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Backflipping through reality at ludicrous speeds. What does RB stand for, anyway? | Ko-Fi


Current Forecast:

Slowly, surely, the fog comes rolling in.

The Second Cursed Age (2/21/2024-Present):

Damn These Vampires
Poetic License
The Inspiration Machine
The Difficulties of Being a Cock
Unsafe Room
It's War, Is It?
Eggs Over-Easy

The Great Drought (6/19/2021-2/21/2024):

Side Effects Include...
You'll Be Just Like Me
What's in a Name?
No Safety in Numbers
Waking Up is Hard Sometimes
The Pink, the Yellow, and the Yak
The Right Pony
Everything Will Be Alright!
Leaving Home
Hall of Mirrors
A Million Miles From Home
The Castle's What!?
Meat and Bone, Sinew and Bile
Rock Music
Turning Human

The Age of Rain (7/24/2018-9/9/2019):

Love’s a Witch (and a She-Demon, Too)
The Daring Adventure of Dentist and Bookworm
Frame by Frame
This Town Will Never Let You Go
Tales from the Cosmos Eccentric
Clear as Blood

The Cursed Age (7/18/2016-3/4/2018):
Death of the Author
Sonata's Ocean
Solar Monologue
The Siren's Swan Song
The World Fades to White
He Said I Was His Friend
Threnody for Sanity
Pinchy's Smile

The Silver Age (6/2/2014-10/31/2014):
As She Remembered It
Twilight in the Dreamlands
A Typical Night for the Pies

The Age of Naiveté (6/13/2012-8/7/2012):
Beyond the Mirror and The Other Side
The Trees are Screaming

To-Do List:
Write something
Write something else
Break the three fics/two years cycle
Don't stop writing things
Use actual FA checkboxes unlike the rest of the casuals on Fimfic
Finally get something featured
Finally get something properly featured
Finally get something properly properly featured
Get something really, really featured.
Get something as featured as can be.
Actually write something decent
Actually write something good (25th)
Actually write something great!

In Trout's novel, The Pan-Galactic Memory Bank, the hero is on a space ship two hundred miles long and sixty-two miles in diameter. He gets a realistic novel out of the branch library in his neighborhood. He reads about sixty pages of it, and then he takes it back.
The librarian asks him why he doesn't like it, and he says to her, "I already know about human beings."

-Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions

Well howdy there, stranger!

Name's RB! If you've somehow stumbled into this particular corner of FimFic, then you're probably either hopelessly lost or very confused, or possibly both! Unfortunately, I can't help you much with that. But, I do have a small selection of wares here that you can peruse while you figure out where you're going. If you're feeling generous, you can drop a comment or two. I appreciate the feedback!

Things I've Made

Looking through episode transcripts got you down? Try the MLP: FiM Transcript Search!

Need to convert Scrivener projects to BBCode? There's a tool for that!

Ever wanted to see Fimfiction, but as a card game? Rules are here and cards are here!

RB Vs.

Blogged readings and analysis of some of the worst books ever written.

RB Vs. One Extraordinary Time: Start | Wrap-up

RB Vs. Empress Theresa: Start | Wrap-up

RB Vs. The Shadow God: Start | Wrap-up

Detective Rarity

The Cosmos Eccentric

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RB_'s. We have the stories.

Hug you!
You're so much more than a decent writer and you know it! :twilightsmile:

Hey, people I know call my "that SOB". I picked my online handle because I'm sure that's what the initials mean.

The "18" comes from the fact that when I first went online it took me 18 tries to set up an Amazon account. No, it's not THAT hard -if you've ever seen it done or know anyone that you'd trust with your password who has Clue -ING One
about "How do you do that?" Wound up calling the No Help Desk. Boomer.

It was the start of a hate/hate relationship.

So, I understand having just unexplained unexplained initials.


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