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Skye Mist

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Playlist of the Best Songs Ever! (Warning: I like a LOT of songs)

Spoilers for Code Geass:

Because I Am Code Geass Trash! XD

Spoilers (duh):

My page has a lotta stuff, so here's where everything is:

-Story Status
-My Little Minio- I mean, Followers
-Stories With My OCs In Them/At Least Mentioned
-Groups I'm a Part of
-Playlist of the Best Songs Ever!
-Because I Am Code Geass Trash! XD

-Who I Am
-My Ponysona/OCs!
-Comment Section
-All About Me!
-My Personality In A Nutshell
-My Little Changelings/Dazzlings/Mysteries

But First: Lelouch Vi Britannia Commands You... To Watch Code Geass!

Who I Am

Drawn By: Nerdz

I'm a 13-year-old aspiring actress (VA or otherwise), a writer who writes for fun, and an A+ honors student. Writing isn't my priority so updates are slow and inconsistent. Some of my hobbies are writing (that's obvious), drawing (not well in my opinion though), and singing (I even have an account on Smule).

Smule Account: Here
DeviantArt Account: Here
Wattpad Account: Here

I volunteer my OCs for stories! I help with editing, proofreading, and story ideas, so PM me if you need story help or want to use my OCs...And I think that's it. Whelp, that's me in a few sentences for ya!

P.S. I love Vocaloid and Code Geass. ^_^ ...Like a lot. XD
P.P.S Now an admin of Support Group Anonymous and MLP Vocaloid.

If you wanna know more about me, scroll below the comment section.

My Ponysona/OCs!

Welcome to my page!
This is my ponysona!
One pic's under 'Who I Am'.
Drawn By: Keriwi1


Name: Masquerade Mirage
Gender: Female
Race: Changeling
Personality: She's basically me, so look under 'My Personality In A Nutshell'
Drawn By: Alyssa Hartwick

Drawn By: katl0ver

EQG Version:

All of my OCs are free for you to use, just PM me first. (I have many OCs, ranging from earth ponies to phoenixes, and each is based off some part of my personality.)
Drawn By: jolliapplegirl

Drawn By: G_Haze

Name: Skye Mist
Gender: Female
Race: Alicorn
Family: mother, Nightmare Moon; sister, Night Shadow; father, Sombra
Likes: Singing, Flying, Calmness, Settling Arguments
Hates: Unnecessary Violence, Stallions that try to woo her, Talking about her past
Fears: Losing those that are close to her, Timberwolves, Changelings
Cutie Mark: Sun and Moon in Yin Yang form
Personality: Prior to a tragic event that happened in her past, she was joyful, fun-loving, a bit childish, and carefree. Now, she is unfeeling, untrusting, tight-lipped, and shows very little to no emotion towards others. Very cynical in short.

Background Info: (Refer to my story, Seeking Answers, the first five chapters for a more detailed description)
Skye lived with her mother and sister in the Everfree. She had a relatively normal life of a filly...until one fateful day. Her mother disappeared without a trace, and when the two sisters heard about the battle between the Royal Sisters, they pieced it all together. Skye became more grieved when her sister also disappeared, this time without explanation. She stumbled across a mother phoenix and her three chicks after searching for her sister and took them in as they had no place to go in the dark forest. The mother phoenix died in a tragic accident and the chicks stayed with Skye. Understanding that Celestia must also be grieved at the loss of her sister, she sends one of the phoenix chicks to her new palace in Canterlot with an anonymous note. With the exception of her two phoenixes, she grew more untrusting and unfeeling of others. A woeful and dark tale, to be certain.

