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Backflipping through reality at ludicrous speeds. What does RB stand for, anyway?


Vinyl Scratch had one problem: she couldn't make Maud dance.

Then Lyra summoned the demon.

Now she has two problems.

Based on a prompt from (the very cool) Perfectly Insane.

Cover art is arranged by me, but uses the work of AndoAnimalia and MoongazePonies.

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Bad 2-Sentence Horror:

Vinyl Scratch had one problem: she couldn't make Maud dance. Then Lyra summoned the demon.

This7 story seems interesting!

I'll check it out3 later! :twilightsmile:

This was an extremely pleasant read. Oddly, my favorite part was probably Maud saying 'rocks are my everything'. Which is so incredibly in character for her. Very happy to see my basic prompt result in such a nice organization of horse words.

I was going to make a reference to "music with rocks in", but this was clearly rocks with music in.

LOL. Nice one G-RB.

I'd disagree. Seems to read okay.


Glad you enjoyed it!

That's my second favourite line!

“If you can come up with a new type of music—something that even I haven’t heard before—then I will free your friends and return to whence I came. But if you can’t by sundown, your soul is mine.”

Let's Rock

However, unlike a pipe organ, there were no pipes that Vinyl could see. What there were was a bunch of stalactites hanging from the ceiling behind it, with little contraptions attached to them.

I would love to see something like that

“Heck yeah!” Vinyl shouted. “‘Cause we built this town on rock and roll, baby!”

“You’d best watch what you say with those cute little horse lips of yours,” Cacophony said, eyes narrowing. “Or you’ll be in trouble. With a capital T.”

I can't believe the Stalacpipe Organ is real.

Loved the character interactions here, even the demon's pretty funny!

Nice fic, enjoyable to read and an interesting plot leading up nicely till the end :trixieshiftright:

I didn't actually mean it, it was more of a joke with how the description suddenly goes from an innocuous problem to demon-summoning.

I'm sure the story is perfectly fine.

This made my day

The description was enough to draw me in. Overall, a good read!

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