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Princess Celestia always knew that Twilight Sparkle was destined for great things, but she never revealed the source of that knowledge, not even to those closest to her. When the day of Twilight's true destiny finally arrives, can Celestia fulfill an ancient promise to save Equestia's past, present, and future, even it means saying goodbye to Twilight forever? How can Celestia refuse her mother's last wish?

Art by the inimitable Harwick

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Telaros #1 · Feb 23rd, 2013 · · 36 ·

Is that a baby Trixie? xD
No, going to hazard a guess and assume those are Celestia and Luna pre-alicorn and that Clover the Clever was a very proud and fulfilled mommy <3

Reading is GO!

Whoaaaa. This totally made me teary-eyed. Really wonderful. The plot is quite complex, though... is this meant to be a sort of Möbius strip?

Yes. This is what we need; things this beautiful and logical are inspirations to stay in the fandom and dig through stories.

This is an absolute gem.





...uh. Well, that was a kick in the gut. :raritydespair:

I think, though, I think I have to go now."

Thankfully my "be an asshole" defense mechanism read that line and thought of this, so your story merely traumatized me deeply rather than inducing lethal heartbreak.


This is a beautiful fic, The creation of the elements really it got me misty eyed. The alternating tale of 'present' and past was perfectly paced to tell the story just right. As a fic to read just before heading off to work I can't think I could have chosen better. :) Like and Faved (plus I'm definitely passing this on to my friends)

Apart from what with the elements, I found the plot incredibly easy to predict (despite how well woven it was), probably due to the cover art I believe, but still beautiful in that way.

Also, feels... :pinkiesad2:

Oh, and by the way, these are a few things I noticed:

blast of green balefire hot enough

Balefire huh, :rainbowlaugh:

also, General Dancypants. :facehoof:

All the feels!

EDIT - Why is it marked incomplete?

I'm slightly confused. Why is the Old Worm so enraged? Forgive me, I more or less skimmed this. It being two in the morning, after all.
Other than that, excellent story!

[EDIT: Noticed I forgot to mention how you pulled that title drop in the story at this point when I breaked for that as the below dawned on me.]

OMG! I should of noticed this much earlier had I not kept thinking about how much I wish I could write my stories as elegantly prosed as I've always wish to tell a certain story of a human who has a chance meeting with an empathic Dragon encased in a mountain cave (not dwelling mind you, he's rested there so long a whole mountain and forest have long since grown over him, covering the land once devoid of all life.) But, yeah getting massively off track with my awe to your way with weaving several tales that attempt to fix a gap to tell a story of what is a sort of paradox? Yes, well...

Poor Spike... That first event with the old Worm, his hesitation, the frustration of knowing the cruel fate destiny put into his charge... I'll say this that was the most powerful scene so far. Reading Celestia's letter to Twilight really brought all that stuff crashing down on me as a realization dawned. Well bucking done!

Too incoherent to give a real critique (and I am capable, like what was the deal with never mentioning Luna who Celestia dove down to protect in the first place? I suppose the readers were to fill in the gaps there, but still, a lot of time went by and no inkling if she was able to fully shield her sister or if she had transported her to safety before or during any time before the dragon snapped at her), but I'll say this, you wrote a magnificent piece here— Truly, an instant favorite!

I imagine you wrote this beauty to help you get over the poor rushed finale and substitute your own more fulfilling cycle of renewal? Whatever the reason for this, I am glad you wrote it!

I'll try not to break night and read a 15k word story with bleary eyes that I put on pause to type this and be less random and inconsistent in thought, I willing myself to stop typing btw but it won't stop, I do apologize.


A story written before Celestia was even born... Adorable. Luna was adorable and very stalwart in character... yet so bold and militant. Such a complicated girl. I love fanon Luna, especially when she's being a little badflank.

And yes, breaking night, as today I wait to see whether things go south or I can continue enjoying my peace. TO MORE READING! FOR TIME IS EVER FLEETING!

P.S. I have no idea how long I spent typing this, but I bet I could of been through this last few events and onto your sequel of Alicorn by now. OWELL! I'll worry about that sort later!

2166053 Don't skim. You'll honestly miss it all since in all honestly it becomes rather clear later on. If not sooner once you let it all sink in.

I may never even consider writing again... I will always compare myself to this, and fail. It's almost to beautiful for words.

PPS #13 · Feb 23rd, 2013 · · ·

Incomplete? Dammit, now I'm going to be wondering whether that means there'll be an epilogue or whether you just labeled it wrong.