Additional Info: She has the ability to use dark magic, but she herself cannot control it. Skye's left ear was partially bitten off by a Timberwolf, hence her fear of them, and she was attacked by Changelings at the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters, hence her fear of them. She has never shown anyone her true form, except her two phoenixes, Philomena, her mother, and her sister. She earns bits occasionally by singing at clubs or any other place that she can find; it's only a part-time job though. She mostly goes by the name of Snow Dusk, in two different forms.
A unicorn:

And a pegasus (she goes in this form most of the time):

*Note: She sometimes switches the forms up. The former a pegasus, then the latter a unicorn.
EQG Version:

Drawn By: UnscrewedUnicorns

Drawn By: Sweetstrokes

Name: Night Shadow
Gender: Female
Race: Alicorn
Family: mother, Nightmare Moon; sister, Skye Mist; father, Sombra
Likes: Art, Helping Others Through Emotional Trauma
Hates: Seeing Others Sad
Fears: Sombra, Chains, Very Tight and Enclosed Places
Cutie Mark: A Red Heart Inside of a Silvery-Blue Crescent Moon
Personality: She is a helpful, kind-hearted pony who cares greatly for her family. Willing to do anything to make those close to her happy. She is very tolerable and learned.

Background Info: She lived with her younger sister and mother rather peacefully. However, when her and Skye's mother disappeared, she had to reassure her sister. When they finally knew what happened to her though, Skye broke down, and Night desperately tried to find any way to get their mother back. She went to the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters, and began to her search. But alas, fate was indeed cruel, as Night was swallowed up by the shadows. Her sister, Skye, following her after reading a note she left, found only Night's cloak blowing gently in the wind.

Additional Info: She and her mother would sometimes butt heads because of their different views. She, like her younger sister, has a form for going out in public. She called herself Raven Feather in this form.
Drawn By: pillowrabbit

EQG Version:


Name: Arctic
Gender: Female
Race: Phoenix
Family: mother, Guinevere (deceased); sisters, Majesty and Philomena
Likes: Action, Simplicity, Pranks
Hates: Staying in one place for a long time, Being on the sidelines
Fears: Timberwolves
Personality: She can be rather jumpy since she doesn't like staying in one place for a long time. She's also very fun-loving and childish. She can never sit still if her friends and family are in danger.

Background Info: Arctic, her sisters, and her mother used to have to travel around to find a home. One day, they were in the Everfree, and they ran across a cockatrice. Arctic's mother, Guinevere, fought against the cockatrice to protect her chicks. When it seemed like Guinevere was losing, Skye came out from nowhere and helped. She offered them a place to stay, and they agreed. Skye gave them each a pearl necklace that would allow them to speak, and she gave them their names, seeing as they didn't have any before. Tragedy strikes in the following days though. Guinevere is mortally wounded in a Timberwolf attack; the same attack leaving Skye with her shredded left ear. Arctic and her sisters, enraged by their mother's death, assist Skye in defeating the Timberwolves. Ironically, this experience made Arctic afraid of Timberwolves. A week after Guinevere's death, Skye asks one of them to go live with Celestia since she also misses her sister. Philomena steps forward. Arctic and Majesty continue living with Skye.

Additional Info: Arctic is a rare type of Phoenix since she has blue feathers instead of red and/or orange feathers. She is only slightly younger than Majesty; they could be considered 'twins'.

Name: Majesty
Gender: Female
Race: Phoenix
Family: mother, Guinevere (deceased); sisters, Arctic and Philomena
Likes: Being a proper young lady, Manners
Hates: Rudeness
Fears: Cockatrices
Personality: She's a caring, sometimes overreacting, little lady. A bit like Rarity in the sense that she is a proper lady, using good manners and language.

Background Info: Same as Arctic's backstory except she fears Cockatrices instead of Timberwolves.

Additional Info: She is only slightly older than Arctic, seeing as she hatched just a few seconds sooner.

Name: Stryker Mirren
Gender: Male
Race: Changeling
Family: mother, Queen Arcane (deceased); sisters, Moth and Chrysalis; father, King Rancor (deceased)
Likes: Taking charge, winning, tactics
Hates: Being disobeyed, Being pushed around, Sombra
Fears: Losing his family
Personality: He is a bit strict, as he is a high-ranking commander. Protective and attentive of detail. As a strategist and spy, he is quick-witted, smart, and sly. He can sometimes become a bit overconfident or cocky.

