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(Story Shuffle) Trying to work out a theme to suit these cards: · 2:23pm Apr 7th, 2018

This is a blog discussing what I'll put in my Story Shuffle flash fics / vignettes, which are short stories based on pony CCG cards (check that out if you enjoy short vignettes and lots of overthinking pony and CCG cards). I choose the cards randomly and try to think up characters/themes to fit em and I'll store my thoughts on that here.

Hysterical recreation:

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hey, and thanks :) I will do

If you already like Unhinged, you might look into FanOfMostEverything's Story Suffle or KingMoriarty's A Cavalcade of Cards; the existence of both (they are of similar format) is what ultimately inspired the creation of Unhinged, and FoME himself is responsible for the content that appears on the cards I use.

Thankyou for the 'watch'. I have no idea what's next? Hopefully my brain chucks out a cute one next, but I would be happy with a grimdark.

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