Twilight is Best Pony 2,825 members · 5,730 stories

Hello, and welcome! This group is open to all that love our cutest, smartest, all around best pony :twilightsheepish:

Feel free to post discussions and add stories into their respective folders in this group, or leave a comment on the main page to show your support for our favorite bookworm :twilightblush:

Members' Works folder: You may also add your own stories into this folder to share with everyone, a thanks to the wonderful group members that suggested this folder!

I hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any suggestions do not hesitate to send a message to me :twilightsmile:

We're getting more and more members each day, welcome and thanks for being awesome!!! :twilightblush:

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This group is cool

Twilight rocks!:twilightsmile:

Umm.. hi.. just joined and feel kind of nervous seems new to me

Hello guys, how we doing?

Comment posted by Justarandomboi deleted April 5th

Twilight! Whoop! Whoop!

Is that a bubble pipe? Cool!

Where can I find Filly Twilight stories? Filly Twilight is Best Twilight.

Hey, what should I do about the haters attacking, harassing, and stalking me?

Hi I am new to this group. Twilight is by far best pony, I use to think it was Rarity by nahhhhh..

Twilight the alicorn is best pony becuase she evolved like a pokemon... dun dun dun dun dun... congratulation Priness Twilight Sparkle is now in the Equestria archives. Next evolution of friendship, beat a weak Tirek and now she have three waifu toys hurry and buy it.

Twilight Sparkle was my favorite pony because she's like me. She's like my un-biological sister.

Definitely considering adding my little story here. It's got kind of a big focus on an OC, but said OC also believes that Twilight is best pony, so, you know. I couldn't give myself a character and not have him romance her.

No, my girlfriend Mary is Best Pony. Well, that's what she says anyway.

Dsmn. I misread. I thought this sight was for best pony Starlight Glimmer. 😈

Twilight really is the best. I'm glad I found this group. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 152 - 171 of 171
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