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Once Long ago an earth pony harpist lived in Canterlot, but when Celestia banished her sister to the moon she unwittingly also affected the life of somepony else. Yet the mare would do something that would show her devotion to the Princess of the Night, and the right to be remembered.

Art by: The Wizard of Art
Now with a reading by Forgotten Dreams Here

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I like it!

I think the best part of reading your stuff, Snow, is seeing the improvement form piece to piece. Keep it up!

Dammit, I'm tearing up. And these tears aren't even manly. That was beautiful, Snowy.

this made me cry during editing, good job snowy.

a good story, keep up the good woork and rememeber to stay awesome!

Reminds me of one of those old tales, you know the kind that gets passed down through the ages. Also, you've definitely gotten better! Good work!

Thank you everypony, I hope more readers will enjoy reading it.

The style here sounds like some sort of old fairy tale. I like it.

7230102 Was aiming for a kind of legend indeed. :twilightsmile:

And if asked why she only played when the moon was out, she would simply answer. “So she won’t be lonely.”

this was an incredibly sweet story, it nearly made me cry and my heart is aching from it. (yeesh i must be getting soft)

Bravo. *claps*

Thank you everypony. :twilightsmile:

One of the few parts of this fandom to bring tears to my eyes.


Awesome story! I like the way that it's almost written in a kind of storybook or fairy tale style. I look forward to more stories from you Snowy!

Nice story.

At first I expected the mare would, when she became old, ask Celestia to petrify her and put her statue in the Gardens, so that she can await Luna's return.

But your idea is fine, too.

Small notes regarding your cover-art:
Not a bad choice (except your statue is a pegasus), but you forgot to add the artist/source.

7234099 Actually the getting old part was my first idea but I decided later. as for the art I wish I knew who made it I only know it was used in the pmv of Children of the Moon.

Used new art by Wizard of Art, the former was of Duo Cartoonist

This was very elegant and beautiful. While it may not be the most detailed or climatically filled story on FIMFiction, it is certainly one of the most well written works I have come across. :twilightsmile:

I really liked how you managed to convey the feelings from this story to the readers

As the silhouette of the mare quietly slumped sideways into the soft summer grass, Celestia uttered a horrified gasp. As quick as her majestic wings could carry her, the alicorn soared towards the fallen harpist and took her up in her hooves.

this made me actually cry.

the way you managed to give a nameless character so much personality, character and managed to make me bond to her, amazes me.

If you keep up with your writing, I see great things in your future

This deserves more likes than it has.
I like the way it's told, almost conversational, like somebody telling the story to their friends.

Aw thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Sad but nice. I thought it would be a horror story of a mare turned to stone for supporting Luna.


Well dang, that was sad. Good job, honestly can't see anything to critique other than it was short, but that's not a complaint by any means.

I'm flattered, really.

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