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    We've met...but not like this...

    {His name is Kaos.ZIP
    He's learning...

    Hello everypony. I wonder how often the word "pony" will truly make it into my next project.
    If anyone here share an equal love for cyberpunk as I and are willing to go on a weird af journey with me, please message me. This project will be my send off, my love song, my final encore...in hopes that this fandom will Never Fade Away.

    The new profile pic, with my meager photoshop skills, hopefully emphasizes my passion for this project.

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Im guessing by your last blog post that means you’re never finishing the vinyl and octavia fic 😞

Really? :twilightblush:

I'm happy to hear UwU

Always here if you need a friend, awesome possum 😎

<3 <3 <3
You definitely made my night fucking nova.

Busy Days to Peaceful Nights
Is it still being worked on?
Please tell us!!! :fluttershyouch::rainbowderp::ajsleepy::raritydespair:

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