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Human, Earthling. Sex: Male. Likes: Yes, and Twiship Dislikes: No, and closeminded people. Occupation: Mindless automaton.

Broken links

Idk what happened, but "Our Last Goodbye" has been removed so I am linking it here.

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676504 Eyup. Shouldn't be to hard to figure out who I am. Shippo is my name on the web, like every where. ;) Though this Houston brony sadly doesn't live in Texas no more, but I do love keeping in touch with the lot.

676154 Ah, a Houston Brony then. Now to figure out who you are. :derpytongue2:

You have quite a few stories on your Page in your Top Fav that I really Like. I figure you might post some new ones there one day and I might like it. You know =D All so FB helped.

641939 Lol. Yea. There is a group for texas bronys, here, that I am in. Check it out. :twilightsmile:

Good to find another local brony on here :)

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