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Writer, RCL co-curator, EQD prereader, dramatic reader, VA, fic reviewer. Vote for my next fic to release!



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If you're here because you saw me add your story to my Reviewed bookshelf, please search the above document for the title (each year has its own tab) to find out how I rated it. If I've added your story in the last 72 hours, then it's likely in my newest "Fic recs" or "Present Perfect vs." blog. (If the story is a collection, it's likely that I've only reviewed one of the entries.)

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Well, my friend, you have a few options.

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Option #2: Good old fashioned luck

Them's the breaks. :B And no, I'm not taking commissions anymore.
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Fic recs, February 25th! · 8:55pm 11 hours ago

This is the interstitial blog promised last time. I'm really cranking these out of late! :O This one's got a surprising breadth of not-the-usual readers. Otherwise, nothing special to report today; I'm embroiled in watching Critical Role and pining for a D&D group with similar energy. D:

H: 0 R: 3 C: 2 V: 0 N: 0

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Author Interviewer

I don't know anything but ponies. :B

Could you do an interview with me but could it have nothing to do with MLP? Like could we deliberately avoid the topic to the point of talking about something completely ridiculous, but still have detailed questions and answers? I know a lot about the industrial revolution; that would be an interesting front page feature for... No, wait, that has horses in it.

Maybe Roswell conspiracies? No, those are also horse-based.

What if I interview you, but we replace every reference to me with Facundo Oreja and pretend that he is capable of telepathy and knows your darkest secrets. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with MLP or horses... I suppose it depends on your answers.

You wouldn't betray me to Facundo Oreja, right, Present?

Someone has to interview the horses and ask them about the milk. They need to stop evaporating my milk. Facundo Oreja has cows for that. Have they not invented pasteurization? You need to find out.

This is up to you, Present. You are the only journalist I can trust. We have to stop Facundo Oreja and his milk-evaporation operation. We have to free the cows. Invent Louis Pasteur. Find the truth. I know you can do it. Dig, my child. Dig deeper than anyone ever has.

We are not alone. Edward Kellett knew the truth. So can you.

Author Interviewer

I would say that's just you, but I've never played Twilight Princess, so who knows. :B

EVERY time I see your avatar, I ALWAYS think it's this girl:
Is that weird?

Author Interviewer

'Twas well past time :B

Oh my! Thank you so much for the watch! I'm honored. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the review on Fish and Ships :)

Author Interviewer

Have you seen the LIBEL Admiral Biscuit is spreading about you?

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