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To those as long lived as the alicorn princesses of Equestria, the life of a normal pony is but a day. Joy, sadness, hope, and tragedy, all together in what could be considered an instant for an immortal.
After finding an infant unicorn in the Everfree Forest, what does this new life bring to their own?

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This is a awesome fic so far I want to see more please.

Thanks for the support Drake Draconian, the next chapter is in progress as we speak :)

That's a really good story, and it have only two chapters for now !

Dam the feels this is good I need more.

For your first story, it is truly a masterpiece, if I had not checked your account I would have assumed you have been a fimfiction writer for years. I think you are a skilled writer, possibly a novelist in your pastime or someone that has written other fanfiction in his pastimes with great potential to write impressive stories keep it up I believe in your skills and proof of this is the absurd amount of words used in each chapter. I am not a person to be judging your skill in writing, only a critic that has only dabbled into an idea of writing a fanfic with little to no proof of this and has a lack of skill for a writer. Keep it up I TRULY believe in you.

Wow, thankyou for the praise DemonFox. That means a lot.
Though I'll have to tell you you're slightly incorrect. While I've been interested in writing for a long time and have worked on other stories, this is actually the first fanfic I've ever tried to publish.
Though I will say that if you have an idea to write fanfics just go out and do it. Don't do what I've done and write to yourself for years and never share it. You'll learn some that way, but it's only by letting yourself be vulnerable and showing off your work to others will you really learn to appreciate your writing and really start to improve.

Damn, i think i cried a little. A beautiful story being short, sweet and a bit bitter but was truly a beauty of a creation. I enjoyed this through and through, it was an enjoyable read.

Oh sweet mercy that was amazing! :pinkiesmile:

This was a great and beautiful story. :heart: I really enjoyed it from beginning to the end.

I would like sequel pls this story was amazing I hope for

Wow, thank you so much for the praise Demonfox. It means so much to know my writing made such an impact 😁

Thanks a lot Death is Bliss, unfortunately this story is over now and I'm not sure how I could even write a sequel to this.
I have other story ideas I intend to write sometime, but unrelated to the events of this one.

Welp I was thinking for a sequel you could have him reborn again

lol, well I guess that could technically work. But I'd be worried of cheapening the original story, and it would have to be so different than this one with everything that is now known.
If I ever do a sequel it would take a long time for me to come up with an idea that would be consistent in my mind. But thank you for the desire to see more😊

Heck you could do like a one shot sequel but if not can't wait for more that I like

My heart.

You absolute bastard.

I love it.

lol, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the fav 😄

After being given a clean bill of health and no magical anomalies of note, both princesses were at a bit of a loss what step to take next. One of the servants managed to produce a baby’s cot for the child, and others swiftly cleaned out one of the guest rooms of the palace into a makeshift nursery.

“Well he’s awake now. I’ve heard they cry a lot if they don’t get their way and that might wake up the servants anyway.”

Celestia sighed conceding the point. “I suppose you are right. But I’m not sure I’m… comfortable with the idea of being a mother quite this early. And what would the court think if we suddenly show up tomorrow morning with a foal calling ourselves his mothers? Perhaps something a little less… direct. Like… aunts?” she suggested.

Well that explains Blueblood!!

“Hmm. I believe you have a point. The rumour mills do not need any new material to disregard reality. They do so quite well on their own. I would wager they would be quite happy to make up new rules on how alicorns reproduce if given the chance.”

:flutterrage: FUCKING JOURNALISTS!!! :flutterrage:

Luna’s horn glowed for a moment, and comets streaked across the sky,

For one, Celestia was aware that unicorn foals often had magical surges as a newborn unicorn flexed their magic, performing strange and unexpected effects. While Lucky certainly had his bursts of magic, they were surprisingly controlled, and rarely, if ever, dangerous. One night he had found his way into the storage room where the marching band kept their instruments and every instrument began playing music, quite well even. Luna swore she had no idea how Lucky got out of her sight (quickly adding she neither knew why he was awake so late at night when she was questioned on that particular point). While it woke up the whole castle, the band leader Arpeggio Parade couldn’t help but laugh, and swore he’d eat his helmet if a colt that talented in music didn’t get a cutie mark to represent it.


One way or another, it looked like Lucky was here to stay.

But being patient meant that she was alone again with her thoughts. Things seemed so much simpler when she was with Lucky. Sometimes they would watch the night sky, or wander the halls and secret passageways, pranking the evening staff. Spending time with a child brought out her own childish side, where everything was about entertainment and laughter.

