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A group for fans of previous generations of My Little Pony. We're open to fics featuring G1 (including G1.5/Tales), G2, and/or G3 ponies in G4 or FIM ponies in one of the previous generations as long as they stay positive and treat the earlier generations with respect.

G1 crossovers with FIM go in the G1 folder, Tales crossovers with FIM go in the G1.5/Tales folder (please note that Tales is still G1 and not G2 which had no show), G2 crossovers with FIM go in the G2 folder, G3 crossovers with FIM go in the G3 folder, and the 'Multiple Generations' folder is only for stories that cross multiple (G1, Tales, G2, and/or G3) with FIM. This is FIMfiction so all stories should have FIM content, therefore counting FIM as a separate generation is unnecessary for the purposes of this folder. Please choose the most appropriate folder - stories should not be in multiple folders.

No gore, no clop, no mature, no exceptions. Please note that this rule has been here since day #1. Mature stories will continue to be deleted from this group. This is a family friendly group, and if you wouldn't want your mother or your children to read it, it doesn't belong in this group. No exceptions means no exceptions.

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fimfiction won't even add freaking tags for the older gens, and you're telling me that hundreds of old-gen writers and stories have been sneaking under my muzzle this whole time???

This could be helpful in promoting My planned anthology. I am not inherently planning clop, but would romance {With herding} be considered mature? I plan on having clean versions if any of My co-collaborators add anything mature, not limited to clop, but including things like swear language.

Well, once the series gets started, I'm sure we'll start seeing G5 soon

Generation One is the best out of all the generations (including G4).

Don't tell anyone, but I liked the original gens, too. Tales sucked, though.


Sorry for the really late reply (it's been a while since I last logged in), but yes, we do.

♪I've seen the faces of doom,
And I'm only a man.♪

Black Sabbath - Falling Off the Edge of the World

Does this group accept stories featuring only past Gens? I asked this question in general and Meeester (no idea how many e's it has) said FiM-less stories were allowed on the site, they'd just suffer from lack of character tags.

No one's saying I can't.

This is my place to be. :pinkiehappy:

I've only seen "the ghost at the paradise esteta/mansion", "Fugitive Flowers (Parts 1-2)" (G1, 7th year, 1986) and "sister of the bride" (G1.5 (tales), 1992)
but I love them as well as all of my litle pony! :pinkiehappy:
yeah, know it is very random episodes, especially that one from tales, but I saw that one at a hospital. My mom and dad saw that liked it, and bought a VHS the two other episodes on to me.:applejackunsure:

I've only watched the Princess Promenade which Shout Factory recently released, but I found it very delightful. :twilightsmile:

I also really loved seeing the breezies in It Ain't Easy Being Breezies after seeing them in the Promenade. It made it a much more enjoyable experience all around. :pinkiehappy:


Hiyas! Welcome to Friends Of All Generations! :yay: :pinkiehappy:

I always thought Tales was G2...

Anyway, hello!

Can you combine generations in the stories?:unsuresweetie:


G1.5 (Tales) is welcome here too. :pinkiehappy: Since it's part of G1 (and the logo is so similar to G1's) I couldn't add it to the group's icon. G2 is also, though I've yet to see anything at all written containing G2 ponies here.

But yes, BonBon's baking cookies so Patch, Clover & the rest should hurry up on over. :raritywink:

We're open to fics featuring G1 and/or G3

So nothing from the G2 cartoon? :derpytongue2:

(Ok, so the second cartoon was based on the G1 toyline. Don't split hairs.)

Either way, as a fan of G1, I hope to fit in nicely here. :pinkiesmile:

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