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Being a complete introvert, Octavia is very surprised when a strange looking girl in her music class calls her a peculiar nickname. Her name is Vinyl Scratch, and for some reason, she acts like Octavia is her best friend! Who in the world is this girl???

Edited and Proofread by the very talented Shutup868

This story is heavily inspired by my love of Dawnfade's Vinyl and Octavia: University Days and my endearing love of Japanese yuri manga.

Got featured a while back and somepony was nice enough to point that out.

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7034643 Oh crap! That wasn't supposed to be there...

It's OK, just roll with it, and let's see what happens:trollestia:

I'm hooked, you have gained a follower!

You know, I heard that Vinyl actually prefers her bass slapped, not dropped. :raritywink:

11/10 first chapter. Can't wait to see what age appropriate content these two get into.

This is pretty cuuuute

7034643 The sex tag could be for innuendo, jokes and the like since it IS still a "T" rating

Neeeevermind. It's gone XD

7034643 lol if I remember correctly, sex below 18 isn't allowed in Fimfic. :rainbowlaugh:

On some groups however...:duck:

7034645 um you know Lyra plays the lyre, not thd harp right? And before you say it, they actually are different instruments

A lyre is much smaller and can be carried in the hands like a guitar. A harp rests on the ground between the harpist's legs and is played with both hands like a piano.

A lyre is strummed while the fingers of one hand deaden certain strings. Sort of like an autoharp except manual. It plays only chords. 

A harp is plucked, one string or several at a time, to play a melody or chords. 

7035640 just figured I'd point it out lol

Oh my lord. This is Girlfriends by Milk Morinaga with ponies. That is one of my all time favorite manga. I've never been more happy in my life. :raritystarry: Thank you for this.

This sounds like a good story.

7034645 oh man, this story's awesome!

I really enjoyed your piece a lot! But, if there were to be any flaws, it would have to be that Vinyl was pretty much part Marry Sue. :facehoof:
But other than a few flaws here and there, overall a great piece! :pinkiehappy:

Yass Girl Friends was an awesome manga:yay: (I love Yuri manga also)


That is damn hilarious. Mario kart is super fun, right?

Sweet! ^_^”
Octavia squinted her eyes at the screen. It appeared that Vinyl was using different punctuation to form a face of some kind. She looked up from her phone to gaze at her wall. I…really do not understand this girl…

Whoa... We must look into this odd, yet interesting kind of, what do the middle-class call it? Toxting?

Basic rundown of the story: Vinyl thinks that taxi is cute, and decides to be friends with her. After becoming friends, Vinyl tries to show Tavi what it's like to live like a normal person. If someone were to put that story in front of me, then I'd probably dislike it, but this was written so well that it deserved a like and a follow.

Achievement get: Get That_Delusional_Pegasus to follow you!

I love you. :rainbowkiss:

Excellent start!!

it's probably just for innuendos

Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one.:pinkiehappy:

If this isnt long imma muder someone, lots of pon3 fics are lame and short...

Comment posted by PayAttentionToMeMan deleted Mar 18th, 2016

Any reason why your paragraph indentation is inconsistent?

7040904 Try The Things Tavi Says by ShortSkirtsAndExplosions. It's a good 220,000 words, and it's friggin' spectacular.

7042562 Odd. Never had that happen to me before. Usually the indentation disappears completely when I transfer it over to Fimfic, and on Fimfic I just do a Ctrl+A and tap the Indent Right button to rectify it.

Okay this was funny and kinda sweet. :rainbowlaugh: I like it.

Sorry about the indentation problem. It's not Shutup868's fault. My editor is not to blame. This is my first time using Google Docs, so I'm going to need to be more attentive in the future.

In any case, I went and fixed that issue.

7043380 Wasn't blaming anyone. Just pointing it out. Glad you got it fixed. :twilightsmile:

Promising and entertaining. Looking forward to more!

