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Yas! I'm gonna drown yall in pink pinkie pie things! :D :pinkiehappy:

Allow me to properly point out my preference for pretty pink ponies. :heart:

Our groups should affiliate! :pinkiehappy:
Beautiful in Blue

That needs to be made... Now. :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: I made it a real group: Hehehe...

PINK IS MY FAVE COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

395277 I used to like the past generation but now I hate it

Now tell me, is there a "Beautiful in Blue" group? :rainbowwild:
Your creation is fresh. Congratulations! This group earned a listing in New Groups.

Comment posted by TheFanficFanPony deleted Apr 12th, 2015

I will add as many stories as I can find! Even G3, G1, or anything else!

I shall happily embrace the pink.

I can't tell if Starlight Glimmer is a light shade of purple or pink...

I instntly recogniced Pinkie Pie and Cadence.
Wait, is that Diamond Tiara as Second?
Yet, I have the notion that several more or less important Ponies are missing in our picure here.
394395 Yeah, we seems to feature all these, and more.
394393 I second your motion, right there.
394397 Then I may add my story the instant it is approved, featuring this one Pink Mare. She stays on top of thing on the high altitude of this episode.
394400 They share in common Pinkness, one mane and tail, and one body? I guess that counts.
394495 Pink is the only colour, all the colours are Pink.
394499 *seconds motion*
394511 Science doean't change Pinkie and her infernal Pies. You saw what happened when Twilight Sparkled doubted her?

Now we need a list ofall the Pink Ponies, with an image archive.
What's the name of the pink unicorn filly twilight met in Canterlot in the image where she plays with her older brother Shining Armour?

  • Viewing 25 - 44 of 44
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