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Here be the Rules!!
And if you forget, here they are again

And Again

Read them, learn them, fear them. Just read them.

We are the Fillyfoolers and this is our creed,
To love all those mares in need,
To ship all the best of our ponies,
To show that we are the best there be,
To stand strong with the Coltcuddlers and Bi's who we bump hooves,
So don't be scared if there's honey on our lips,
Cause we're the best,
So come on fillies and mares,
Open your heart and lacinia's to us,
Those who love you cause we're the same,
So come those who love the things between our legs and who have the same,
Or perhaps it's the heart you love the most,
Or is it the mind of ours?
It doesn't matter cause in the end it's all good,
So come to the Fillyfoolers, where our love shines so much it's blinding the sun,
So come and join the Fillyfoolers, cause, as I've said before, we're the best.
By Fillyfooler

Also, new banner so that's fun, art assists smashed together by Miss Spectrum

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Oh I just spend so much time to find this awesomely lesbian group, because you can't find it if you only search the words about lesbians! But finally I found it! :raritystarry: :rainbowkiss: :pinkiehappy:

Pony yuri heck yeah!

Octavia looks a lot like that fiddle-player from the Apple Family Reunion, don't she?

Comment posted by Rose the Changeling deleted Oct 1st, 2016
Comment posted by Spookyrus deleted Aug 25th, 2016

I think the formatting is messed up in the group description.

I'm a sucker for romance and the colt cuddlers are out of it... Can I brow some of yours?

we really need to make a twiluna fic soon

This was necessary, to me at least..... why are you even reading my comment no one cares about the stupid shit i say anyways

I gotta ask, shouldn't there be folder for other popular F/F pairings like RariJack, FlutterDash and Twinkie?

Comment posted by ybnrmalatall deleted Feb 28th, 2016

Exactly what i was looking for! Amazing! I love it!

Well i for one am really happy to join this group. Been looking for more fillyfooler material to read. XD

Comment posted by PsychopathicBrony deleted Apr 24th, 2015
Comment posted by Anchus Definy deleted Apr 24th, 2015

tepKEK, shockingly enough I am both Christian and lesbian. Would you want to open your mind and let me PM you a detailed explanation on why being homosexual isn't necessarily wrong in God's eyes complete with detailed historical and Biblical sources, or would you want to remain a privileged asshole?

-Working Class Hero

EDIT: So, looked at your user page. Seriously doubting that you aren't a troll.

If being sexy was a crime...
LunaShy was guilty. :trixieshiftright:

Nothing personal with the group by the way. I loved this group and might return, but right now I have to cut my feed load due to a compulsion to check everything (yeah, my problem). So I am leaving this group for now. Just want everyone to know I loved this group. Just, too high traffic combined with the issue I got to get a handle on.

Comment posted by Tenth deleted Apr 24th, 2015
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