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This group is made for people who just want feedback on their work.

And not those silly likes or dislikes. I'm talking about solid comments with words in them that tell the author exactly how you felt about their story. Come on, now...

First, though, why don't you introduce yourself?

And as always, don't forget about the rules!

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If you'd like more visibility for your story, be sure to promote it in the main forum, rather than the group thread here. That way, you can be sure that many, many more people will see your promotion!

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Welcome to the group, y'all! Pretty much nobody (me included) ever looks in the main group thread. I'd recommend heading over to the forum instead and creating a new thread specifically for your respective promotions!

If y'all don't mind, I could use some pre-reading on a story of mine! :twilightsheepish:

EOur Day in Disdain
Rainbow Dash is forced to confront the ghosts of her past and the life she left behind. Lest the one she built for herself crumbles in her hooves.
Rainb0wDashie · 8.9k words  ·  26  2 · 366 views

We all know why we're here. I'm just starting out and need to get feedback any way I can. Sorry for the shameless plug.

Since I've noticed a depressing lack of Flitter & Cloudchaser fics, I've decided to put my own hat in the ring. It's called A Different Kind Of Treasure, which is about F, CC, and an OC treasure hunting for gold. glory, and fame. All the while, an ominous force from the sister's past works to unite an ancient magic and reawaken evil. Will they succeed in preventing total annihilation? What will they discover about the world and each other along the way? Read along to find out!

TA Different Kind of Treasure
After an unfortunate first impression, Flitter and Cloudchaser manage to work with their new teammate to discover lost scrolls, ancient relics, and maybe even the most important treasure of all, love.
Mechawrecker · 56k words  ·  61  5 · 595 views

I have a story and seen this group may be I can get some feed back and it's m rated

Thank you for the heads up, just deleted the link, but I have trouble finding the forum here. I don't usually do groups like this so I'm not exactly sure where to start looking


Hello there! I'd recommend posting in the forums, rather than here in the group threads.

Also, would you mind removing that mature story link? We are not an NSFW group, meaning I will need to remove your comment if the link is not deleted.

Hey, I just posted a revision for one of my old stories and I was wondering if I could get some criticism feedback. It's called Infernus Astartes: Ruinous Son. I'm really curious as to seeing what people think but most of my writing doesn't seem to attract comments

This group's activity tends to come in waves. Given how there's multiple people willing to more or less give full-on reviews of stories at the moment, I'd definitely say that now would be a good time to post a thread for your story.

Oh, hello there! If you're looking for feedback, I'd recommend posting in the forum, rather than the mainpage here. Most people don't pay any attention to comments on the group page (myself included), so you'll have much better luck if you post where people can see your work. :twilightsmile:

I think it'd be best to put it in the NSFW just in case.

A lot of people add other people's stories with loads of comments to this group. Is that allowed?

Also, every time I make a thread here, the thread gets multiple likes, but my fanfic doesn't get any more comments.

Hello can someone help me please? If my story is rated T and has gore but no sex, where should i put my story?

Hello, I just joined like moments ago. Thought I'd join up and see what stories are there to read. That and also to give my fellow writers the support needed. A comment or two helps a lot!! : )

Also I'm a semi-new writer on here at least. But delete the first story I posted since I needed to revamp it like a lot. Anyways I have a new one I just posted like a few day's ago. Got a few replies, well seven in total. Two of them mine. But if anyone want's to give it a read and give me their honest thoughts on it. I'd appreciate it if only to get feed back on how to improve. But again for anyone who want's to of course. :twilightsmile:

P.S Sorry if this was long, didn't mean for that to happen. :twilightsheepish:

I'm glad to see this group is still, y'know


Seems to be a trend of longtime writers/reviewers/groups/etc leaving Fimfiction or the fandom overall, so it's nice to know people still care!

(Also I am aware a lot of those leaving events happened like years ago but idc lol rofl-

Don't thank me, thank the peeps that made this group years ago and left the site before I even made my account. I was just deemed owner/founder by the admins after a spammer started going crazy in the threads.

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