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Awaken · 1:40pm Jul 14th, 2022

It's been a while, but - while I'm not likely to write anything new, sorry! - I'm at a place now where I feel comfortable logging back in and reading (and sometimes commenting!) again. I know this didn't really merit an announcement, but I've seen a few DMs and comments since the last time I was here, and I just wanted to reassure people that if you want to message me or leave comments, they will be read, and not just disappear into the void!


Inactive · 4:06pm Feb 12th, 2022

I won't be deleting the account, because it's been pointed out to me before that some people somehow found something they liked in my stories and it's not really fair of me to take it away, but I'm done with Fimfiction. Thanks for having me. Bye.

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In which I apologise for being a year behind schedule and note a remarkable coincidence · 12:20pm Oct 8th, 2021

So, the five of you who are still following me will note it's been a while since I published a story, and even longer since I teased my big upcoming project - nearly a year since that blog, in fact! I'm so sorry.

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Unhelpful notes · 1:51pm Jul 27th, 2021

Falling asleep last night, right on the cusp of sleeping, I suddenly had what I thought was a brilliant idea for a story. Grabbing a pen I sat up and wrote it down, so I wouldn't forget it in the morning.

My scribbled notes say "A place in every heart" and then underneath it just says "good idea for a story! CADANCE IS IMPORTANT have to use third person not first though, Important!"

And nothing else.

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Still here, still writing, stay tuned · 9:38am Jun 23rd, 2021

On the one hand, I'd hoped to have finished a couple more stories by now. On the other hand, I'm still working on those stories, rather than this latest absence being another thing where I can't ever seen myself writing again, so... yeah! Stay tuned, stories 18 to 20 (Celestia/Luna crossover spectacular, and a Meadowbrook romance that's missed the deadlines for the contests it was meant for) are on their way!

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I wrote a deeply stupid thing · 10:52am Apr 21st, 2021

For the Cadance is a Terrible Mom competition:

ETarget Praxis
Cadance thinks it's important a Crystal Princess lives up to her heritage. Shining Armor isn't so sure.
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Nailah pointed me towards this contest and I immediately thought about, well, this. Then I thought of the title and decided I had to do it.

(Disclaimer: I do not, in fact, believe Cadance is a terrible mom, but I liked this idea too much not to write it.)

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Two years: new story! · 7:06pm Feb 5th, 2021

Exactly two years ago today, I joined Fimfiction. To mark the occasion, I published a new story, my 16th!

TÂme Câline
Starlight cuddles Trixie as the sun comes up. That's it. That's the whole story. (Well, mostly.)
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Yeah, it's romance, mostly, and Starlight romance at that, and also I named it after an obscure French pop song from the 1960s which will be familiar to, what, maybe eight of you? Nine, tops.

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An eventful week · 3:00pm Jan 24th, 2021

So! I'm still here, and reporting on a week of Things Happening! Oh, yeah, apparently there was some news in America, or something, but... this is about Fimfiction and me.

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Solving an unexciting mystery · 9:12pm Dec 20th, 2020

So, I'm still unwell, but on the plus side I'm not getting worse, which was the doctor's key decider as to whether I'd potentially be spending Christmas in hospital. Which is... yay?

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December update · 1:21pm Dec 15th, 2020

So, I've been ill. Signed off work until the New Year. Yay.

(I had a negative COVID-19 test last month, but was then diagnosed with a nasty chest infection. I'll be back. Too many stories left to tell.)

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