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This is a special review group that aims for those who want to discuss their stories with other authors, and those who want their stories to gain better recognition throughout the site.

What sets us apart from other review groups, is that we're also a very social group where you can talk and collaborate with each other to improve stories, and help develop them. Talk to our reviewers if you want some feedback or talk to an editor if you need a story to be checked. Check the rules thread for more info.




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So I’m trying to submit my story, but it keeps saying that I don’t have the permissions to do so. Probably me being a dunce, but what permissions is it referring to and how do I get them? I’m trying to submit to the Romance folder, if that somehow makes any sort of difference in what the problem could be.

I thought I had joined this group long ago, but it looks like I hadn't yet:applejackconfused:.

Silly me:twilightblush:.

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Nov 11th, 2019

So I just submitted a story to the group, and it went into a folder that it has nothing to do with. And it didn't allow me to move it somewhere else.

Any idea of how I can fix this? I have no idea.

This group looks awesome! I think you all are the answer to my prayers, being able to give/receive help and trade creative ideas.

Hi. I just wanted feedback on one of my stories and I wanted more attention including this one:


I joined this group to find out what others think about my story and I could also help others develop their stories, I have a lot of ideas, so I'd love to help you :)

Oh hey, a group for feedback. I like that. I've been writing a fic for....a while, but have been out of the game for a while on writing it. I wanna get back in the game, but I need someone to shoot ideas off that won't just agree with me on everything. I wanna troubleshoot some of these ideas cause I have A LOT of them for this. Maybe get a co-author that I can do this with.

Here's a link:

So if someone what's to review a story we just post a thread on it or do I need to ask because I can help get though some of the to be review stories. I know this question most likely has been answered a thousand times or seeing how there are only three reviewers three times but still I think I need to become a reviewer because lately I has be back-sit writing I just go on some people stories yes but, making a long comment. But I'll like an answer please and thank you

392487 Yeah *giggles*
I just need the chapter to be long enough to contain the intended substance.
Chapters should never be either too long, not too short. This would depend on the story mainly.

I think i should aim for between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Feels as if this should be about right for me and the stories I am looking forwards to publish here.

392519 The Pink Balloon is a fairly short story.
I hope you enjoy it.

392488 Oh ok. I guess they just cracked and forgot to send you a message, then?

if Anything is good, then I can fill your reading list up to the brim, but I guess we start with something short to see how things go from there?

I guess we choose the Mane folder(FoalDeer) ?

Then you need to get all warmed up and fuzzy with Pink joy. Le me send you off on the first merry/jolly ride them.

392479 You did not get any new notification at all? Or was it merely covered by you updating the site of the group?

Guess it would still be worth a try. For the first try, anything in particular that would be interesting? Otherwise I could set you up with an One-Shot as first sample.

The folders feels a bit odd and strange to me. Apparently I need someone to post the stories in the Review folder for me.
I could stuff the remaining folders as far as the site rules permit.

Some of mystories are also available in G-Doc format, if this would be prefered?

392480 Right now, it is just shy of 300 words. I hope to reach 1,000 words before the chapter is completed.
In part, due to the publishing rules, but I think it feels ideal for the story in general.

Hi, I am new here. I found the group interesting and useful, so I joined.

I only have one story in the pre-submitted stage, but it could still use some insightful comments and suggestions.

392383 A specific thread for Reviews would be great.
Mention the review with a link on the story, the full review may be too long as a comment?
Depending on how long the strory or fic was, but the review is likely far too long for a comment on a story if there is any substance to the story.

392269 I recognice your problem, we all need a few comments on our stories from time to time.
Just a few lines, something irksome, or just a small observation, anything.

392222 I could use a few comments from you, or someone like you.
Don't worry, I have a wide selection of stories to choose from, just give a hint and I can pick something, unless you prefer to have a look at the list on your own?
This Group sounds like a place where I could pick up some help. Anything that helps me with my writing is appreciated.

392186 It is always time to be helpful. Just a matter of finding the once who needsand wants your help?

392182 True, but if we vote on the idea alone, every story would go to an early grave. Sometimes a nice and helpful comment could save even these stories. Even if it is a better idea, only to vote after you read the story and find it dissapointing. If you did notlike the idea, it is very hard to be dissapointed, you had so poor expectations in the first place.

392183 Sounds as if you need to see stories based on new and fresh ideas? Maybe I shouldn't promise too much, but I have few stories that just may surprise you at least on the part of the ideas, even if the execution could have been better?

Ps: I hope the post isn't too long, I collected a group of responses, based on the experience that people prefer fewer individual posts.

Post a thread about it. I'm still trying to organize this so.. Yeah.

392249 I actually had the same question as 392348 here. I read one of his stories and gave my opinion on it, but should I post a review on the threads, or on the story itself?

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