Background Info: As a young drone, he lived in the Crystal Empire with his parents and siblings. Due to an accident in the Crystal Mountains, both of his parents were killed, therefore leaving Chrysalis, his elder sister, as the next changeling queen. Princess Amore's son, Prince Sombra, was also left to the throne due to his mother being killed in the same incident. In the following year, Sombra shut himself in his room, training in the shady arts of dark magic. When he finally emerged, he was unrecognizable, attacking and banishing the changelings and enslaving the crystal ponies. Fueled by his hate for Sombra, Stryker worked through the ranks of the changeling guard to become the highest ranking commander. He distanced himself somewhat from the other changelings. When they went out in a scout trip to the ruins of the Castle of the Two Sisters, they came across Skye, a daughter of the tyrant. Across the centuries, the changelings built up their numbers to one day return to Equestria.

Additional Info: He feels responsible for his younger sister, Moth, since she needs someling looking out for her. His regular disguise is a thestral stallion by the name of Midnight Striker.


Name: Moth Mirren
Gender: Female
Race: Changeling
Family: mother, Queen Arcane (deceased); sister, Chrysalis; brother, Stryker; father, King Rancor (deceased)
Likes: Playing Pranks, Having Fun in general
Hates: Waiting, Obeying Orders
Fears: Banishment from the hive, Rejection by those close to her
Personality: She can be a bit scatter-brained and careless, but to make up for it, she's very intelligent. Unlike most other changelings, she's more fun-loving and cheerful. However, she easily breaks down and hates being at the center of attention. She doesn't like being alone and relies on her siblings most of the time.

Background Info: Unlike Chrysalis and Stryker, Moth has no memory of living in the Empire. She was only an infant when Sombra's takeover happened, and that contributes to her more cheery demeanor. Compared to her elder siblings, Moth seems to be the oddball. Changeling standards are that one must be deceptive enough to be a spy or skillful in combat. Moth is neither the sneaky type nor is she one to use brute strength. This has always made her look like a deadweight that should be thrown away. The only reasons why this hasn't happened is her siblings' positions and her advanced intellect.

Additional Info: Unlike other changelings, she doesn't feed on love and other positive emotions; instead she feeds on its polar opposite, hate and the like. It is one of the reasons she is treated like an outcast by most other changelings. Of course, as a changeling, she has a disguise: a thestral mare by the name of Dusk Eclipse.

Drawn By: PhoelynFabulous

Name: Hazel Dune
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony
Family: sisters, Amethyst and Azure
Cutie Mark: A camera and film roll behind a magnifying glass
Personality: As the youngest of the three sisters, she's constantly looked down upon and treated with excessive care, which she hates. She's grumpy and sarcastic most of the time, but she finds solace within the mechanisms and manipulation of the camera as well as the ingenuity of others to create her own mechanics. She likes being backstage, silently observing everything. Very anti-social.
EQG Version:

Drawn By: PhoelynFabulous

Name: Amethyst Chill
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Family: sisters, Azure and Hazel
Cutie Mark: A shattered mirror
Personality: The middle sister of the three can be described as colorful in any sense except personality. She's rather monotone and is sort of a shut-in. She acknowledges most things with a grain of salt, and her popularity isn't all that high either.
EQG Version:


Name: Azure Cross
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Family: sisters, Hazel and Amethyst
Cutie Mark: Three gears interlocked
Personality: The eldest of the three sisters is more collected and balanced pony. She handles things rationally, rather than with her emotions, and often she tinkers with the odd tool or gear to busy herself. Despite this, she still has a bit of a temper. When somepony insults her terrible cooking, she can get more than a little irritated and lash out. Normally though, she's a nice, caring, and generous pony who takes her responsibilities seriously.
EQG Version:

