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If you’re here that means that you've either felt that chill down your spine from reading about a certain purple unicorn displaying her true potential in a thoroughly awesome manner (as she should be!) and now have an insatiable craving for MOAR, or you’re just curious/bored...

Either way we welcome you to this gathering of like-minded/insane individuals that makes up our group of Twilight Sparkle fanatics!

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I was just reading a display of passion and recognized the artwork from this group!

Great artwork. I would prefer it not be...that...but to each their own. Ty either way. :twilightblush:

The name's: A Display of Passion
Author: Alcor
Theme: Twilight x human (anon)
Type: NSFW

Thumbnail: Page 27

Ill take your word for it.

and you didnt elaborate?


The immortal game, Stardust, Upheaval: breaking point, Past sins.

Someone tell me about a good story plz.:applecry:

given its description from what little i know of the series [havnt read it yet] the 'soldier twilight' stories dont go in the alter ego folder, as there not 'technicly' evil...anti hero material sure but from what i understand they still want what is in the best interest for the average pony, they just tned to kill anything that gets in the way of ponies happiness instead of friendshiping it.

There is no more powerfull moment then when your favorite bookhorse takes that level in badass

never again shall the world be the same, all hail princess twilight, the princess of EPIC!

I know exactly where y'all got that thumbnail pic for the group, and it's just killing me.

"Second Strongest"? What would be the strongest, then?

I thought she was already badass, she's an alicorn, which means she can fly AND use magic.
She's also the princess of friendship, and while I'm no expert on magic, I DO know that friendship is the second strongest magic in existence. I don't see how you could get any more powerful than that.

I had to join; Twilight is secretly badass.

Where did the second to last picture on the right came from?

  • Viewing 134 - 153 of 153
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