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Everypony has one 'Longest Night', a night that just never seems to end, whether they want it to end or not. For Celestia, her Longest Night began on the first night she had to raise her sister's moon.

Heartbroken and filled with despair that she may never see her sister again, Celestia makes a wish upon a falling star to see her sister one more time. Little did she realise that the stars listen.

A one-shot story of two sisters, and one Faithful Student.

Side-quel: Myths and Birthrights

Partially inspired by Ponyphonics amazing song 'Lullaby for a Princess'.
Cover art used with permission by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen.
Special thanks to Honey Mead and Iroh for helping iron out some details.

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I like this. It got me right in the feels. :raritycry:


It seems that great minds think alike for i was also inspired by that song.
But sadly that story will not be up for awhile because i would like to write a good bit and get a better feel for what i am writing.
I also used The Moon Rises, another very good song.

Wonderful simply wonderful :twilightsmile: Smiles and joins be upon you! :twilightsmile:

A beautifully written story. Touching and heartwarming. :rainbowkiss:

This story was so well done, it could possibly be cannonized someday (depending on what Hasbro does with the franchise).

:rainbowhuh: And yet, you felt there was some reason to label this as AU?


I had a long Author's Note explaining why I decided to label this story AU, but I removed a few minutes before the story 'went live'. The reason for the AU tag is twofold; A) Twilight is an alicorn with almost no explanation or exposition. It's almost just a hand-wave to explain how Luna and her got into the past. "She's an alicorn, and deals with wishes and, yeah, on with the story!" sums it up, more or less. B) This story is actually a side-story to another project I am working on that isn't ready for publishing yet. The Longest Night happens during a party in the eventual third chapter of this other in-the-works story. That other story is an AliTwi, among many other things. It's also a balance of Slice of Life and Adventure, much like the show itself.

So, those are my reasons for the AU tag. :twilightsmile:


Thanks everyone! I was a little concerned with the emotional tones and what reception the story would receive.


I'm actually a little surprised that this site wasn't inundated with stories based on those two songs. I saw one based on The Moon Rises, and that's about it. When I am writing a chapter for SotA that has Luna I listen to The Moon Rises. I love Ponyphonics voice and have a total man-crush on his songs. :yay: :moustache:

Thank you all for your comments. I was having trouble sleeping and this put a lot of my anxiety at ease. :twilightsmile:

After some thought I've decided to resurrect the original Author's Note, in all its undead glory.

Author's Note;
This story has been bouncing about in my head for some time now clamouring for attention. Ponyphonic's latest masterpiece certainly helped solidify what I wanted to do with the generally chaotic assortment of ideas that exist in my head. I wrote this over the last few days and gave it a few sweeps to tidy up as much as I could, but I am sure a few mistakes fell through the cracks.

Originally I thought about doing this as a multi-part story, but I couldn't really come up with anything grabbing plot-wise that would carry the story beyond Luna and Celestia's night together. Also, I really don't want to get into a time-travel story like that. There was, at one point, going to be a big freak-out from Twilight about paradoxes and altering time-lines, but decided, smeg it, no. Not going to go there as it doesn't add anything to what I wanted to focus the story on. I feel I got a bit off track in a few places as it is.

Despite the subject of the story, I decided to not mark it as 'Sad' or 'Tragedy', as, at it's heart, it's more a bitter sweet sort of story, and just a slice of life taken from a bigger whole in the lives of the three ponies portrayed. Something that I think may come up in comments is, 'Why is Twilight an alicorn with no explanation?'. ((I am surprised this actually hasn't been mentioned in the comments so far. ~Present Tundy))

To answer that; I am working on another story, and this one is effectively a side-story of that other unfinished and unpublished story. I tried hard to make sure this story stands on its own, but with hints and shadows of the greater world beyond I am constructing. I believe I succeeded without coming across too ham fisted.

I hope you enjoyed this story, and a big thanks to InuHoshi-to-DarkPen for letting me use your art for a cover image. It made my day when I saw your reply giving permission.


A lot of writers have realised that, in many ways, Celestia went through her own unique hell for those thousand years.


Seriously though, despite my dislike for alicorn Twilight I might actually have to read your's when it comes out because I know that it will have a good reason for it... right?:pinkiecrazy:


Actually, not so much to be perfectly honest. Twilight's portion of this in-the-works story is more about poking fun at some of the tropes and cliches writers use. It may or may not survive the writing and editing processes, but Twilight has a mini-freak-out that last all of 0.13 seconds before she is whacked upside the head. :twilightblush: A lot of the other story is still in planing stages and I want to finish SotA and do a side story to that novel before publishing 'Unnamed Alicorn Story'.

