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Welcome! Pull up a chair and read awhile. Well, if you like slow, talkative slice of life character pieces where not a lot actually happens, anyway. But if that's you, then oh wow are you in for a wild ride!*

*(NB Legal notice: Wild ride not guaranteed.)

So... the basics. British. (Wales). Lawyer. Music nerd. Favourite pony: Applejack. I'm a latecomer, both to the fandom and to writing here, but people seem to like my stuff, and I have fun writing it, so here we are. I've been in the featured box, Equestria Daily, and the Royal Canterlot Library, and even won a contest, without ever really understanding how any of that happened. You might know me as DazzleShips in other places. I like feedback, good or bad, and I pay far too much attention to upvotes and downvotes. I'm bad at coming up with titles.

But mostly, I just hope you enjoy my stories. So, um, enjoy my stories!


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The Complete Works of Charles Dickens and The Cloptimist - Part One: The Cloptimist

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I was going to say the same to you! Thank you, I appreciate it.

Thanks for the watch. :)

Yay! No prob, friend! :twilightsmile:

Well, I'm always glad to see that :pinkiesmile: Besides, it totally worked! Thanks!

Just in a "make others happy" mood :rainbowkiss:

No idea what prompted this, but thank you! :twilightsmile:

Well... then there's still hope. If you're not going anywhere, and I'm not going anywhere, then there's a certain chance I'll read it eventually.
I think I can live with that. :twilightsmile:

There isn't, I'm afraid. At least, not yet...!

It's a sweet little tale, so what's there not to like. ;) There's no sequel, though, is there?

Hello! I'd love to say there was some deeper meaning to it beyond being pleased at sneaking Edwyn Collins onto Fimfiction, but really I think it's just a good philosophy.

Hello, I'm Wednesday. A displeasure to meet you. 🎃

Your......"bi-o", was it? It caught my attention.

I never stop burning things. It's a hobby of mine, actually. 🔥

I've honestly been better, but... I'm still here, if unlikely to write anything new. Thanks for stopping by and asking, though, it's appreciated!

Hey, how have you been doing?

Thank you for the follow! It's very much appreciated. :)

I seem to remember you leaving nice feedback on a couple of my stories, but specifically in this case it was your comment on Bricklayer's latest blog, with which I wholeheartedly agree (the blog and your comment).

Wow, thank you for the follow! May I ask what prompted it? ^_^

Aw, that's very kind of you to say. I appreciate it!

  • Viewing 109 - 128 of 128
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