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It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.


Flurry Heart is in trouble. Her homework has come under scrutiny by the trio of crack educators: Mrs. Crayonne, Mr. Integral, and most daunting of all, the peerless Miss Hardcase.

Can Shining navigate a parent-teacher meeting?

Written for the 'Shining Armour is a Terrible Dad' contest. With minimal time to spare, as is my custom.

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Can Shining navigate a parent-teacher meeting?

Why wouldn’t Cadence be with him?

Another banger from haphazard. Seriously this was brilliant. I love every aspect of this. Thank you ~

11862776 Because then parent would have to become plural, which is would present a logistical challenge with regards to updating the whole branding of the affair.

11862809 Glad you enjoyed it! I've been awake for about 22 hours straight so this is as close to an unfiltered view of my brain as we can get without removing parts of the skull.

Travelling out of Suffolk is real hard, man.

Just going to say, I cannot wait to read this one. Always great to have a Haphazred story to score.

In his defense, it worked, and therefore was a good idea.

11862981 Hope you enjoy it! Now my mind is slightly less blitzed from travel, I feel it reads particularly well with a glass of red.

11863035 Cadence taught him well. If you can't fix your problems, fuck 'em.

“If you have two oranges,” she said, “And then I give you two more oranges, how many oranges do you have?”

Blackadder reference spotted. :trollestia:

The renaissance was something that happened to other ponies for you, wasn't it, Shining? :rainbowlaugh:

11863299 The re-neigh-ssance. Spell it right, at least! Where are your pony pun credentials?

I genuinely can't even remember that bit from Blackadder, and I must have seen it 20 times. Time for a rewatch, apparently!

I’m a huge fan of himbo Shining and his ability to destroy teachers… neigh, his ability to destroy education itself.

Disagree wholeheartedly with this.
If you have two oranges, and you get given two more oranges - you have waaaay too many oranges. :)

11863324 Some of us like oranges! I think 4 would be a good number to juice, personally.

His name is one hell of a misnomer. There’s really nothing bright up there huh.

How did Shining even make it to Royal Guard if he can't read or add?

11863386 His magic shield can encompass all of Canterlot.

Brass probably weighed up the pros and cons and went 'yeah tbh give him a salary and a rank and he'll be good to have in our back pocket in case things go tits up.'

Plus he looks great on the recruitment posters.

Also, his little sister is Celestia's personal student, and he was dating Princess Cadance.

Dear God, how did Shining make it through the Equestria education system?

I never thought of Shining as a himbo. You know what? He's a textbook example of one.

By the way, I have an real life L very similar to this. A long time ago, I had a coworker who was still in high school at the time. A good kid. I hope she's doing well these days. Anyways she was going through a bit of a rough spot in regards to some family issues. She was focusing most of her time on working and helping out her family and so her grades were starting to suffer. I can't remember if I offered to help or if she asked me to help with her homework. Either way, I ended up helping her with some of her math and English homework. I figured it would be a piece of cake because I had recently graduated from college at that point. Nope. She kicked my ass (metaphorically), because after 2 weeks, her grades got even worse. Needless to say, she never asked for my help for anything ever again. I felt like crap, but I don't blame her for being angry with me and just simply hoped for the best for her. Remember boys and girls, no good deed goes unpunished! T_T

I suspect Twilight was more doing his homework because she wanted to do more homework

This was a very nice, well-written story that made me LOL. Congratulations for getting Featured.

Just one little thing that I have to point out:

Miss Hardcase was a mare in her fifties, or her early one-thousand and fifties, if you counted the millenia in stasis under Sombra’s tyrannical hold...

Should be "millennium." :twistnerd:

(Edit: Almost forgot--On the Featured page, the title appeared on my phone screen as "Please Stop Doing Your Daughter." I'm glad this wasn't that kind of story.)

11863846 The the way it crops the title has been doing my advertising no favours, not going to lie.

Cheers for the catch!

11863726 I feel that. There's a girl at work who's doing her first year engineering and I helped her with some of the first year mechanics coursework and I've been more emotionally invested in getting those right than I was with my own coursework ages ago.

11863698 Unjustly. Barely. Suspiciously. Take your pick of adverbs.

Four isn't nearly enough oranges to make enough juice to enjoy. I usually use around twenty.

Shining is a O And O (D and D) guy and soldier, regular teaching doesn't work, you have to format it as a riddle to open a door or a tactical situation. Don't use oranges as examples use cannon balls or arrows.

Weirdly enough, the story taught me something. I’d never encountered “chef-d’oeuvre” before.

In any case, that whole family is capable of incerdible intellectual feats. Shining just goes in the other direction than Twilight.

Incredible clash of the titans. Thank you for it and best of luck in the judging.

11865735 I have an unfair advantage when it comes to french origin words as I lived there for ten years.

And likewise! Yours is one of the entries I'm most excited to read.

this is a work of art

11865933 Art comes in many forms, it seems. A touching symphony, an elegant marble statue, and a MLP fanfic about Shining Armour driving an educator to madness.

A moment with oranges reminded me of this gem.

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