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Lady Maria

Secrets beckon to all humans but only the foolish and ignorant search for what is not meant to be discovered. Such is the fate of men.

My fictional writings


Beating Dark Souls 3 · 4:51pm Apr 25th, 2016

Well just a few days ago I beat dark souls three. The game is honestly worth more then you have to pay for it. It has a long story line that keeps you on edge, it's difficulty is unmatched by any other souls game. At one point the game had me running in circles for a few hours because I had no idea what to do. I'll say this much its the best souls game hands down no competition. Bloodborne had me by the balls a few weeks ago but now its been shoved aside and Dark souls three now has me in its

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Gifts from my family

My two pets given to me by my wife who is sadly no longer in the mortal world...

This is Shattered soul

This is dark heart

My friend if not brother Ryuku did this for me and I can imagine Demonfyre would be happy to see her Oc I made for her and Ryuku drew.


This is me/my Oc Oblivion the Abyss Lord/Rathordius the Bloodbane

The best things I've ever seen!

My themes

Personally this one is my fave so this will be my main theme

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Wonder if the dark one is still around?

don't open, dead inside.:coolphoto:

Hello I have just joined family of chaos and am wondering if there are any titles that I have or rules that apply to me.

2207678 Busy really really busy. School is hell and its killing me XD

Hello. I miss you :pinkiesmile: how have you been?

2114282 How have you been?

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don't forget,

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My characters bio's unfinished · 12:19am Nov 24th, 2014

Name: Oblivion the abyss lord.
Height: "15"6'
Gender: Unknown but assumed to be male
Race: Unknown
Likes: Torture, killing, to see others suffer, power, evil, darkness, etc.
Dislikes: just about everything, ponies who oppose his power, etc

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Hello I'm here to tell you one thing...


Funny/cool stuff


The Improved version of Aladas Oblivionos · 8:30pm Jan 18th, 2015

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The Darkness Trillagy