Drawn By: PhoelynFabulous

Name: Amber Breeze
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: A red rose in a heart with a happy face drama mask in the background
Likes: Playing Matchmaker, Hanging with Friends, Nicknaming Others
Personality: Cheerful, optimistic, and upbeat, this mare loves having fun. She can be a bit shy at times though.
Drawn By: Sakura

Drawn By: VitalSpark

Drawn By: Alyssa Hartwick

Name: Typhoone
Gender: Female
Race: Changeling (Albino)
Personality: With a twisted mind at times, she could be considered psychopathic. However, she shows great cunning, like a deadly viper ready to strike. She suffers, or perhaps benefits, from multiple personality disorder. Her alters are Syev (the murderous, psychopathically creepy one) and Quins (the sarcastic and composed brains of the two).
Additional Info: Abandoned/banished by her hive at a young age, she became a lawless mercenary who's smart enough to know if a task is too risky. She will occasionally suck the love out of her employers and kill them if given such a task or if she perceives them to be inadequate or mediocre (usually when Syev takes charge). She will also occasionally chuckle creepily, as if sharing her own private joke.

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2234211 To be honest, I barely understood what I had read, but that was some funny sh** so what the hell!:derpytongue2:
Btw, what does Rough Boulder look like? It's never actually specified.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story 'I like hotdogs' in the process :D

2228677 You can PM me or post it in the blog I set up for submissions.

I want to apply my OC for your Code Geass story but I'm not sure where I should send it to you. Should I post it here or should I send it to you in a different way?

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All About Me!

—First off, I have two names: my American name and my nationality name, and I became a pegasister on my second run-through of the show when I was 11 (my first run-through was actually when the show came out with S3, but I was young and impatient and could not wait for the S4 premiere, so I began binge watching Pokemon and forgot about the show until I saw a commercial for the S5 premiere and I began binge watching the entire S1-S4 and got addicted to it)
—Second, I'm a villain fan, so if you see me explaining the genius of some villains or criticizing a poor attempt at one, do not be alarmed, for you are reading the words of an absolute villain lover!
—Thirdly, I am Code Geass trash! XD It is only the second anime I've watched, but out of the gate, it's a masterpiece. No major plot holes like most animes have, has a great psychological view at times, epic battle scenes, awesome evil laughs (especially Lelouch's), really developed characters: main and background alike, a protagonist who is an anti-hero (I find so little shows I like where it's like that), and best of all: an ending that is sad yet satisfying. (Bonus, at least for me: Lelouch looks hot. No, I'm serious, if you knew me IRL, then you'd know I'd never say that 'bout anyone. Girls, watch Code Geass, and tell me he's not cute or hot at all.)
—Best Background Ponies:

—Mane 6 Ranking: Twi and Flutters, Rarity, Pinkie, AJ
—Disney Villain Ranking: Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, Scar, Mother Gothel, Jafar
–MLP Villain Ranking: Chrysalis, Dazzlings, Nightmare Moon, Discord, Sombra
–Favorite food: chocolate (that counts right? XD) and sushi
—Favorite movie: Zootopia, Megamind, How to Train Your Dragon, Maleficent, Home Alone 3
—Favorite shows: MLP: FiM, Code Geass
—Favorite color: blue (If you couldn't tell by my main OC, Skye, and my ponysona/changeling-sona, Masquerade), specifically deep sky-blue
—Favorite MLP Ships: FlutterCord, SoarinDash, FlimJack, PinkieCheese, RariPants/FancIty/idk, SunFlash/FlashSet, SpEmber, StarBurst

My Personality In A Nutshell

Your name ---- gives you a charming, expressive personality, affectionate, caring, and responding quickly to people.

That sort of depends on my mood at the moment, but yeah, if I'm in a good mood then that is basically me.

Your name ----- has developed traits of independence and positivity.

Now the former is more than absolutely correct, and the latter, well, again depends on my mood but correct otherwise.

You create friendships easily and can make yourself at home in many situations.

100% true.

You desire to assume a leadership role where you can organize projects and be responsible for the systematic flow of work.

Yep. I don't exactly strive for it, but I tend to take leadership when doing group activities.