Wait, I mean, YEAH! Totally have an awesome reason why Twilight get's wings! Honest! Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cup cake in my eye! :pinkiecrazy:


I don't think it is something that is all that difficult to imagine. A little empathy towards Celestia's situation and it falls into place rather quickly. Especially with Celestia's kind matronly personality. :twilightsmile:

awesome!:pinkiehappy: i really liked this one, although im not sure that it's an alternate universe, celestia might not have told anyone of this because that might change things, and twilight turning into an alicorn isn't really alt. universe by itself, at least if it happens later in the timeline, during the part we don't know about.

:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry: D'awww!!!!!!! S-so.... sad.... but oh so good!!!!

My brain has finally decided to process THIS STORY.... IT HUNGERSSSSSSS... FOR MORE...

Also, this is inspired by the dismissed "wish upon a star" idea in Sharing The Night, no?

Glad to hear this is related to another story. Alicorn Twilight out of nowhere was the biggest objection I had. Don't get me wrong, I have no objections to Alicorn Twilight, its just there has fit storywise, have a purpose. Here said purpose seemed very flimsy but if it fits within a wider world then there is less to object to. Then the smaller objection would be; Why publish a sidestory first?

Wait, Twilight can grant wishes if they're powerful enough?! WHY AM I NOT IN EQUESTRIA?!?!?


While Sharing the Night is certainly a huge influence on this story, I wasn't aware of a 'wish upon a star' component to Sharing the Night. It's been a few months since I last re-read it though, so I may have just forgotten that part. Oh, how I wish a new chapter of Sharing the Night would appear.


It got published first as it (I hope) stands on its own very well, also I am no where near ready to start publishing the larger story. Okay, I'm actually not that far off technically. The first two chapters are in fairly complete states and the next two are plotted. But I am working on getting cover art commissioned, and I want to finish SotA before I start publishing another multi-part story.


I keep asking myself the same question. :fluttercry:


Thanks! :twilightsmile:


I marked it as AU because it fits into a larger extended mythos of the setting I've been working on, and yeah, alicorn Twilight. I wasn't expecting this many questions about the AU tag to be honest. That's taken me by surprise. :twilightblush:

I loved:pinkiehappy: I can't wait for your ali-twi story

so, there are more alicorn twi stories inc?

edit: nvm, i got my answer by reading more comments...

Poignant. :pinkiesad2: The inspiration song is a perfect melody, the cover art is the perfect representation of it, and now you create this to complete the set. I can only say kudos to you, Tundara. Well done.

Nicely done. Yeah Twilight as an Alicorn did throw me off but honestly that is such a small part of the story. I look at the end and see that Celestia was given a great gift in the end, Hope. Hope that one day her sister will return and all will be right in the world

Several mistakes of switching "thee" and "thou" but I can overlook that on account of loving the story.


Hmmm, thanks! I'll have a look see and get that ironed out. :twilightsmile:


That's exactly what I was hoping the ending would convey. I was a little concerned about AliTwi, since I am pretty much using her just as a plot device. It's ham fisted and trite, but I don't care, gosh dang it! :moustache:


Reading you're comment brought a tear to my eyes. I can't think of a higher compliment. Thank you. :twilightsmile:


As you found out, yup. Now though, after this response, I am really going to have to step up my game. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now to be honest.


Going to be a little bit until its ready. I really, really, REALLY want to make extra sure now that I get it just right with that story. :rainbowdetermined2:

Writing more Twilacorn you say? My favorite type of story, and an author this good... you sir, are getting watched.


Thank you!

I went in and found all the 'thou's' and made them 'thee's'. It's tricky getting thou and thee right. Thou is supposed to be a more personal and friendly use compared to thee. I think...

Well... I didn't expect that to happen. Well done, especially since you hit me in the feels. Hard. :fluttershyouch: But it is too sad. :fluttercry:
Have a like and fave.

Actually, thou and thee are dependent on meaning and inflection. If you want me to, I can go through I point out which should be which.

... she finished the last of her wine then crushed the goblet, as was tradition, and hurled the remains over her shoulder with a cry of "Another!"

Ow... You hit me right in the feels, dude. I'm sad and happy and bittersweet and otherwise... Just... AHHH! I think this face sums it up perfectly: :pinkiesad2: Seriously though, excellent work. Ten mustaches out of ten! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


Yes! That would be a huge help! Just pm me the proper tenses/uses and I'll get them in asap. :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:


References, there are a few. :moustache: Or maybe just the one. :raritywink:


Aw, sorry? I didn't mean for it to be too sad. I was going for a sort of bitter-sweet ending. Sad, but also hopeful for the future. That Luna's visit gave Celestia the strength to endure the next thousand years until her sister returned. :twilightsmile:


Excellent, that was exactly what I was aiming for with this story.


and this is only a side story? guess i have to watch you now to make sure i don't miss the real story. i love well-done Alicorn Twilight stories, and if this bit is any indication, yours will be one of the rare good ones. Looking forward to reading it!

also, nice use of references. you worked some in there, but they didn't feel cheesy or forced, or otherwise detract from the story and its mood. i'm impressed.


