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A group dedicated to getting OCs used in stories.

Post your stories that involve an OC or if it uses an OC posted in this group. It doesn't have to be a main character, just used in some way in the story.

This group is dedicated to both getting people's original characters used and helping authors get characters to use.

To post a character follow these steps
1-start a new thread
2-give a description of your character, what kind of personality it has, a bit of background if possible, and what kind of stories you want/don't want your character in.

Here is an Example Thread

Authors who wish to use an OC listed here must first ask permission from the creator. I'll have no bull about people using an OC without permission! It is important that people use the characters here correctly.

Authors can also start threads asking for a specific character to be made for them. Just place any OCs created for authors in the comments of the thread and it's still up to the author if it will be used or not. If you have created an OC you think fits what the author is looking for post a link in the comment of the author's thread asking for it.

Any questions or complaints send me by sending me a PM here.

Make sure any stories using the OCs are placed in the correct folder/s.

Also now you can submit factions.

Thank you for participating.:twilightsmile:

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Ooh, this is interesting! I might borrow a few OCs here and there, and I might also add a few of my own. :pinkiesmile:

I come to poke around. I suck too much at writing.

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

YES my child rise I Victor Frankenstein have remade life and its name shall be Adam

LIVE! damn you LIVE!

410901 This would probably be better as a thread post. Just saying.

Trying to figure out how to describe my OC well enough that I can let him be used without my being involved is tricky. Very tricky.


I've been working on my OC's backstory for a while now and i can't type it for some reason

403080 It can be tough, I've done it before xD
hehehe, but good job dude.

Good I'm glad it took a long time to come up with the race name and actual body design

403078 OOooooh, that's neat looking dude :D

403043 Uh, well... I don't see it anywhere, so I can't exactly give you an opinion of it 8'D


Holy moly that was a tough one what do you think?

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