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If you're here because you saw me add your story to my Reviewed bookshelf, please search the above document for the title (each year has its own tab) to find out how I rated it. If I've added your story in the last 72 hours, then it's likely in my newest "Fic recs" or "Present Perfect vs." blog. (If the story is a collection, it's likely that I've only reviewed one of the entries.)

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Well, my friend, there are two ways. You can support me directly, or support one of these fine fic readers instead. Otherwise, the answer is luck. :B

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Fic recs, November 22nd! · 8:02pm Wednesday

Illya Leonov has done a reading of tailsopony's She Should Know Better, with Doodlejinx, IMShadow007 and Caitbug!

Also, I've done a reading of ArgonMatrix's One Morning! And I'll be finishing the rest of that series in the next couple of weeks!

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Author Interviewer

No, I usually stick to critiquing stories about them. :B

is it true you like critiquing cute pink little ponies?/////////////////////////////////

Author Interviewer

Well, it's from that episode! (Of the show...)

Seeing your avatar, reminds me of this. 2:45

Author Interviewer

Sounds like something a slimy, poisonous bat would say. >.>

...uh...bats aren't slimy. Or poisonous. They're actually hugely beneficial to humans.

Author Interviewer

Hey? I’m drunk. Can you still Story this review for a dollar ? https://www.fimfiction.net/story/391232/apples-and-idols

Thanks for the fav!

  • Viewing 987 - 996 of 996
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