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An overshadowed royal mare, a restless soul doomed to a millennial imprisonment on the moon due to a magical incident. A young filly that made her return possible—focused on her studies, having convinsed herself that books are her best friends. What could it possibly result in? A ship!

A group for Twilight X Luna Shipping, and other Twilight and Luna centric stories.

Currently all group members may contribute stories. Please be sure to add stories to all the appropriate folders.

Stories that ship Twilight and Nightmare Moon, where Nightmare Moon is a separate person from Luna, should be posted to the MoonLight 2.0 group. If NMM is just Luna's alias for times she's in a bad mood, post it to the Nightmare Luna folder.

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Here's the second one. It's pretty good, not canon (not like it's really a problem) but good. Here's the link :

Anyone able to help me find two old stories

One had descriptions of how Celestia and Luna used their powers by activating some celestial gears

The other had twilight going to a library in the desert.. not sure if this was the one where she became the archmage or not.. wish I had saved them back in 2016ish they were some really good stories.

um, I know it's been years, but how has nopony noticed that convinced is misspelled in the groups description text?

Comment posted by Nazi Germany deleted Apr 28th, 2019

It’s nice to know that people still ship this even though in recent episodes they haven’t had any interaction. :fluttershysad::fluttercry::raritydespair:

Believe me - I've done the same. I started reading it a while ago, and I don't know what happened. Maybe my deployment got in the way. I don't know. But now that I've found it, believe me when I say I'm going to read it all the way through.


I've been searching as well. By luck, I followed I clicked on the list of recommended stories in another TwiLuna story, then again, and again, several times, and found it: Oldnew Luna. Thanks for your help.


Aww sorry, thought I nabbed it!:twilightsheepish:
I'll continue lookin sarg'

Thank you, it does look like a very good story. But I'm afraid that's not the one I've been looking for. The one that remember reading involved Luna being in something like a coma, Twilight tuning her magic to match Luna's, then saving her. Luna moves into the library with Twilight, then I can't remember what happens.


Looking for a TwiLuna story that I can't find anymore. Twilight tunes her magic to Luna's frequency, and the two are forever linked. Anyone know the title?


I didn't even know this was a thing

I wish I could draw that good.

411256 I never said there was anything wrong with them, I just like longer fics more for the immersion factor. With longer fics the world gets more and more developed, the characters more flushed out, and I can let myself get lost in them. One-shots are over before that happens most of the time. But I enjoy any fan-fiction as long as it's good, no matter the length.


407706 what's wrong with one shots? I happen to like them!

410250 sounds great i look forward to reading it. when you are done writing can you tell me the name of it so i can read it?

410249 I plan on starting it as soon as I finish the final part of a four part story involving Twilight, Starlight and Trixie.....and I do plan on using that pic for the story's photo.

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