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Writer, RCL co-curator, EQD prereader, dramatic reader, VA, fic reviewer. Vote for my next fic to release!



CLICK HERE for the full list of stories I've reviewed. Now links directly to the journals!

If you're here because you saw me add your story to my Reviewed bookshelf, please search the above document for the title (each year has its own tab) to find out how I rated it. If I've added your story in the last 72 hours, then it's likely in my newest "Fic recs" or "Present Perfect vs." blog. (If the story is a collection, it's likely that I've only reviewed one of the entries.)

Ranking quick reference:

Highly Recommended, Recommended, Conditionally Recommended, Vaguely Recommended, Not Recommended. #/5.


Well, my friend, you have a few options.

Option #1: Support the fic readers

Check out this blog to support one of the fine fic readers I listen to. The list may not always be up-to-date, but I try to do so when I can. This method requires patience, as it can take months for me to get an audiobook after it's posted. Rest assured, I will eventually.

Option #2: Good old fashioned luck

Them's the breaks. :B And no, I'm not taking commissions anymore.
You can still Paypal me or Ko-fi me though.

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Fic recs, June 5th: Super Trampoline Paid for This edition! · 12:26am 7 hours ago

Good news! NorrisThePony is back! :D At least for now?

This month's Flash Fiction Online includes a bizarre tale about an auntie living under the sink.

I've got a new Mario Maker 2 level, if you play it: 3QC-3KS-CDF

So about a week ago, Super Trampoline was like, here, have some money, review my fucking stories plzkthx.

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Report PresentPerfect · 106 views · #fic reviews
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Let's write a shitfic together!

I... wow. Thank you very much for the follow. It's an incredible honor to have earned it, and I very much hope I continue to output work of entertaining enough quality to prove it worth your time.

Haha, I'm flattered, though I really think there's a lot of other authors who are great! People like Seriff Pilcrow, PonyJosiah13, Zontan, The Seer, WishComeTrue... the list goes on lol, but I've met so many amazing authors on this site already!

Author Interviewer

I clearly need to read more of your work. :D

Thanks for favoriting never forever, really glad you enjoyed it. Deuces!

Thanks for the faves on Phoenix-born, and for the watch.

Go read Trick Question's new story right now it's so fucking good. Like I know you don't like to read incomplete stories but just trust me.

Explains the sticky goop.

Author Interviewer

Yeah, whatever hiccup was going on, there was a big vomiting of emails just the other day. :B

I finally got the message that my submission went through to EqD. Looks like they fixed the bot.

  • Viewing 1,273 - 1,282 of 1,282
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