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If you’re here that means that you've either felt that chill down your spine from reading about a certain purple unicorn displaying her true potential in a thoroughly awesome manner (as she should be!) and now have an insatiable craving for MOAR, or you’re just curious/bored...

Either way we welcome you to this gathering of like-minded/insane individuals that makes up our group of Twilight Sparkle fanatics!

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"Second Strongest"? What would be the strongest, then?

I thought she was already badass, she's an alicorn, which means she can fly AND use magic.
She's also the princess of friendship, and while I'm no expert on magic, I DO know that friendship is the second strongest magic in existence. I don't see how you could get any more powerful than that.

I had to join; Twilight is secretly badass.

Where did the second to last picture on the right came from?

No prob, bro.

Actually, it's become a false statement now. I must've imagined it because suddenly it's not there.

Sorry about that.

I can't keep track of everything. Reply to me in the forums with a short reason of why it should be removed and I'll look into it.

Can I ask why the hell Stardust is in the 'Evil Twilight' category?




No, this is the group where we worship pony Khorne.

409141 616 is the mark of the devil 666 is the hour of the beast or 6 minuets and 6 seconds past 6:00

Hey cool 666 stories or the hour of the beast lol

666 stories? BEGONE, SATAN!

>TFW banner gets copied from other group and used here

Me: Twilight...
Twilight: Yes? :twilightsmile:
Me: I was looking at the books in your tree library...
Twilight: ...
Me: And I found found a reference book to tyrannical rule.
Twilight: W-where did you find that!? :twilightblush:
Me: Could I get it out please :scootangel:
Twilight: :facehoof:

500 stories bruh!

386662 I would suggest making a thread if you are interested in discussion, most people do not check the comments section.

I was having a small discussion with 'Fusion Fool' about a idea pitch of mine when I came to a realization about Twilight Sparkle and wondered if anyone else in this group felt the same.

The realization was about if there really is such a thing as OP Twilight? More importantly does it even matter? Just think about it for a second. Twilight Sparkle is officially considered the Princess of Friendship. But is that really a fair or accurate definition of her character?

For example, Cadance is considered the Princess of Love but what kind of love is she the princess of? Is it just romantic love or is it the more broad/vague definition of the word? If so then wouldn't 'Friendship' also fall under Cadance's domain? It kind of makes having a 'Princess of Friendship' rather redundant.

It makes more sense for Twilight to be the Princess/Alicorn of Magic. If you define her title the same way as her 'cutie mark' then Twilight would be the Princess and eventually the master of 'ALL' magic. With enough time, experience, and wisdom Twilight would eventualy become really powerful. For example, if you were to look at Twilight's battle with Tirek as a possible glimpse of the future then it is safe to say that one way or another an OP Twilight is destined to happen.

Either way Twilight 'WILL' become a badass one day. If Twilight herself or anypony else is aware of it (although I think Celestia and/or Discord might be), or if Twilight ever takes advantage of it is up for debate. But it is gonna happen regardless if you want it to or not.

BTW: The pic at the top of this page that has Twilight in what appears to be a magic surge. Am I the only one that feels like she's starring at you. Judging you. It's kind of creepy.

  • Viewing 119 - 138 of 138