Well I like it so far, though my wish for a strait Vinyl romance goes unfulfilled once again. Still, always room for a good Vinyl story, though if you don't mind, for my own sanity, I'm just going to pretend that she said 17 instead of 14.

okay, really enjoying this so far. looking forward to then visiting each other's parents and homes soon.

It's not difficult to tell where the inspiration for this fic came from. "Girlfriends" for the win.

Do you hear that...?

Two totally different worlds, crushing in each other and creating something new. Thats what happens every time I read a new story in which Vinyl and Tavi meet for the first time and I love it :yay:

awesome stoy so far, really looking forward, specially what Tavi's mom is going so say when she meets Vinyl :pinkiehappy:

Knocked it outta the park again, Mr. of Canterlot High! Or should I just call you "Girls?" That makes you now.... what?... 27 for 27? Quite a good track record, if I do say so myself. Of course, you've always been an all-star to me. :heart:

The opening scene was great, having everyone just shooting the breeze and talking about whatever may come to mind. That's still my favorite part about your writing. And then when the two started flirting! Oh, much too cute for me. :derpytongue2: Plus the lesbz Lyra and Bon Bon are funny to watch. Gee, there sure are a lot of lesbians in this world, aren't there? Ah, what a time to be alive.

Guitar Warrior... I C whut u did thar

The Home of the Dead scene (I also C what u did thar) was basically like Ghost but with video games. Very good! Very... sensual. And what you said later about pizza: that is the most perfect explanation for pizza I'd ever heard. :rainbowlaugh: Hecka hilarious, fam.

"You're right on my nuts, girl." I literally love you.

Devil May Try... alright, come on now...

AHHHH, when Bon Bon was talking to Octavia and then Vinyl got all flustered! You're figuratively going to kill me.

"Gross, you're making this weird." I love your Vinyl so much. And I still hear Nowacking in every word.

It was a nice touch seeing Bon Bon liking the candy filter.

The real-talk the two had while walking home was really nice. It was a sweet, genuine moment the two had shared. While at Vinyl's home, Octavia's line about turning into a criminal was quite funny.

OH MY GOD! YOU EVIL HUMAN BEING! That's where you end it?! :flutterrage: omfgwtfsmhrnfam OHHH! Jesus Crust. It was all so good. The beginning. The middle. THE END! OH I CANT. I CANT EVEN. I CANT BELIEVE YOU'VE DONE THIS. WHAAAAAT. :pinkiegasp:

Another astonishing achievement, my friend. I would recommend this story to anybody and everybody, and I honestly want it to become one of FimFiction's greatest and most popular. You have a talent of which I have never seen nor even hoped to achieve, but I'm so happy that you continue to do it. I wait at the apex of my seat, and I literally cannot wait to see what comes next. Literally. That ending doe. Like what the ass. Oh boy. Ohhhhh boy.

you sir are an artist I cannot wait to see the kiss.

Her smile now replaced by a somber and apologetic frown, Vinyl muttered just loudly enough to be heard over the music. “I’m…sorry, Tavi…”

I don't get it.

7099146 It's a good kind of unhappy. Like that time when Flurry Heart died.

Vinyl and Octavia: University Days is a fanfic, right? I only ask because I've never heard of it.

Wow this story is a lot of fun. I'm a little confused by what Vinyl said there but I'll find out soon enough I guess.

7099214 It's the holy grail of octascratch. Basically the one that started the ship.

7099129 Vinyl is about to kiss Octavia

7099655 it's pretty awesome but I'm pretty sure Lithe Kamitatsy's Two's Company Three's a Crowd was the one the one that started the ship along with Avensis Astari's Allegrezza. You can't mention the HOLY GRAIL OF OCTASCRATCH without mentioning them as well as psp7master's The Snow on Her Cheek.

I blow all my patience on waiting for Dark Souls 3 and then you drop that ending on us.


First world problems.

7099884 Or it could be something else. You never know when it comes to good writers and their cliffhangers

dun dun dun... obvious kiss cliffhanger or possible murder

This is such a great story so far :rainbowkiss:

This is adorable.
And is it just my filthy mind, or is this fic ride with innuendoes?

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