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Group Admin

Hello and welcome to, 'The Fillyfoolers'.
I'll let Pinky take over for a sec.

Okay now that's over, hello and welcome to 'The Fillyfoolers'.
Now you must have quite a few questions, queriers or even suggestions. So this thread will hopefully fill you in enough on what we are, what we do and what we represent.
Okay so.

Question 1. What is 'The Fillyfoolers'? Well 'The Fillyfoolers' is a group that downright celebrates lesbian relationships in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Question 2. Why is the group called the 'The Fillyfoolers'? Well Fillyfooler is slang inside the Brony community for lesbian. So in the 'reality' of MLP:FiM we imagine that Homosexual Female ponies are called 'Fillyfoolers'. Thus I called this group 'The Fillyfoolers'.

Question 3. Oh, so only females can be a member? No, no. We take anyone who wants to be in the group. Be whatever you are, as long as you like Female/Female relationships. We'll take ya.

Question 4. So what are the rules? Good question. This group really only operates by 5 rules.

Rule 1. Put the story in the right folder. Really 'The Fillyfoolers' is a hub to find, just that, Fillyfooler relationships, content and what have you. So please for the love of Athena, which ever story you find/make/steal to put in this group make sure it's in the right folder.

Rule 2. The Female/Female relationship must either be main focus or of equal focus in the story you submit. If it's just an aside, then sorry someone else can have it. Side note: We are trans inclusive, so female just means person who identifies as female. Side note to side note: This doesn't mean we indorse fetishisation of trans people or intersex persons.

Rule 3. On the forums or comments, be nice. We're all here for the same reason, there's no reason to bicker or be mean. If someone is being annoying and overtly hassling you tell either Me
or the other admin TheAlmightySage. Remember "Love and tolerate"

Rule 4. No Foalcon or Rape. What is foalcon? Underage sex or to be more specific no one under the age of 18 engaging in coitus. Okay, got that? No under 18's having sex to be in this group. None.

Rule 5. NO FUCKING FOALCON! I will find out who posted it and delete them and their story. This is absolute.

So now that's out of the way.

On to folders.

At this point in time there are 12 folders.

Contest Fics: For our very first contest, the fics are to be submitted here.

Everypony: This folder is for the stories that are G rated.

Teen: Folder for the Teen rated stories.

Mature: Folder for all mature stories, if it has a mature rating it goes here.

First time Fics: The First publication of an author. Just the first. No first time they did the subject. Just their first story. All Ratings are accepted.

Dark Romance Fics: For the stories having both a Dark and Romance tag. All Ratings are accepted.

Unappreciated Fics: For the stories that are great but not shown to enough people. Come here for the under-loved stories. Have to be under 100+ likes. All Ratings are accepted.

Popular and Well known: This Folder is for the stories that have got a 100+ likes on this sites rating system. All Ratings are accepted.

Octavia X Vinyl: Folder for the popular coupling of Octavia and Vinyl Scratch (AKA DJ Pon3). All Ratings are accepted.

Lyra Heartstrings X Bon Bon: Folder for the popular coupling of Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon. All Ratings are accepted.

Romcom Fics: Is the folder dedicated towards all the romances that include the comedy as part of their tags. Comedy has to be in it. All Ratings are accepted.

Best of the best, of the best: This folder is reserved for the truly awesome fics. We are talking fandom changing fics, the top tier, the 2000+ like fics, the game changers. And as such this folder has special rules.
1. The Fillyfooler relationship has to be the main point. Get that? The main point, no sharing of the spotlight in these fics.
2. They almost always have to be multi-chaptered. Exceptions will be made for certain ones.
3. I'm putting a 700+ likes needed for this folder, so the 100's and 500's will have to stay in the good folder.
4. No obvious clop, though exceptions may be given, it has to have story, character, ect...
5. Make sure it's awesome :rainbowkiss::raritywink:.

So there you go. All the rules.

So remember to have fun. stay out of trouble and remember we're awesome :pinkiehappy:.

Fillyfooler, out.

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