Ouch. Just ouch. It was a nicely sanded and polished time story until the last little bit and then the pain started. But in a good way.

Don't stop writing. You have something to offer, too.

I don't think my liquid pride could hold back any longer the moment Rainbow Dash's moment of harmony came along till even now. You even added that whole "and if one of you are in trouble, I'll even convince the stars themselves to aid you," nod to the whole Nightmare Moon legend.

I wish I could hug you right now. This is a great story, predictable? Duh! That's intentional considering the style it's written in. But emotionally epic? You best believe it so!

I would support a kickstarter to see this animated into a movie if someone could convince Janimations to pick this up. Buck yeah. Rarity and AJ were far too tragic a love story. Not a mention mention or nod to Scootaloo at the end, but at least RD said something about Tank.

This wins an instant award. Is this featured yet? Not everyday a 15k+ fic enraptures me in an epic paradoxical journey of such emotional roller-coaster goodness.

Sorry for the spammy, this is like what? 3rd post? Sorry, twas just that last event in the story was too perfect.

2166107 look at my fic and tell me it's worth continuing, and MEAN it.

That was a beautiful(but sad)end to a great story.If u decide to write more to this story all i ask is that u don't rush it.

I looked at your fic, I think it's worth continuing, and I mean it, so, done! If you're looking for more than that, PM me at your pleasure so we can keep the topic on PP's quite nice story here.

AKdjflaj. I haven't cried like that in such a long time. So beautiful and heart breaking at the same time. :(

Well, that was interesting. :fluttercry:

That incomplete tag is only just sinking in. I already feel like I just watched the most epic and tragic conclusion with an uplifting and hopeful begining of the end of what I'd only dream the show could pull off. I can only hope and Flutterpray, that if there is somehow a continuation to this, that it will manage to deliver a more powerful and hopeful continuation of what essentially already ran full cycle given how at least one survived to look after the you know whos.

I'll admit. Seeing it all end like that just to have a beginnings brings up so many questions but, I don't care as long as you can pull something of a miracle followup to end on some amazing feel good ending. It's too painful to bare seeing them all end like that. Such brave ponies!

Fluttershy, oh you...

So cute how Twilight used Trixie's name for Luna. Minor Twixie shoutout? Or was it just the name she thought proper for her daughter?

Why am I posting again? Sorry, I haven't read anything this well... in so very very long! Years even...

Thanks for giving AJ such great lines btw. You treated her well, unlike some other writers that shall go nameless. You treated everyone just fine. Even if Rarity clearly shone a bit brighter than most *cough*Twilight's compliments*cough* but it all felt natural enough. So, at the risk of giving you a swelled head or make your eyes bleed, or report me for spam, I'll just say THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL STORY!

I wish nothing but the best for this should it continue. :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::yay::pinkiehappy::ajsleepy::raritywink::heart:

Well executed my good man. :moustache:


More tales to tell, hm?

Firebrand. What were his parents thinking? He might as well have a brother called Rabble Rouser.

Kidding. Liked and tracked for this interesting perspective of a world setting. And sheesh, they're totally screwed over by the bootstrap paradox.

could we get a direct link to the image instead of the user page? Two reasons, I can't find the image, and you've already got a link to the user in the description.

This... Words cannot possibly convey how beautiful this piece is... I just can't handle all the FEELS
I sincerely hope that this masterpiece has some continuation, THERE HAS TO BE!!!

btw, is it actually supposed to be "Dancypants" or did you mean "Fancy Pants"?

The path to proceed is clear. We must convince the Elder God to resurrect the Mane 6 as undead Soul Reavers so they can go wield themselves once again.

Xexilf #28 · Feb 23rd, 2013 · · 16 ·

I feel a bit strange posting this with al the other comments that praise this, but ididnt find it all that great. Now part of that may be personal dislike for certain themes in stories, so im not downvoting it right now... ok, more rational. way to predictable.
A few paragraphs in, one could predict the entire story pretty much.
Because of that, the whole thing felt like...well *padding, *padding* *OOC asshole celestia* *padding* *LOOK how SAAAD this is*.
Maybe its better if one cant predict pretty much the whole thing from the start. The writing is good in places, i admit.

Also the actions remeain illogical, and somehow i cant see how there wont be consequences... would discord really agree to this, so short after he befriended fluttershy? And if not... Maybe he would try to reach into the past...and go insane doing it... then he would have looped himself. Ok, could fit like that, but that just means theres another horrible destiny on celestias shoulders.