You have the desire to help wherever possible. Being impressionable and receptive, you feel deeply the distress of others and find it difficult to handle turmoil and conflict.

Mostly correct, but that last part's sooo not true.

This name makes you very matter-of-fact, materialistic, and practical, but extremely capable, efficient, self-confident, and decisive.

Again, 100% correct.

You want everyone to be happy and agreeable, and your environment to be harmonious and free from acrimony. Often you find yourself in the position of the mediator, where you are settling disagreements, or you find you are going along with something you do not agree with, just to keep the peace.

Yeah, I'm always the 'middle ground peacemaker' in my little group of close friends.

You will not tolerate dominance by others, nor do you appreciate having your independence curtailed. Being organized is important to you and you would expect this same quality from others who work with you.

Ha! That's an understatement. And it could not be any truer.

You could be demanding and shrewd in money matters. If someone owes you money, you appreciate being paid back promptly and in full, and yet you can be very generous when you see the need.

True, true.

To be successful, to have a good standard of living, and to be a good provider are important to you, and are a reflection of your ambitious, aggressive qualities. You would neglect home duties at times to ensure success in your business enterprises.

Switch 'business enterprises' with academics and that's me.

You are quite strong-willed, and do not readily change your opinions. It is difficult for you to bend your will to others.

Ask the last kid who asked for my homework what my answer was. Hint: It wasn't yes.

Misunderstanding with others have occurred when they have regarded you to be forceful, unsympathetic, and self-centred.

Sad, but true. Well, not that sad.

You tend to be focused on whatever you are doing and undaunted by obstacles. You use originality and ingenuity to accomplish your projects and you do enjoy a challenge.

So very focused I don't ever notice the time.

You are matter-of-fact and very candid in your expression. It is not easy for you to express emotional sentiments and compliments that mean so much to sensitive, idealistic people. It makes you feel awkward and embarrassed. You know what is expected, but the words do not come easily. You try to avoid those situations and thus the impression is left with others that you seem too prosaic and unfeeling. Others can feel somewhat intimidated by your authoritative, confident manner at times.

Replace the third and fourth sentences with 'But I don't care what others think of me'.

Unless they are a part of your background, you tend not to be particularly interested in the arts or music for their aesthetic value; but if drawn into these fields, you would contemplate commercializing your talents or you would consider how they could be turned into a lucrative business.

*looks at Smule and DevainArt accounts* Wow.

Even when you were a youngster, your thoughts turned to making money. It is important that you guard against schemes that are for increasing profit at the expense of others in some way.

0_0 Why is this so accurate?

You often think about how you could promote the talents of others. You are loyal in friendships, not easily influenced by the opinions or actions of others.

Trying to sway me is like trying to convince an angry bull to stop rampaging by singing.

Shut up, Manolo!

You are dependable and unchangeable once you have reached your decisions and committed yourself. You do not tend to be a temperamental nature and can handle a great deal of responsibility.

Mhm... why do you think my parents can trust me to babysit my cousin, even when he was one?

Your inspirational, imaginative nature and your tendency to lack system, often make it challenging for you to remember details and to complete your efforts.

*snicker* So right! XD
Me on a Saturday: Hey mom, do you need anything?
My mom: Yeah, put the dishes up.
5 mins later, after I finish breakfast: Uh... mom? What'd you want me to do again?

An inclination to be lazy and to put off tasks until forced to take action result in broken promises.

Shameful, I know. >~<

You dislike monotony but excel in situations in which tact and diplomacy are required, such as social activities, social services, or education.

In other words, I get bored easily! And my parents always say I should become a lawyer. XD

Your name inclines you toward the arts, composition, interior decorating, or music.

*looks at DevainArt and Smule accounts again* No comment.

You cannot be hurried through your studies or tasks. Being under pressure makes you tense, but appreciation and praise go a long way in bringing out your best. In fact, you rely heavily on the support and encouragement of others.

Why am I so twisted?

So, that's basically me. Nothing more to be said.