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Banana Prince

I used to write exclusively about dragons and thought unicorns were lame. Now I write about ponies. Life can be funny sometimes.

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A Pony Walks into a Police Station · 1:28pm Sep 14th, 2017

Here's the story.

So I read this and I thought there wasn't much. Nothing there I hated, nothing I thought was amazing.
It's a short story about, well, when a foal walks into a human police station.

If you want to kill, at most, 10 minutes, then I'd say it's worth a look.

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Thank you very much for the favorite! Believe me, it's a tremendous honor. ;)

Thanks for the follow, good sir. And a massive salute to you, Navy sailor.

Have you read my story MLP: the wondercolts and Timberwolves pizzeria

1949180 Well, I couldn't just not favorite it... Panda's watching me. :applecry:

Thanks for faving Never Say No to Panda! :twilightsmile:

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I always had ideas of fantastic scenarios playing out in my head as a little kid. It wasn't until Middle School that I met some friends who wrote and through them I got inspired to write. I didn't got any feedback since I wrote for me, so it wasn't until I became a brony about early 2014 and started writing fanfics and watching critics' videos that I grew as a writer.