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Sly Moon

There are no skeletons in my closest. Really. However there is a tiny black box of souls in my underwear drawer... :D

My Ambitions

[x] Story with 50 views
[x] Story with 100 views
[x] Story with 150 views
[x] Story with 250 views

[x] Get 5 followers
[x] Get 15 followers
[x] Get 50 followers 1-17-16
[ ] Get 1000 followers

[x] Story with 20 likes
[ ] Story with 50 likes
[ ] Story with 100 likes
[ ] Story with 150 likes

[ ] Get a story featured
[ ] Get 5 stories featured
[ ] Get 15 stories featured
[ ] Get 20 stories featured

[ ] Get a follow from Overlord-Flinx
[ ] Get a follow from The Abyss



4 year Anniversary · 5:57pm Oct 20th, 2017

Holy shit how time flies it seems like it was just yestarday I joined this lovely site of ours. It was 4 years ago on this dsy October 20th that I became a member of the herd:pinkiehappy: the memories and friends i've made along the way will always be remembered. Now I want to do something spevial for all of my wonderful followers for being with me all of this time. So be on the lookout for a surprise in yhe next couple days. :derpytongue2:

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Your welcome.

Thanks for the watch

Okay, I'm currently working on a Halloween story so if you want to start editing it you can. It isn't fully done though. There is only at least 1,500 words so far.

Yea I am so so so sorry Ive been swamped with homework these last few weeks and my computer has been acting up. But i got it fixed now so just shoot me a PM for what you need edited.

Um, Moon? I kinda thought I you were gonna be my editor!

  • Viewing 230 - 234 of 234
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