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This story is a sequel to The Twilight Before the Sunset

There is one month left until Sunset Shimmer's birthday. One month until Princess Celestia must confess that they are family. Luna and Twilight are anxious to hear Sunset's response when she hears about who her mother is, but Twilight is burdened with the duty to persuade Sunset to visit Equestria and Luna must try to reassure her sister that everything will be fine. The odds of her coming are slim, but they're determined to bring Sunset Shimmer back with her mother, to reunite mother and daughter.

That is, if Sunset will accept the truth.

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It was pretty good, I think it was great.
Celestia has every right to be afraid, because what she did.

Honestly i rather Sunset walk away, Celestia is way too late to reconnect as a mother, she failed as a teacher anyways.

Very nice job at showing us Celestia's fears on reconnecting with Sunset. I am looking forward to the next part and it'll be nice to see how Sunset will take it. I hope it goes well; it's never too late to reconnect if one is willing.

Bueno , solo queda esperar que sunset haya aprendido algo en el mundo humano y no perdone a celestia.

where is the rest!!!!

Please continue this story. I really enjoyed reading it.

SWEET......So Sunset is coming back longer to Equestria this time, I can't wait to see how she reacts when she finds out that Celestia is her birth mother, though I wonder how Celestia hid her pregnancy all those months she was pregnant with Sunset in the first place, then again an illusion spell would be foals play for her.

Not many stories return from a year long hiatus. Not bad.

Well that went well. I am thinking that Sunset is going to have a hard time with what is about to come her way. Hopefully she will be ready for the reveal!

Good to see this updated; I was always hoping it would. There were some very nice conversations between Sunset and Twilight and I'm looking forward to seeing how Sunset fares upon returning. ^_^

All I can hope for is that Sunset isn't too devastated by the news. Her mother gave her up and, even though there was now a plausible reason for them to be close as a student, never told her the truth. And the cherry on top of all this is that when the mirror shows her what could be seen as her birthright, Celestia banishes her from the castle affectively disowning her all over again. :applecry: Celestia has a lot of hurtles to overcome if she wants to even have a relationship that's not mired in contempt towards her from Sunset :ajbemused:

I can't wait for the next chapter.

Is there any chance of this getting a chapter 2? I love what you have written so far.

Took a year or so for the last update. 3 days until a full year from then.

aaa cliffhanger whyyy
btw loved how you started to write the story!
I hope someday you'll continue it^^!

Yeah, I don't know if you plan to develop this story arc further. But I don't think Sunset should take it well.

Sunset might understand that Celestia needing to avoid scandal. But Sunset might see the Princess firing her as a student in a much harsher light.

Sure Sunset might have deserved being kicked out. But Sunset might take it as Celestia giving up on her as a parent.

Man, this is really emotional. I hope you continue this story line.


Whoa time slowed down there for a sec.

Please update!!!!!!

Please continue this, I love stories like this and they just warm my heart to see a mother and daughter reconcile.

"Mama! Hey, mama! Look at the picture I drew for you!"

That broke my heart.

Well, this blows. :/ Should've checked in advance if the story chain had a conclusion.

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