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My Little Ponies and Bronies. Welcome to a brand new world.

This group is dedicated to fans of the show who have expanded their head cannons across time and space.
By this I mean they have created worlds that interconnect with current Fim cannon. This site is HIE friendly, as well as G1-3.

I think it would be fun for everyone to share headcannons here. Without fear of bullies saying he or she is wrong. Creative ideas to help improve theories is fine... However there is a way to frame this help so as not to hurt people's feelings.
Feel free to post whatever you like here, as long as it provokes thought.

(Looking for a banner, but if someone can come up ie. draw, a great idea... well then plz send it to me so I can post it.)
I also reserve the right to improve this opening page with ideas from you.

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353925 Give me a message and where you want the story added I'll fix it.....

How can I add stories to the Cross on the Gens folder? I don't see where it says 'add story' :rainbowhuh:

338087 Must have an aspect of cannon from G1, G2, or G3. Consisting of but not limited to named ponies, pony types, geography, peculiar species, bad guys, plant life, or even magic from those generations mixed into current G4 standards.

Since sea ponies are book cannon, to be considered for this group all sea ponies must sing.

Should clarify; do the headcannons shared here necessarily have to cross over with other generations, because mine is pretty much contained within G4. Just wanted to check before I post anything. :raritywink:

Plz share your head cannons, I'm still new at this, if can suggest folders, plz pm me.

Hmm, no folder to post my headcannon yet. :ajsleepy:

I'm just on Pinkie Pie. :pinkiecrazy:

337487 I'm just hyper-caffinated...

I wish I was hye-on-pot-nuse!

337478 I see a LOT of potential here.

Say... I see potential in this group! :heart:

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