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Two years: new story! · 7:06pm Feb 5th, 2021

Exactly two years ago today, I joined Fimfiction. To mark the occasion, I published a new story, my 16th!

TÂme Câline
Starlight cuddles Trixie as the sun comes up. That's it. That's the whole story. (Well, mostly.)
The Cloptimist · 6.1k words  ·  59  7 · 797 views

Yeah, it's romance, mostly, and Starlight romance at that, and also I named it after an obscure French pop song from the 1960s which will be familiar to, what, maybe eight of you? Nine, tops.

(Also, I note that the URL calls the story "Me Cline", because the character â doesn't work. I know PresentPerfect decided the story should be called Anime Calime, which probably works better anyway. It means "cuddly soul" or "soul hugs", if you were wondering.)

But hey, it's a new story! The first new thing I've written in more than six months, in fact. It wasn't originally going to be another first-person thing following Away and Seven of Cups, but it just seemed to kind of lean that way as I got into it, and now here we are. (I included the little bonus scene from Trixie's perspective to give an idea of what the original, third-person draft version was like. The scene with the gardener is also from elsewhere, a salvaged snippet of another (abandoned, speedwrite) story, in case you were wondering why it seems oddly out of place.)

The idea was to track Starlight and Trixie's relationship mostly via events that took place between their scenes in the actual show, but not have it be a cheat. So, basically, although I think their relationship works better if we assume they started dating much earlier, I wrote this to fit with a timeline that would work with the official line that they were just Best Friends during the actual runtime of (the main events of) the show. I also liked the idea of this meaning that Starlight had to spend three and a half seasons being monumentally oblivious to the Disbelieving and Frustrated Trixie's increasingly obvious advances before the penny finally dropped. Resistance is futile, Glimmy.

So, two years, eh? That's surreal enough to me in itself, I still think of myself as a new writer (and I guess in the broader picture of Fimfiction authors, I still am). Partly that's because during those 2 years I've taken two separate six-month hiatuses (hiatii?), and after an initial frenzied burst of posting a new story every other day, I was never exactly prolific once I'd written You Betcha! anyway. But, also, I'm constantly filled with the nagging feeling that I showed up here several years too late. Nonetheless, it's officially two years since I decided to write a silly fetish story around the transcript from a roleplay session with a friend, and was amused enough to sign up here and post it, because why not? Ten days later, I'd written the story that got me into the Royal Canterlot Library. This all goes to show something, although I'm quite sure I don't know what it is.

I've made some wonderful friends and read a whole lot of wonderful stories. I hope we're all around to celebrate another 2 years in 2023. I love you guys. Peace.

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Author Interviewer

Me Cline, you Jane. :V

Ah, happy (er, slightly belated, sorry) anniversary. :)

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