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Fic recs, March 29th! · 7:14pm Sunday

Pony & Wolf Productions have done a reading of Anonymous Pegasus's Incorrect Assumptions!

Simply because it's the last one, I'll drop a link to my Season 9 review, but I know you'll all hate what I have to say, so consider yourself warned.

Got just a few interstitial readings today, but quite a few of them were really good!

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Report PresentPerfect · 138 views · #fic reviews
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Author Interviewer

I believe fairly strongly in it, and fear that I may close off those who need to hear it because I have a hard time expressing feelings without putdowns. :B

I just wanted to drop in to mention that this absolutely needed saying, and you did a great job putting it into words :twilightsmile:

Look, male fans of MLP, I’m sorry if you’ve latched onto Spike as some kind of self-insert. Yes, he’s one of the few male characters in the show with any kind of personality, and he gets more lines and screen time than Big Mac. But he’s not an adult, and he should not be in romantic situations with adults, let alone have an adult be romantically interested in him. Stop the shipping. It’s creepy. Remember that feeling of frustrated inadequacy the next time someone complains about a female character in another show having no personality.

If anything, we should be screaming it from every rooftop.

Ah. Alright. Thanks for the confirmation.

Author Interviewer

Ficbox is having a lot of issues right now. I can confirm your story is on our spreadsheet, at least, they may just need to send out the email to the mailing list manually.

Hey, I submitted a story to EqD today, but I didn't get a response from the bot that the submission went through. I'm worried I typo'd my email.

Author Interviewer

yessss! :D

And also good luck doing more SCPs. I kinda stopped doing mine, so someone's gotta pick up the slack. :B

You asked for it, 71,000 words to go.

Author Interviewer

Same as always, a dollar per 1k words, rounded to the nearest, $2 minimum.

I love getting attention! What are your rates these days?

Author Interviewer

Absolutely! Make sure it's five stories if you want a dedicated review blog. :B

  • Viewing 1,254 - 1,263 of 1,263
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