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A Group for and serving fans of both Demon's and Dark Souls games, for PS3 and PC/Xbox360. Hopefully planning to have nice discussion, challenge runs, and of course jolly nice talk about our favorite ponies! Have a Demon's/Dark Soul-MLP crossover story? Link it here! We love reading and would love to expose your story to more people!

Tips, strategies, and whatever advice you'd like to ask...anything goes! Please note, your Lore theory may note be someone else's Lore theory. The games are open to interpretation, and that's the joy of this group.

"May strength be granted so the world might be mended.

So the world might be mended."

Umbasa and Praise the Sun!

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**Miracle of Friendship: Eternal Bond**

"Dark miracle that empowers itself from the inner radiance of lesser ponies. To look upon this writing is to commit heresy against the alicorns.

Attune to survive lethal blows with a sliver of life showing ones devotion to their friends.

This miracle tells of forbidden love between an alicorn dancer and an accursed bastard, their love was blessed by friendship and thus they were cast into darkness.

For their own good, of course....


The story if yorghm is that of a tragic protector read any of his items and you'll see that he protected the people of The capitol with great fervor. In battle he strode upon the front lines with his great machete and tower shield.

However he abandons the shield after someone close to him died, then he became a lord of cinder to stop the profaned flame from spreading(it has kaath written all over it) the people were grateful of his sacrifice but in truth they hated him their words of honor were insincere lies.

When he rekindled the entire city went up in flames and everyone of those traitors was burned alive with their riches, now yorghm sits on his throne in an empty capital waiting for the world to end.

Sorry a mistake. For me Yhorm was among the five lords of cinder that truly deserve that title by virtue. I am reading the story whit the Farron's legiĆ³n of undead, so why not an story whit Yhorm?

I would like to ask please, if some one has been thinking or what would think of a crossover fimfic whit Dark Souls 3 using the character Yhorm the giant. The story of this character is the most tragic and for

any who still plays demon souls can tell me how to get dragon bone smasher I beat the dragon god and it's still blocked:fluttercry:

392987 Well, yer too late. Celestia already stole the cake and is making sweet pony luv to Lord Commissar Alexer in its remains.


I know you asked this like 15 weeks ago and probably will ask: "What the hell is this guy still coming up with?", but I just found this group.

The song, is this one:

Should be updated to include Bloodborne

386485 There's more where that came from, all you need to do is ask about a certain topic, and I'll probably have a tale to tell about it.


I expected as much :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting story

386479 Where else? My head.


I probably shouldn't ask, but where were your pants if not on your legs?

386469 The mistake was that I tried to buy beer, and I always tell the guys at Flanagan's to never sell me beer cuz it makes me more delirious than straight liquor does. Funnily enough was that it was a new kid manning the register, and she refused to let me walk out with the beer simply because my pants were on the wrong part of my body.

386464 There, there. We all make mistakes. Like that one time I got so drunk that I tried to buy more beer without any pants on. That was a mistake...

386375 "Fires Far," by Miracle of Sound.

Random lyrics time! Guess the song, or lose the cake!

"Fires far.
Journeys not remembered now...
Tired, scarred.
Kneel among the embers now.

Breathe life into this hollowed,
Vessel of rebirth.
Over and over be denied,
The peaceful earth...
To light the fires far!

Ignite the fires far,
Sisters of Solace singing.
Ignite the fires far,
The mourning bells are ringing.

Deep, in the crumbling walls!
The souls, of the cursed will fall!
Though kingdoms will fade, decay!
The ghosts of the past will stay,
Locked away...."

369308 Thanks for the praise young knight!

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