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A girl so bad at writing she took to learning how to write at University. How'm I doing so far? Yeah, I know-- I'm working on it, I promise.


Currently working on
1. MLP:KFIM- The first story I posted on FIMfic (I'd like to consider I've improved since then), and despite its small size it's taking a long time to finish. Apologies for this. Starring my avatar's namesake, Dream Wings, and my friend's avatars namesake, Sour Apple (I'd like to take this time to mention that they were already the names of the characters before they became our avatars. I promise it's not a self-insert).
2. The Legend of Alicorn- Each Legend takes me a while to write but there's some fun stuff in store. Detailing the life and times of the royal family we know as the alicorns, it shows the trials and tribulations they had to go to in order to keep their kingdom going so that Celestia and Luna could rule some day. Explains many aspects of the character's behaviour and ties into the happenings of Diddy Discord.
3. The Wicked Stepmother-- Why my brain comes up with rubbish when I'm ill I'll never know. Nevertheless, RD has a wicked stepmother and it will be written (surprisingly the + still outweighs the - right now).
4. A Slice of ol' Waddles life-- now, a few people seem to think the decision to write a story focusing on Waddles life as a strange one on my part. Boring Waddles plus boring slice of life=failure, right? Well, my hope is to change that. Waddles may be an extremely small character but that's no reason to say that he can't have something going for him on FimFic. It's about time he got given a bit more of a spotlight. Please... please say someone agrees with me? (P.S. Also contains Granny Smith, Apple Strudel and many other Grandparents).
New stories
1. Working on a sequel to The Diary of Diddy Discord called The Journals of Silas Sombra. This will be like Diddy but with some serious writing thrown in as well as my usual silliness.
2. A sequel to One by One focusing on the resistance so often mentioned. Hopefully it will be a thrill ride, but this is still merely in the planning stages at the minute.
3. S.T.A.R.S. - Strategic Taskforce Against Radical Stars-- a one-shot looking into what Nightmare Moon really is and who were the force behind her release.
On hiatus:
1. Open Mic Night-- Me? Write a comedy? Bahahaha. No, seriously, I'm trying but puns is all I can come up with (and bad one's too). I'll figure something out but it'll take a bit of time. It will update.
2. Xiaomane Showdown- The first and only proper crossover that I've ever done, and my second story ever posted. Twilight enters the dojo and becomes a Dragon Warrior. Follow her as she and her new friends search for Shen Gon Wu.