Lucky reached out with his hooves, as if wanting to catch a star.

“I don’t mean when you see her around the castle. When was the last time you asked her how she was doing and meant it? When was the last time you sat with her and witnessed one of her nights she puts so much effort into? When was the last time you interacted as sisters instead of princesses and rulers of Equestria?”

“I suppose we do. Thank you captain, that will be all. Have a pleasant evening.”

“I believe there is a phrase that would be appropriate in this moment. Do not count your eggs before they hatch.” She blinked and thought. “Eggs? Or was it chickens? Which comes first?”


Thank you for your confidence Lucky. Goodnight”

He asked with a great deal of concern. “And the Princess Luna? Did you find her?”

While the staff witnessed the battle above the castle from the grounds, none of them quite new understood what happened.

The mare hesitated slightly before returning the gesture. “Yellow Star.”

:rainbowlaugh: haha!!

The unicorn looked at her drink for a moment in thought. “Yes. At least I hope so. I haven’t seen him in quite some time.“(——

“It’s not every day one receives a cake in the shape of a helmet.” Her eyes gazed to a point past the table between them where his cutiemark would be. Arpeggio wasn’t the only one to understand the hidden meaning behind the gift.

“No, I can’t do this any longer. I’m tired. I’ve kept so many secrets for so long.

“I… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see it that way” he muttered to himself. “But… thank you.”

He reached for her hoof and held tightly, or at least as tightly as his worn-out body would allow. “Thank you” he sniffed. “I love you Auntia.”

“If you are certain. Thank you” Luna said, but only half-heartedly.

Celestia gently put Little to the ground and gestured to Luna for the young pup. “Go on, say hello to your Auntie Luna.“(——

Thank you for the error spotting Luckyfanisaac, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much.

My poor heart. Why you bastard why?

Because I'm a horrible person 😜
Thanks Sunsong, so glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

god damn it! you did not go down the unoriginal trope of luna's child lives to see Luna again :fluttercry:. because of that, this story gets a like, I love this story

from lunas perspective because of a mistake luna made she lost the closest thing she had to a son.

yeah this story as it is, its perfect. if he came back again it would make the emotional part of him on his deathbed meaningless

I'm so happy you enjoyed it XzareAce :twilightsmile: Thank you for the praise.

OK, this one got a tear out of me. :fluttercry:

Thanks KittyrinnAiko, glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Huh, this was an amazing read. The portrayals of both princess Luna, and princess Celestia were top notch, and it was the displaced human was seamlessly sowed into the story without making it unoriginal. Loved the story, hope to see more stories like this one.

I'm really happy you liked it :twilightsmile: And thanks for the feedback, it's great to know what people like about my writing.

Thanks for the ugly tears, my god this was a roller coaster and I read all of it while working. Amazing story hope there will be a sequel

This is good, isn't it?

Thank you so much, I'm just happy you enjoyed my story :twilightsmile:
As for a sequel, I never really pictured anything coming afterwards in the story, as I feel everything wrapped up neatly in the end. I wouldn't be averse to coming back to Lucky's storyline at some point though after how well this story has been recieved. But until I come up with something that doesn't cheapen the original story it'll probably be a long time coming.

Fair enough, I was thinking what if he was reincarnated again during the events of the show and had to get the princesses to believe that he is Lucky.

Man, this was great. Though I do feel bad for Luna. Kinda sad that she'll never know the truth

Either way, this is definitely getting saved to a list.

I'm glad you enjoyed it Nilam, and thanks for letting me know you did :twilightsmile:

I will just point out though, that Celestia admits to herself (and the audience) that she might tell Luna the full truth someday, but that now was not the right time, so it's not like she'll never have any chance to find out.

I wouldn't call this story a comedy. But I would call it heart-warming in the end.

Ah yes, very true. I first put up the tags after finishing the first chapter and I was still figuring out what the full story was going to be, but you're right, it's got a few laughs near the start, but I really should remove the comedy tag.
Thanks, and I'm glad you liked it

Not gonna lie, it made me cry a little. I loved the story. I have to admit I thought "ah a human reborn as a pony" in the first chapter but I quickly discarded it so the reveal still got me.
I liked the ending, bittersweet as it is. It rounded the story perfectly, though I wish Lucky Hope got to meet Luna in person, as well as in his legacy.

Yeah, I knew the readers would be fairly genre savvy at this point, so I wanted to have various hints within the story if you were paying attention, but not make it too obvious. Plus it meant I could be a little sneaky that way 😉
Thanks so much for the comment and fav :twilightsmile:

Beautiful story.

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