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im free if you need as much support as i do (or literally any—i love helping anyone but myself)

Best Quotes Ever:

"I've been victimized, but that doesn't mean I have to be a victim."
-Gordon Korman's Restart

-When I Fly Towards You

"누가 맞고 틀린 게 아닌 걸, 모두 다르게 살아가 듯"

"Komt er een tijd waarin wij een hoop kwijt zullen raken want dan vinden jullie het niet meer fijn"
-Terwijl Jullie Nog Bij Me Zijn by Ali B

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Thanks lol!
The Bean family sticks together. And besides, I have liked many your stories in the past and not yet given you that follow.

Howdy howdy, and thanks for the follow! I suppose it's only fair if I...

What if I said all of them?

But to be serious, I loved Erasure a lot, though they are all great!

Thanks for the watch! Any stories of mine that you really liked to earn it? :twilightsmile:

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