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Melody Knight Shadow

I'm just a girl wanting to find my way in life.

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IRL and RP Stuff

Gender: male to female
Name: Lizabeth or Liz
Age: 16
Favorite color: Red like roses
Personality:I'm loving and caring. I can be a bit over protective of my daughter. (I'm not her real mother she just See's me like that as her mother died when she was born) I am very hyperactive in nature, which annoys a lot of people. As long as I'm not mad I will not be a dick to you.... most of the time.
Type of pony: I am a dark blue thestrel(bate pony) with black hair with red streaks in it. I have dark crimson eyes that glow at night. My cutie mark is a Sword and music note, as they are my most favorite things in the world that I'm good at.
(RWBY)Type of faunus: Cat faunus, with cat ears AND a cat tail. Red, with a hint of blue, eyes. Long hair black hair with red streaks in it. white skin complexion. C cup size boobs. (Sorry just had to put it out there) 5'9. curvy frame. Weapon is a HUGE ass syth that is also a automatic sniper rifle, called Automatic Death, folds up so it can go on my back were it usually is unless.... reasons.
What I look like(what I hope to look like when I'm in a female body): black long hair with red streaks in it. Blue eyes. Pale skin unless have a tan. And decent size boobs.
Orientation: Lesbian
Side info: I hate people who bring my family and friends into stuff because they have a problem with me. I am very easily ticked of. I am a fan of anime and Star Wars. I love melee weapon combat, singing, and reading. My favorite season is fall.

Notice if you are rude to me I will give you a warning. If you do it a second time I will report you. If you do it a third time you will be nothing but a memory as you will be dead.

Family on Fimfiction

Sisters: Mistress Mystery, passion star, Harly Quinn/Rachel
Brothers: Shadows Reborn, HudsonHawk


Why I am no longer a pegasister! · 4:05am Sep 3rd, 2020

Someone asked me this and I decided to explain it here.

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The Three Star Wars Codes · 10:42pm Apr 21st, 2017

The Pure Hypocrisy of the Jedi and the Pure Stupidity of the Sith the is amazing. I will definitely go for the gray code.

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Hey, you're using my drawing as a profile picture! Thanks!

Wait your Mel's big bro to. Um your supposed to be her uncle she's my daughter

Okay, her friend can message her. She needs to know how you know her first. After that, leave the message here and I'll get it to her.

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