Thank you. I hope to get the greater story out soon(tm). I'm working on details, plotting, and ironing it out.

References are one of the funnest things to add to a story if done well. I'm glad the few I used came across just right. :twilightsmile:


Owww... :fluttercry: My feels...

Amazing story. :twilightsmile: I did not expect this way of their meeting. Thought about some time-spell or magic experiment going wrong.

Luna has her own room in the Twilight's library? Luna knows an effective way to wake up Twilight? Twilight's parents had just told her... something? Twilight's "Awakening" was only hours ago? This is madness! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

The Longest Night happens during a party in the eventual third chapter of this other in-the-works story.
Wait, I mean, YEAH! Totally have an awesome reason why Twilight get's wings! Honest!

Alicorn Twilight one of my favourite stories and all that I can say is:

1443731Just read your reply to my first comment:

Okay, I can see where your getting at. Doubt it needed an AU tag though (same universe, just different points in time), but I get what your saying.

Thanks for the quick reply.


No problem. I am toying with dropping the AU tag. It seems to be a sticking point and a lot of people feel that just having Twi as an alicorn isn't enough justification. I can understand that. :twilightsmile:


It'll be a little while before it's ready to go, but after the overwhelming response to Longest Night, I really want to get it out asap. :rainbowdetermined2:


Sorry, I didn't mean to hit the feels so hard. (Okay, I did, kind of, but that's besides the point!)


Actually, That's exactly what I got from it. but still a bit heart wrenching at the end when they have to leave.

The AU tag is basically for when you want the story to get away with going against cannon, and nothing in cannon says a Twilight cannot become an alicorn. Also Celestia may of kept this a secret for fear of changing the future.

My favorite excuse for alicorn Twilight is that she became so powerful her mortal body can not handle the sheer amount of power she possesses (she was close to the limit to begin with and becoming slightly stronger pushed her over the edge), so her body will start to become an immortal one.

Also when Luna gets back she better tackle err... give Celestia a bear hug the first chance she gets. Yes I know Celestia would be confused at first for to her that would of been over a thousand years ago, and Luna needs to tease Celestia over considering her causing eternal night so the last night with Luna wish wont come to an end sometime in the future.

*adds to 'read later' list*


As long as this universe doesn't actually bend/change canon instead of sidestepping it, you're fine without the tag. At the moment this has no contradiction with canon, so it's not quite AU.

That said, AU stories are among my favorites because I oppose canon nazism. Don't change your plans in order to drop the tag.

Before I can continue. For the love of everything holy... PRONOUNS...

Luna is used over and over...

1449201 1449006

Plans aren't changing. The greater story that this is technically a side story of will be wearing the AU tag with pride. I've dropped the AU tag from Longest Night though, since none of that is mentioned, and as everyone has pointed out, nothing in Longest Night contradicts canon. The events of Longest Night are dealt with briefly in 'Unnamed Alicorn Story'. Yes, that is my oh-so-original working title for the project.


Would have preferred a touch more explanation for Twilight's alicornism for this one-shot, just so things were perfectly clear all around for any reader, but otherwise extremely well written little piece you've made here. :pinkiehappy:


Thanks! :twilightsmile:

I came very close to having a long explanation about how and why Twilight is an alicorn. There is even still the bit leading up to where Luna would have turned into an Exposition Bot 2000. But I decided that it'd get too far away from what the core of the story was about and so Luna just does a short form explanation and that's about it. I personally feel it works better this way rather than having Luna just spout exposition. Or rather, more than she already does. :twilightblush:

I've been slain in the feels:raritycry:

Only one little nitpick. Who says alicorns can only cry once every hundred years?:rainbowhuh: that seems a little silly.


I do, that's who! :derpytongue2: :trollestia: It's actually a story/plot component from one of my other stories (SotA) that I carried across. :twilightsmile: In that story it's far more important and involved (plus explained-ish). Here it's a little something I put in for myself, more or less. :twilightsmile:

Haha looks like someone else was inspired by Lullaby For A Princess. I felt like writing something and here is something along the lines of what I was thinking. Good job! :heart:


I'm honestly surprised there aren't more stories inspired by that piece of music. It's one of my most played songs, along with 'The Moon Rises' and 'Deae Lunae'.

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