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eyy b0ss ken i habe a pizzapls?

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Legal Disclaimer

I am not responsible for any self harm/self endangerment or anything to hurt oneself or others. I am NOT responsible for any self destructive behavior of any kind. I am also NOT responsible for any self harming behavior, endangerment of others or oneself. I am NOT responsible for any actions whatsoever that I can be held legally responsible for that are caused by someone who has talked to me or been counseled by me. If you talk to me for counseling or for me to help you with problems, I will do my best to help you and offer wisdom. I am not responsible for any actions you may do to yourself, others, or any property. You talk to me at your own risk of you having undesired outcomes. By talking to me, you automatically agree and relieve me of any liabilities that may come from talking to me at all. I am not liable for any that has been stated above if you talk to me, you talk to me at YOUR OWN RISK. Thank you.

FimFiction Politics

This is FimFiction Politics.
Lord and Savior: Al-Knighty
For the Public: Obselescence, Eldorado
People who are in the Politics but I Have no Idea What They do Other Than Press Buttons: Meeester
I'll add more staff later after I can find them.
>mfw getting banned for this because the admins say I violated a rule but there's none on the site stating I can't put this.



I Just Realized · 3:31pm Mar 24th, 2016

I'm at 160 followers, milestone time!
Thanks for following me, now one thing I'd like to know though is why did you all follow me in the first place?

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