On the whole, i just cant the caring celestia see doing this, her past mothers last words/letter or not. The actions are illogical in either sense.
Either time is immutable, in which case she dosent have to do anything, whatever happend back there will happen no matter wheter she sends present twilight back now or not. Or time can be changed, in which case the chance of getting it exactly right from one loop to the next are pretty much zero in either case, and another way could be found. She also robbed their families of them (what will shiny and cadence do once they learn what she did to twilight? or her parents? or the CMC?)
Also, crazy old spikes rampage, cant say that would not have caused some damage. Even if he was necessary, if shes willing do decive everyone to fulfil her insane idea of a timeloop, why not send the elements of harmony dircetly to the volcano under whatever pretens befor waking him?

Im probably ranting. Im tring not to let personal views and bias get in the way of reviews, so tell me if i dont make sense, this has happend before, some themes in stories somehow rub me in completly wrong ways.

Ugh, that's the third story in which I almost cried.
Because I'm that manly! SAXTON HAAAAA*cries*
Listen to this for the feels.

2166343 Under the cover press [source]

OH. MY. GOD. :fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:
I'm really crying, this is just the perfect ending for a beautiful show and, in some way, makes complete sense about Celestia and Luna's reign in the kingdom of Equestria with the lack of a queen and a mother. Just perfect, congrats, seriously... congrats.

I love this story, it's so amazingly written and beautiful. I'm only halfway through it, though, because there's something itching at my mind. And that is Celestia's mantra of "it's not faith."
I'm not 100% sure of what definition of 'faith' you're using, but the one that comes up consistently is Complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Which is, of course, the thing you have Celestia declaring is not faith.

[edited] I understand that faith evokes a sense of religious, airy-fairy belief-without-proof image into the minds of people these days, but there's another definition of faith that works better in these circumstances. I guess I understand your reasoning, but I think disregarding any other definition than that (especially in a circumstance that has nothing to do with religious belief) is wrong.

Oh, *sob* by the way, *sob* write *sob* and Epilogue *sob* or an Sequel. *sob* *sob*
I'll say this *sob* again.
Read and listen to this for *sob* THE FEELS! *sob*

Comment posted by Jayellow deleted Feb 23rd, 2013

All of my feels, and that plot twist I will admit I didn't see coming. Bravo, good sir

Edit: now i wish we knew who their dad was :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, done now. Man ... this story brought more tears to my eyes than any other fic on this site. Amazing. Really. And it's the best alicorn origin story I've ever read. I've always been unfulfilled by other theories of where alicorns came from, and the idea that they're goddesses. Yours was so beautiful, so sad and so ... fitting, really. Wow. There aren't enough words for how much I loved this.


The "source" also just takes you to the main DA page of the user, the picture is not posted in his DA so only way you can get it is to click on the cover image and save it on your computer.

2166409 That's my point, it led me to the artist's page, where I couldn't find the art.
EDIT: Scratch that, was uploaded just recently.


So, which is it? The end? Or Incomplete?
I do hope it's the last one, just to see what will happen to Luna once she finds out.

For me, the most telling sign of greatness of this story was that I had figured out the main thrust purely from the cover image and it still made me cry leak liquid feels by the end.

Truly awesome. Question is, complete or incomplete?

The feels....:fluttercry:

THEY OVER FLOW!!!!:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

This is one of the few times the good old "Why can't I hold all these feels?" meme is accurate, at least for me. I honestly don't think anyone has done this particular idea before!

Finally, though you will never know, I named her after you. You probably know that it’s considered bad luck in my own time to name a foal after you, but in this time you haven’t come to Equestria yet. Still, it wasn’t easy to convince her dad to go along with such an unusual name.

Is... is Princess Celestia Twilight's daughter?!?!?

Oh man, this story is beautiful. Superbly written, with characters, well, in character! The plot had the potential to completely fall apart yet you presented it in such a way that it made perfect sense. It worked, and worked well. The emotions that the mane six conveyed didn't feel out of place at the end, or awkward at all. This story is amazing, and leaves me wanting for more.

Oh my God. When I realized who Twilight's daughters were, I had a mini heart attack. But, my Lord, was this well written and amazing. It had me tearing up on multiple occasions and it was constructed beautifully; the principles of time travel are hard to deal with.

These feels, I cannot hold them.

frisson all over

awww man this is the only second story (My little Dashie) to make me cry and it.s not even over yet.

I don't have time to go through this whole story right now, but I made a start on it and it looks really good. A couple editing errors in the first 1/5 or so that you could correct easily with an editing pass, but the story concept certainly drags the reader in. Will see if I can finish reading this later tonight, but so far this is really excellent. Thank you!

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