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This group is made for people who just want feedback on their work. And not just those silly likes or dislikes. I'm talking about solid comments with words in them that tell the author excactly how you felt about their story. Come on, now...

First stop for you should be INTRO THREAD so you can introduce yourselves.

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Hello, everyone.

My name is Jade Dawn. I'm an aspiring author/screenwriter, fanfic writer, and brony. Among a few other things outside of MLP. I'm a big fan of HiE, sci-fi, adventure, and stories that stretch the boundaries of imagination.

I especially value comments, as it shows me that people actually look at my work and helps me gauge their responses to my stories. Also, I just generally like discussing things around the fandom on this site.

Your opinions, comments, and/or upvotes are appreciated.

With regards,
Jade Dawn

Hello. I'm 6&7, and I write words. What sort of words, you may ask? Horse words. Also Dr. Who words, sometimes. Mostly long, overflowing words. Sometimes, I write funny words, and sometimes I write words that are meant to be humor-funny but end up being weird-funny. It mostly works, probably, but I can't be certain on grounds that I need more feedback.

I'm here.
I write things.
I make people cringe.
I also enjoy bashing skulls.

Hey! Im Night Pony. Im really bad at writing, but i love comments :twilightsmile:

hey,,, every guys here, I'm the new kid on the block, as you can clearly see. I got a story too but i got no advertising, so go check it out if you so desire, I mean heck, I dunno.
Give me some feedback, am I too ambiguous or too reliant on purple explanations?
please and thank you

please and thank you are really magic words
always remember that

Hi! I'm Princess Estrella. I'm new to writing fanfics but I've gotten much better at it since I first started.

Hello all. I write a story called the Silent Saviors and I would really appreciate any comments that you all could give. I have really only had one commenter who provided good criticism of the story.

Anything would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hey, guys. I just had my story Dino Saurian Rex, and it's about Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings that turned out to be aliens attacking Earth and Equestria, and six teenagers including a young paleontologist and the Mane 6 uses friendship and dinosaur morphing powers to stop the invasion. But my story has 35 dislikes and 33 likes, but all I wish is for people to actually give it a chance! I'm still new to the whole writing fanfiction stuff last January, and would love if you told me what you thought of it in the comments, instead of disliking it. (Reminder: never reply in a negative way because you can't force someone not to proofread my story!)

Alright big boys the names WeightyUncle (long story) and I've finally plucked up the courage to actually publish my first fic! (Hopefully more coming soon.) Any and all criticism would be welcome, cheers guys!

Hey everyone! I'm QuantumKitten. Decided to get involved in writing short stories etc and looking for some feedback. Please let me know what you think of them!


Hello to all, Helljumper here. Note much there is tell about me. Been on this site for awhile now and like being on here listening to what others have to say. Only to keep things positive. I've got ideas I want to share but not very good at writing them down so it takes me some time to get it done. Dosn't help that I get easily distracted whenever an awesome new chapter off one of the stories i'm tracking pops up you know :eeyup:

I'm a new author and I just started to write a fic. So far I have only written the prologue for it.
Check it out, I hope it's okay.

Hey, Inkwell here. I write stories. For some reason, I'm struggling to get comments and in turn constructive criticism. My stories are completely self-edited and therefore probably littered with mistakes. I haven't written much yet because I only joined a few months ago and I'm swamped with end of year exams. I will write more in the summer holidays though. Any and all
comments will be helpful.

Thanks, Inkwell

There is no into Thread? The link is somehow dead.

What's the Intro Thread???

Hello everypony, I just added 10518 stories to my read it later list... :pinkiecrazy:

Hey everybody, I'm fairly new here
I want to take story requests since I specialize in pony stories and characterizations
Only comments on my current story 'Tangled Hooves' would be very much appreciated. I will try my hardest to repay helpful comments with a very short story of the commenter's choice

Any comments on any stories are welcome!

I try to listen to those who criticize, and those who praise. One of my stories had an major plot point removed because one pointed out how contrived it felt.

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