry if I mess up how things work. Just wanted to make one small little story of a re-imagination of a Christmas Carol, right away I confess english is not my first language and my editor is indispose so I apologies for any grammar mistakes.

Hope you like the story

I've just started publishing my first story since my return from a two year hiatus, I'd love for some feedback on it! :twilightsmile:

After being trapped underground from a calamity no one knows much about, most of the ponies have lost their hope and wanderlust. My story is about a mare who finds herself starstruck with the stories of the past and leaves the safety of her home and into the volatile underground and even worse surface hoping to find some answers. Though more than she knows is awaiting her in the metros.

TUnder Eternal Winds
Beneath the corpse of Equestria lies the still beating heart of its people. Much has been lost to time & mystery, but the ambition & wanderlust compels a young mare to leave her home & venture into the desolation to try & heal the scars of the past.
TheFictionalWriter · 2.1k words  ·  10  2 · 170 views

instructions unclear, took over another group instead :derpyderp2:

I wish for one more on my story to make it an even number :trollestia:

You're more likely to get a response if you make a post in the main forum. :)

Could someone please me constructive criticism on my latest story? I have dyslexia and sometimes the words don't always make sense to me. Contact me privately if you wanted me to send it to you

Thank you

Aww, don't blame yourselve. It took me two years, two whole years before realizing what those groups was for. If you have no experience, it is easy to miss.

I threw a whole tantrum on a blog post about how nobody commented on my story :pinkiecrazy: if only I found this group sooner-

Twiculator is my OTP

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