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This group is dedicated to our favorite bastard: Angel Bunny! Here we post fics where Angel Bunny is being a truly unrepentant Bastard!

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Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to write as many autistic, campy fanfics my little paws can type!

I'm pretty much done here, so I can step down from the speaking platform... and now it's everyone else's turn to contemplate and reflect on the manner I would expect them to.

Canon-wise he may be unrepentant, but he still remains the base for my fursona and OC.

My mistress responds to that with a "boohoo"... in kind of an emasculatory way... like when she turned gray that one time. Hot.

But seriously tho, capiche my dude? Do you comprende what I'm diciendote?

P.S. my mistress likes it when I express myself by defending something logical, so I'm recording this and showing her. :3
So far, she's amused by my pertinence~ ^\\\\\^

Forsooth, for the repliers beckon for an explanation. I gave enough info. Simply put, canon Angel may be a SOB, but that doesn't mean those who obsess over Fluttershy will get what they want in the canon lore. All you can do is write fanfics pertaining to the subject. I, on the other hoove, own a rabbit and I like rabbits and not being violent so I don't say shit about Angel like you guys. I made my own OC, using the characteristics of Angel Bunny, but he's submissive and not dominant. And when my girlfriend and I role play and cosplay Fluttershy and Angel, we flip the role of dominance, so I REALLY play the sexy pet~ When one perpetuates hate over the way a cartoon character behaves as a part of the plot, one comes off as being ignorant to the degree of using violence to solve issues.

And my only true trigger is when someone has no regard to sexualizing children.

And the satire the OP was trying to portray is banal by now ^^

I'm aware I'm late to the party but this party seems to be an all-around dead one. Just stopping by to tell y'all there's porn of Angel and Fluttershy. And yes, they are performing coitus upon EACH OTHER. It's going to become more popular when I keep drawing the ship, whilst getting better at it and I'll pretty much start a whole new sect, ship-wise.

Rhoticism isn't funny.
Neither is SENSELESS violence that you spastic people seem to perpetuate in a mob mentality. Lol

Next time I go to Bronycon, I'm having a Tourette's fit during the silent points. Or not. Depends. I like triggering people more by cosplaying Angelshy with my gf around the sensitive Flutterguys.

You people ever even heard of Fluttershy x Angel ships? Flutterbunny is hot, in my solemn opinion. Yeesh. Crawl out from under your rocks and your cringey, MLP paraphernalia-cluttered rooms. The ignorance emitted from this thread is pricless to say the least. He's a side character in a cartoon. Get over it ^^

TBH, I role play Angel as a submissive pet and my gf RPs Fluttershy, mainly dominant. I'd have to say my opinion of our cosplay is facetious but I condone it. What I take from the fact that male Bronies get down on Angel because he hits Fluttershy and has a rotten attitude, is that they are beta males, obsessed with the thought of living with a fictional pony. I cosplay because my gf wants to play Fluttershy and my fursona basically is Angel, so... yeah. Angel, at least in the canon lore, acts like as a normal territorial, grumpy rabbit would. Who can blame him? HE'S FICTIONAL. No swaying Hasbro into kicking him off, so... y'know? DEAL with it... like you Bronies really LOVE to do, right? How ironic lol I'm a misanthrope by heart anyway, so I can act like grumpy Angel if I want, because I know my mistress will always love me. ^^ And I'm always a real angel to her, anywho.
P.S. look at all these people with the same trigger, just saying one or two minimal remarks, like a chapel praising to the words of a preacher. XD

Angel Bunny is an Unrepentant Bastard

Amen to that! Somebody needs to sic Elmer Thud on that little S.O.B.

Us bunnies have to stick together. Even if one of them is a jerk. :trollestia:

Wyrme #4 · Jun 19th, 2014 · · 1 ·

364704 Me, too.

One look at the name; I instantly joined.

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