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OC-Harmony is where you can post your lonely OC in one of our forums, and they'll begin their search for love. With OC-Harmony, you can make OC ships between friends, write collab fics featuring your OCs, draw and display your art with your OCs loved one, and more. OC-Harmony's mission is to help your OCs find love, so best of luck to all who submit an OC.

We do have rules, and they are:
*ABSOLUTELY NO ROLE PLAYING. This isn't an RP group, it's a group for meeting friends/writing partners and to pair OCs up with other OCs. If you must role play, I suggest doing it somewhere else, like on a Google doc or something.
*No Breakup Fics. OC-Harmony is about finding love, not ending it.
*No Death or gore fics. Just, no.
*We have nothing against Clop fics. Feel free to post whatever romantic tale your OC and his or her loved one embark on.
*Feel free to re-post an OCs profile. If somehow, a relationship doesn't work out, feel free to always try again.
*Any species of OC is allowed, even human. But they still have to be MLP related.
*Polyamory is accepted, but there must be real love in the fic. It can't all be simple lust and sex.
*Fetish fics are also allowed, but must be submitted in the correct files.
*Post stories in the correct files please. The files are: New Love, where you write your OC in a new relationship. Old Love, is only for those who've had the same lover since their first story together. Intimate Love, which will be for clops, fetish fics, and polyamory.

And you know the basic love and tolerance rules, so there's no need to repeat them. Anywho, I do hope your OC find their soulmate here on OC-Harmony.

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damn..Glad im here

So... is this group still active?:derpyderp2:

And how ironic. My OC's from Fiddy Men are supposed to be here.
Now it's my Hotline Miami-inspired OC.

What harm could do it do really? Baxter Dash is a pegasus with amnesia so i guess it's not out of the question for him to be in a relationship with somepony.

Lol I don't know why I'm doing this to my poor OC

This is my favorite quote:

403069 It's my favorite quote from him. :twilightsheepish:

Oh, judging from those quotation marks, I thought you were referring to Hank. :derpytongue2:

403066 I was referencing when Cotton says "I killed fiddy (fifty) men!"

What accomplishment?

I gotta say, this group really interests me. While I'm not ready to add an OC yet, I will keep this on a to-do list for when I get my computer working.

402981 Heh, heh. When I saw your username and Fiddy Men I instantly thought of Cotton Hill and his "accomplishment".

Sure, why not. I'm sure I'll end up making an OC at some point or another. Anyways, interesting idea. Until next time

Hmm...this could be a golden opportunity for my two Fiddy Men OC's to hang out here.

402963 Yeah, but OC-Harmony was the first that came to mind.

Cool. :twilightsmile:

Ahh needs moar members for such an awesome idea~

I think you really missed a naming opportunity by not calling it OC Cupid...

Check out my profile! Reneighah is still single!

I still can't stop laughing!

~ Neon Lights TM

Huh. The domain's available.

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