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What is this group?

Helping Hooves is exactly what it sounds like: a place where you can find a helping hoof to lend you a... well, to lend you a hoof.

Need help or feedback on your story? Are you new and need someone to show you around the site? Do you have a question about something, Fimfiction-related or not?

Anything you need, any question you have, post a comment and someone will help you out and answer you.

If you don't need help, you can always help others and respond to their questions.

Oh, and feel free to post stories here. I'd prefer if they aren't mature rated, but I can't really stop you.

We have another folder for stories called "review my story." If you post a story in there, then someone will (probably) review it. Please read the rules before posting.


Rule 1)
Obey the site rules at all times. If you have any questions about those, the site staff are the most qualified to answer. (No spamming, no nsfw links, etcetera.)

Rule 2)
Be nice, be respectful. Please try to remain civil at all times while posting or commenting in this group. Do not insult/flame other users. While differences of opinion can produce arguments at times, we would prefer for those arguments not to degenerate into something ugly. We're here to help, not hurt.

Rule 3)
If you post a thread asking a question, please don't delete the thread when you receive an answer. Other people may have the same question as you, so leaving the thread up will save everyone the time and trouble.

Rule 4)
Regarding the "Review my story!" folder: Please only add one of your stories at a time.* When your story has been reviewed, you may then add another. Don't add stories that are not your own to that folder.

*If the stories are sequels/prequels to one another, then you may add multiple ones. However, the stories will all be reviewed in the same post.

Policy upon breaking rules:

1st offenses will just be given a warning.

Linking to on-site Mature stories - Possible 1 day ban if the link is not edited within a reasonable timeframe.

Spamming - 1 day ban.

Being disrespectful - 1 day or 1 week ban, depending on severity.

Posting "nsfw" images/links - Instant permaban.

Repeated offenses will result in longer bans, from 2 weeks up to 1 month. Further offenses after 1 month ban will result in a permaban.

Any comment or thread that breaks these rules is also subject to deletion.

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Sleepy Panda is the original founder of the group.

"Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man gamexpert1990. I'll be glad to help however I can."

"Ask away. If it has an answer, I'll give it to you."

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Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted May 26th

no one's going to be responsible for that trainwreck

Hey, I was wondering that if you can edit Dino Saurian Rex for me. Because of all the bad grammar and stuff.

Greetings I'm searching for someone to help me edit my fallout story.

How do I upload a document from Google Docs? I'm really frustrated that when I copy and paste, It doesn't seem to turn out right. HELP A BRONY OUT!

I feel myself wanting to have an editor for my story 'Seesaw' a cyberpunk type story. Someone recommended I get an editor on a comment on that story describing a few errors and sentences 'rough around the edges'. I've yet to find an editor available, so if anyone would be interested in Editing or can point me to someone who can help editing it would be strongly appreciated. Anyone who edits the story WILL be credited in the description.

412157 post it in the forum , nearly noone will look here

Hey, can someone give me a quick review on my story? I need someone who can help me write this story.

It would be really helpful to get some attention on this as well....

Thank you!

411883 If your question is how to add them , just go to your storys main page , click on the "edit" button and scroll down a bit in the following window. There will be a segment named " cover art " , there you go^^

Maybe make a forum post next time ;-)

Hello I'm new to this site and was wondering, how do I it a cover image for my fanfics. I really have some of my own made covers but can't seem to be able to do it. Could someone please help me?

Seems like a legit place. I could use some help after all. Of course, I wont ask for free. In exchange, I'll help out or review a fic as well if you request. I'm no expert but I'll do my best

Was curious, are we allowed to ask help for locating a story we've lost track of? My apologies if this is a bit silly to ask, but does anyone remember the name of the story where Twilight develops feelings for Rarity and has to break it to Spike, while also admitting manipulating him to spend more time with her? I can't for the love of me find the story anywhere, hope it wasn't removed!


You can request reviews?

fml... I need a proof reader and im stupid and only got half the things the admins said to me, It is a dark story but im not good at wrighting peaceful things, also dont be a troll and im on my second strike so I cant mess up my story now I spent 4 hours wrighting it at 1am and now I think my grades are f*cked lol.

I need a trustworthy friend to talk to. Who isn't weirded out by me and can keep what we talk about private. I know this is probably the wrong group to post this to but whatever.

Guys, one of my best friends are currently facing a very her time in her life...

She just turned 18 in November and am dealing with a mentally impaired mother (aged 40) who recently just evicted me out of the house with no money or other clothes other than what I have on my back and in a small backpack... I can't afford an apartment and work 3 days a week for 4 hours at a time and get paid bi-weekly. I have over $600 in med bills I also can't afford and am currently on a payment plan of $25 a month... If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!

Just by spreading the word will be the best.. please this is not a joke...

Donate Here: Donate Please!!

Thank you to whoever donates and if you can not donate please just spread the word... ~Sammyisfun

um hi ah sorry to bother anyone but um... can any one help me with my story i need a pre-reader, so please um help me if you can. if you have the chance

I have a group called Steven Magnet! Please join!

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